Jesivis Global Services CEO
Dec 25, 07 4:58am

So as you can see I've managed to make sometime for neoseeker and with this time I've decided to spend it on you. I thought that because I haven't been on in quite a long time and because I haven't been able to talk to you I would like to now. Since it's so cold out and snowy in some parts of the world I would like to wish you a...

Merry Christmas!

I not only would like it if you had a great holiday but I hope you get everything you wanted. Please remember that I really care about you, want you safe, and am your friend. I have not forgotten our friendship.

Kini Global Services CEO
Dec 24, 07 4:24am

[Color=Purple]Hope you have a great Christmas & all the best for 2008.

lmjkdd6 Global Services CEO
Sep 28, 07 11:06pm

Hi I am going around randomly signing peoples Guestbooks!
Here's my stamp and whatnot. Hmm I'm trying to reach this character limit, sometimes I can't, in this case I did though lol.

Kiffa Global Services CEO
Jun 27, 07 4:45am
Y allo thar! D:

The head of all companies. =S GSI > The rest of the world. But seriously, you're really nice to talk to, and you're super good at music. Band camp ftw?

Sign me back ? kthxbai.

You have fallen victim to almostfamousgrl's stamping spree

Kinetic Global Services CEO
Jun 13, 07 3:55pm
Ahhh i remember the good times on AC:WW,
B&J and GSI... good times....
Anyways... i'm on a signing spree!
You've been stamped!

Sakura Global Services CEO
Feb 18, 07 11:28pm
Guess what? =D

I'm on a signing spree, and you are one of my victims. >=D

xXxPlease Sign BackxXx

Lindsey ^-^
Colt4 Global Services CEO
Jan 23, 07 12:53am

Respect the Master Master in the World!

Andy is the bestest master in all the universe! He rules my world and I love my master. I am not worthy enough to be his slave. No master is better looking or better than mine.

You just wish you were as awesome as he is!

Tay Rex Global Services CEO
Jan 22, 07 6:51pm
Don't you think Pricey365 is the best member on Neoseeker EVER!!! I do, when I grow up, I want to be just like him .

I think you should go and sign his guestbook right now. GO ON, SIGN IT!!!
Pricey Global Services CEO
Jan 8, 07 6:02pm
I love Lindsey very very much! Do you love her? I think that Sakura is the best member of Neoseeker ever. It is such a pretty name too: Sakura. Soooo pretty. Just Like Lindsey. She is very pretty and I love her very much. Will you please sign her guestbook? She will love you forever, just like she loves me.

Sakura makes me so happy. You should get to know her. She is amazing. She is also a wonderful, beautiful Princess. <3

Lindsey's Butler
deadhead Global Services CEO
Jan 7, 07 11:35pm
sxc_katee is so smart
i am her slave
she is so mean
There I signed ur guestbook you happy!
Gutrick15 Global Services CEO
Jan 7, 07 10:26pm
There are millions of words to describe sxc_katee, but I'll pick the best ones:
She is
and hot.
but i am her slave, so maybe not.
I hope this gets put on a new page.. i absolutely hate it when people stretch the page...

Oh well, good luck with all your GSI stuff

Fluidity Global Services CEO
Dec 24, 06 10:43pm
Happy Holidays Sam. ^^

sumazndude Global Services CEO
Dec 16, 06 3:53am
Grr even though i fixed it it still says Holidy lol
Kini Global Services CEO
Dec 10, 06 6:26am

Sending out my Christmas Wishes early so Merry Christmas to you!
C drone Global Services CEO
Dec 8, 06 9:36pm
hey sam whats up i didnt know you went on neo but oh well hear is my pic

Sakura Global Services CEO
Nov 12, 06 4:48am
Hey Sam! I hope you are having an excellent day! Good luck with the future of Global Services Incorporated and anything else you want to do! Talk to you later.

Sign Back Please!

<3 Lindsey
Kini Global Services CEO
Oct 22, 06 9:32am

Guess now that I'm a GSI I should say a G'Day
Pricey Global Services CEO
Oct 3, 06 8:26pm
i have a stamp thingy now.. so here it is XD. i hope you like it, GSI is mint, im such an important part XD

Virtue Global Services CEO
Sep 28, 06 2:27am
Seen you around the forums. You seem like a nice person, so here's my stamp. Sign back when you can.
Pricey Global Services CEO
Sep 1, 06 7:14pm
hey i have my own stamp, a good old english first class stamp for first class people

R_E_A_P Global Services CEO
Aug 20, 06 4:55pm
i am signing this guestbook coz gsi has been a true friend to me so i say:

thx f
thx fo
thx for
thx for e
thx for ev
thx for eve
thx for evey
thx for everyt
thx for everyth
thx for everythi
thx for evreythin
thx for everything

you h
you ha
you hav
you have
you have b
you have be
you have bee
you have been
you have been
you have been s
you have been st
you have been sta
you have been stam
you have been stamp
you have been stampe
you have been stamped
you have been stamped b
you have been stamped by
you have been stamped by R
you have been stamped by R_
you have been stamped by R_E
you have been stamped by R_E_
you have been stamped by R_E_A
you have been stamped by R_E_A_
you have been stamped by R_E_A_p
Zebra Cakes Global Services CEO
Aug 7, 06 6:45am
Nearly empty guestbook? Not anymore. HERE IS ZEBRA CAKES TO THE RESCUE.