So recently, a Borderlands youtuber named uploaded

KELLAN'S WONDERFUL JOURNEY! Welcome, one and all, to the grand tale known as _Kellan's Wonderful Adventure._ This

So as we all know, the game offers 12 lives for us to play. Personally, I think they could have put in a few more. So why no

Do you guys have any favourite obscure games? Mine would have to be the Ape Escape series, even though it isn't that o

So, for those of you who have finished the game(Or haven't, I suppose), what's your favourite area in Reveria? I w guys. Our lord and saviour Weedle has commanded me to make a new years raffle in his honour.

Has anyone explored the cabins in Sea Mauville? If you haven't, I won't spoil it, but if you have, I'm sure you&a, I know a lot of you PokéLoungers like an

You ruined everything.
Do I look pretty?

So, has anyone ever dreamt about the luscious taste of tacos? I have dreamt of the beautiful, crispy shell, entering my wate

So, do you guys work out at all? I ask because just three days I started Insanity, which is a series of rigorous work outs o

If anyone wants, add me on XBL- just let me know first ;)

Hey everyone! I need a bit of help. I just downloaded pixelmon and went through all the steps to get it installed, but now ev

Get ready for the weirdest thread ever. So, when you went through the alphabet as a child, did you ever think of a certain l

Looking for people to play with :) My ID is GlaceonGuy

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