So I've got quite a few events for trade today, you can find my list below. Make sure and take a good look in case there&

Hello, today I'm looking for a Taiwan Darkrai code. I have the following events, all are _uncloned and non-save state abu

Hello! I'm looking for a UT Event Shaymin today. It can be from any of the events, but I'm looking for one that is un

As stated :) I would *really* prefer Diancie codes but am also interested in Jirachi and Darkrai codes I have two unclon

That's right, for just a Chesto Berry you can get a Shiny Florges or Froakie! First one to come gets it, I only need one

Nature doesn't matter, IV's don't matter, Ability doesn't matter. I can offer plenty for it, I've got 5 I

Looking for one Razor Fang for the Gligar I'll be hatching soon, can offer a 5 IV Adamant Honedge breeding pair for a Raz

Looking for Ability Capsules, I can offer Shinies 1:1 as follows: -Adamant Trevenant w/Natural Cure -Timid Omanyte w/Swift

You heard it right. I'm looking to get a _Shiny Pokedex_, of as many legal/applicable Shiny Pokemon as possible. Please

Looking for a male and female breeding pair of Tyrunt. Would prefer one parent be Adamant and the other Jolly, but if not the

Apparently this particular Absol is cursed, because no one can get it for me lol. I'm looking for an Absol as follows:

I'm looking for an Adamant and Careful Zygarde. I know legendaries won't ever have flawless IV's but I would like

Limited time offer, for a mere 16 BP in the Battle Maison you can get your very own _Shiny Mr. Mime, Kecleon, Dragalge, Ariad

As stated. I can offer: -x/31/31/31/31/31 Timid Staryu with Natural Cure (hard to breed) -x/31/31/31/31/31 Adamant FEMALE

Shiny, Modest and Protean. _Looking for a Timid/Hasty Shiny Protean Froakie with IV's in Sp. Atk/Speed_. Willing to add a

I'm about to catch my Moltres, I'm looking specifically for a Timid Zapdos (preferably with decent IV's) for it,

I'm looking to trade my Moltres for a Pinsir but not just any Pinsir, I need a 31/31/31/x/31/31 Jolly Moxie Pinsir (gende

Anyone got one? I've got some 5 IV's I can give you, or a Shiny Bunnelby or Skrelp or something.

Please read! It'll save us both some time if you know what I'm looking for :) I'm looking for a particular 5 I

You heard it right. Modest w/ _31/31/x/31/31/31 IVs_ (so close to being completely flawless, but eh). Looking for Shiny IV&am

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