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May 19, 07 9:53am
Fun sorta ChildrenOfMana
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  • "Picked this up cheap and while I am a fan of the Mana series, this is just ok... ChildrenOfMana"
    alphador Aug 19, 11 9:05am
  • "Children of Mana is awesome! ChildrenOfMana"
    Doydleman Jan 17, 11 7:53pm
  • "I think Im at the end but I cant beat the last maldoven! ChildrenOfMana"
    nelehjr Oct 5, 09 8:19pm
  • "Despite just really being a dungeon crawler, I still always enjoy the hell out of playing it. Even with just a short run. ChildrenOfMana"
    ItsuNozomi Apr 3, 09 1:20am
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