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Does anyone know what's up with the Mii selection in this game? I have a large array of Miis on my Wii U, but only a s

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Hey guys? This question has been on my brain for yonks. See this?

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Mar 11, 13 2:54am

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When did DVDs become so ridiculous?

So first of all, what's with all these promotions they sell that provide you with a "combo pack". For example, you could buy something like Avatar in a three disc combo pack! You get a DVD, a Blu-Ray and a Digital Copy of the movie.


It's still the same damn movie. Look, I understand that Blu-Ray is of a higher quality, and that's fine. If you have a Blu-Ray player (and you're willing to spend a little more), then you can buy a Blu-Ray. If you don't have a Blu-Ray player, then you buy a DVD. Why on earth would you want three copies of the same movie. I don't get it. I honestly don't get it. It baffles me. It's like the people that buy both paired copies of a Pokémon game...but at least those are slightly different...

This normally wouldn't be such a problem...except in such a case where you can only buy a combo pack. There's a documentary I want to purchase, and it's available online from its independent distributors. And they only offer a Blu-Ray + DVD combo, and it costs $40. I don't want a Blu-Ray of the movie. I don't want to pay for a Blu-Ray of this movie. I would have no use for it. I would be spending money on a disc that would sit and gather dust.

Why? Who has use for these? And don't tell me "you can give the other one away as a gift." If you're going to give a gift, you buy two separate copies. These combo packs completely blow my mind.

But then, if I'm lucky enough to get the DVD, now they've become completely *bleep*ed up.

Look, I'll be honest...I never really liked widescreen. For some reason, I think movies and games look better in 4:3 fullscreen. It's just a preference of mine. So I used to get annoyed when movies would only come in widescreen format and would be letterboxed like so:

But really, I shouldn't have been complaining. It was never a big deal, and I have a widescreen TV now so it's fine.

So can someone PLEASE tell me when DVDs started doing THIS?!

What is this?! Are we taking a step backwards? This is 2.39:1 format, and from what I understand it's the standard aspect ratio used in cinemas. Why? When did this happen?

I have plenty of "widescreen" DVDs from the early 2000s that are in normal widescreen, despite originally being a theatrical release. Why is it that movies these days are squished into this now? I feel like I'm squinting.

I hadn't bought many DVDs this past year, but just recently I got Ice Age 4 and Wreck-It Ralph. And I was REALLY looking forward to seeing Wreck-It Ralph. I was so disappointed that the only aspect ratio is was presented in was 2.39:1. It was so small and squooshed.

This is ridiculous. Why is this necessary. "You can see more of the screen" is a bullshit answer. If it's important enough to see, it's going to be in the middle of the screen. I'm not even sure they make 2.39:1 TVs, so who is this for? You're never going to end up with an optimal viewing environment to see this kind of why?

I remember when VHS' used to have a message at the beginning. "This film has been modified from its original format to fit your screen." Whatever happened to that?

The world is run by moronic monkeys, and it's not hard to see why...

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