I haven't signed (or had mine signed) a guestbook in about 2 years, and I'm trying to be a bit more social on neoseeker lol. You've been running a great Mario quiz. You overall, seem like a cool guy.

I had to dig up one of my old stamps...I may start working on a new one...
Ok so tonight I realized I had never even signed your guestbook.
What a bad friend I am huh?

Anyway on to the actual message. :3
You are one of the best, if not the best friend I have on here. Without you I most likely wouldn't even be here today, since you started that whole chatroom thing that has led to so much more than a chatroom.
You're smart, helpful, GB (it's now an adjective), and awesome (possible synonym for the word GB).
Thanks for always being there and always being awesome.

....and lay off the TAR
Merry Christmas

Kia ora GB, Merry Christmas and a happy new year
Midnightwolf out ;0
a very smart cool and freindly person most importantle help full and ofering. i would recamend this user as a freind!!!there really isn't much to say execpt just keep being cool!
lol im not sure if you want me to sign your guestbook or not so i hope im not embarrassing you in front of your friends XD

yea your cool and funny (furry*) cough yea thanks for being a good friend
lol im signing your guestbook im not sure if you want me to or not though so sorry if im embarrassing you in front of your friends

anyway you are cool and yea you know alot about NZ which is very good

from Mum lol jk alahna!
Hey, even though we've never met just wanted to see if you had a happy 4th of July? Sorry if you don't celebrate cause I don't know where you live. Anyway, if you had a good 4th of July, you can NeoPM me.
Hi, it's MM64, are you gonna go to the Caption Competition? It has 5 entries. Me, Comic Man, Gamerguy, Phan10 and another person (can't remember who it was.) have already captioned.
I just realized that I never signed your GB... well, anyway, here ya go!
I just wanted to give a big hidey-ho to the great judge of the captioning contest who chose me!
I was actually the author of my schools(homeschooled now) and now I like 2 use it here. Please sign back!
Time to stamp!!!

Donate stamps here
Now time to spam up the rest of the characters!
*reads that spam is strictly forbidden*
Oh wait, can't do that... Maybe I'll make fun of you!
*reads that flaming is strictly forbidden*
Dang. Oh wait...
*counts characters*
I'm outta here!
Thanks for the medal. I hope to hear from you...

Merry Christmas!

i saw you stamp my guestbook so i thought ill stamp yours

Your avatar is like what I saw when I drank that bottle of brake fluid left in New Caledonia.

Comic man is getting pretty mad about chris377 beating him, or getting in his way by any means, so can you send him a stamp that might cheer him up?


P.S.wanna be my neofriend
Thanks for signing my G-book. OK, I think I'll give it another try. Not now, though, kinda swamped.

In any case, here's a stamp!



good luck judging
I'm on a signing spree.I don't have a stamp but will try to sign as soon as I get one.And what's all this about not marrying Peach.Oh well,PM me if you have an answer.

You have been...
Stamped by Yoshi Star...

Hi. I thought about signing your guestbook.(even though I barely know you). A way of saying thanks for everything.

dont marry peach or i will destroy you jk but i willsign for then i will not have to lol
Don't Marry Peach! Then Bowser will get mad and will team up with Mario, and Luigi, and Toad, and Yoshi, and Peach-wait, you marryed Peach, so... Uh- where am i? Well, I thought I should sign your Guestbook.
I am signing your guest book because I do NOT want you to marry Peach!
That's my job!
Sign my guest book some time also.

i see you around some of the forums!
See ya
Hey giga bowser. It's nice to see you around the forum ( I mean paper mario forum ) Well you have great ideas in the forum. See you around !