wazzup? just signing you, for being a good friend. hope we talk later!

~bye for now~
You seem new to neo so heres a stamp to help your GB grow^_^

Hope you like it^_^
Gialin, I use to see you around the GTA:SA forums alot.

Why dont you even come on your down with Jack Faggison forum anymore? Because I registered, and post often. Please come back on it.
i'm with you 100% on taking down Jackass Thompson!Anyway keep up the hating and don't stop till he's gone or dead.If you ever get a petition or something up PM me to let me know.
Good banner! Can I use it? I'm gonna edit a bit, Maybe add a Sniper scope.
thought i'd sign your guestbook. Its a good idea stopping the people who hate GTA so i hope that we can get a club and a petition against GTA haters!

thnx for signin my guestbook,my life is spared