I am a very creative person, I am just myself. I have multiple personalities, because they help me get through the day-to-day troubles and drama. I have been playing games (violent and what-not) since age 5 and I will continue to do so until the death of me.

My CoD: Black Ops is violence enabled. :)
And just so you know, I've just gotten out of my noob stage in shooter games. Well, for multiplayer mode, but I love headshots.

My favorite genre of games is role-playing. I adore the Fable series and the Final Fantasy series. Infinite Undiscovery was quite interesting as well.

All in all, I enjoy reading, playing games (PC and Xbox), writing and wreaking havoc. That's me! If you have any questions (no perverted or weird ones), please do ask. I won't bite....that hard...


I enjoy playing CoD: Black Ops and Halo: Reach on my Xbox. I like writing short stories and poetry, I have been snce 2010. I am ABH and prefer Xbox 360 to the PS3 (not to piss anyone off).

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