Hey! It's good to see someone else on the gamecube forum for once!
Yo Prince, signing back to your guestbook and cheers for signing. Cool to see another Geordie on the forums and hopefully the Toon Army will be back stronger than ever this season.
Hey... thanks for asking me a question! lol... I like to answer questions. But, I guess if you need to know anything else... just PM me again. See you around the FFX-2 forum!
thx for signing my guesbook so i thought id sighn yours back have a nice day!

from: some guy whos name will be listed below:
Im signing your guestbook because you signed mine. Oh and by the way I closed Pokemon Of The week.Oh and put this code into your signiture box

thought id sign your guestbook.

now i have .seeya. oh and sign mine to if you get the chance.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because you aksed politely!
Enjoy them! And I haven't seen you a lot too. But I'm sure I'll see you a lot more now.
See ya around,

i hate popups!!!!well im signing your g-book so now sign mine.i also think your name is cool.man every thing is cool!!

p.s_i like your avatar its cool!!!

Guess whos back, back again, Tim is back, with a new name.Chaos lord, play time over. no am gonna behave this time, my new name is neo_wizard. c u around some forums then.