Lucy_88 Geo
Jun 6, 13 7:41pm
ok so im guessing our large file trade has been cancelled then?

I have sent you numerous messages requesting your email so we can complete the trade, but you have not replied to a single one, I can see you have been online, just ignoring me.

I would have really appreciated it if you could have just easily let me know if it wasnt happening any more.

I didnt expect this from such an experienced trader, shame.
Lucy_88 Geo
Jun 4, 13 6:32pm
Hiya Geo!
We have a file trade pending, ive sent you my email address, but im yet to hear from you and that was a few weeks ago..
Vast Geo
Feb 15, 12 11:11am
milkshakepeopleunite Geo
Feb 12, 12 9:03am
I just felt like signing this. So do you like milkshakes? Both kinds? *raises eyebrows* Don't answer that please.
Vast Geo
Dec 27, 11 11:18pm
Thanks for the trade! I really appreciate it!
pokemon1fan Geo
Dec 24, 11 1:48am
hey buddy i just wanted to say that you have the coolest shop around!! and you're a great person
Pokefan108 Geo
Nov 12, 11 6:48am
Hey pal and prez! I can't believe you took the name change all for your selfish little self! > No, just kidding. Why not make it NeoGeo or something? XD
SasukesVengeance Geo
Aug 5, 11 4:54pm
hi i am ur biggest fan. i want u to b the best pres forever. i would totally be better tho. peace, from ur besr frend chrisssss
pavak Geo
Jul 17, 11 8:36pm
hey geohulk i think ure on a treking trip right so just have fun enjoy

and tell me what u did over there

pavak Geo
Jun 30, 11 9:50pm
hey man wats up i like your shop its so clean and nice im also thinking to make 1 for gen 4 but dont know how to maybe u can help me
DarkBlade725 Geo
May 8, 11 12:10pm
Your shop is pretty cool i am amaze about how many shinies you have and your like the only person who has the all good pokemon i need
Crobott Geo
Feb 20, 11 12:39am
Your shop is so clean and concise... not to mention the abundance of content. I am truly jealous! The quick links are very useful... Great job!
Tei Geo
Feb 12, 11 7:46pm
Thank you so much for trading with me all of those times! I have played pokemon from the beginning and never thought i'd come so far in something that's been fun for me for... 12 years? Hmm.. yes I was 6.. so 12 years.. yep. I couldn't have done it without you!

Also, I think I'll be using this name from now on, I like it a lot better.. I got it from okami, which is probably my favorite game EVER. So you could add it if you want? I don't know.. maybe you have come to like puddles? But I chose tei because it means "brotherhood" . Oh i think i might be babbling... hmm, see you later!
Crusty Jack Geo
Feb 3, 11 5:42pm
Thank you so much for those FAL2010 Mews you gave out a while back. I just wanted to say thanks. Yeah. So I guess I'm going to click the submit button now.
Wally Geo
Jan 29, 11 3:07pm
Hi, GeoHulk,

Just signing here for all the opprtunites you've given me to EV train your pokemon,
If it wasn't for that I wouldn't have any of yours. xD
well yeah, I think you're great, nice guy too,
Take care.

theredeyedtrojan Geo
Nov 21, 10 10:57am
sorry geo it took me so long to thank you ive been busy but you an awesome trade and youve really helped me along in this site. probably the best mod ever
Andariall Geo
Nov 20, 10 7:39am
Thanks for the help man. Im new to this Pokemon online thing, and I find it nuts how nice this community is. In any other online game I would have been laughed at and called a noob for asking for things, but you made it quick and easy and for that I am thankful Hopefully I can do something for you in the future.
Pokegg Geo
Nov 18, 10 4:36pm
Hey man, Pokegg here.
I'd just like to say thank you very much for all the help you've given me in RNGing, along with that ditto. You're a great trader, and hopefully we can get some trades done (now that you're moving into events).

Thanks for everything mate!
Seeaker Geo
Nov 16, 10 10:13am
Thanks so much, your awesome. Three cheers for Geo I owe you, I doubt I can ever pay you back though. But hey, we can all dream
popetaffy Geo
Nov 15, 10 11:12am
I just thought I would stop in to say thanks again for the Regirock. ^^ I ended up having a lot of fun breeding those egg moves, and now I'm enjoying that as much as I used to back in G/S/C.

Even though I don't know you very well, you seem pretty awesome to me. It was great to trade with you! :3
ShinyWeavile Geo
Nov 14, 10 4:28pm
um. u gave me a shiny flawless cyndaquil. so i guess im signing this, then. im going to put some filler letters now. BLAKHSJkjaSKGHSJFHKASJHDKJASHDJKJjhsjfhslkfhkijszndkjasjfka
InsanityS Geo
Nov 13, 10 2:29pm
Hey GeoHulk. Helping you out in that breeding egg moves thing a while back was fun, and I must say that the flawless ditto I received from you has almost certainly been the most useful pokemon I've ever had. Thanks to that my breeding challenges have been even more fun.

Then I noticed you doing some amazing requests for other people. It is fortunate that Neo has traders such as yourself.

So yeah, many thanks and good luck with future projects.
Aida Geo
Sep 28, 10 3:24pm
Enjoyed trading with you; and I have told you this many times but still; you are a very good RNG Breeder and always a pleasure
HyperBeam64 Geo
Sep 25, 10 7:00am
Oh the countless times we sent PM's about the Darkrai game. Good times. Well thanks for the laughs. Epicest trader. Ever. Funny person. You rock. I only give few rocks.

For you.

~ HyperBeam
xlukex Geo
Sep 23, 10 5:37pm
Although I never got the hang of it, you put up with my childish questions and my near intolerable impatience. You've been a great friend on Neo and unlike some people on here you're always nice. Been great seeing you around and even though the trades I have to offer you aren't worthy, you still took time to RNG a shiny Shinx for me. Thanks Geo,