So, as a last minute hype build, I scoured the interwebz for hopes to find new details I may have missed in the past few mont

I'm making this thread to so that anyone can discuss anything. About the game, the Zelda series in general, or even about

Kind of surprised I haven't seen this one up here yet. An article that was shared on ZeldaInformer's Facebook page fr

So school is clearly not stopping me from discovering this one, because I found out much faster than I was anticipating. I

After breeding for a few days, I finally got lucky with a 6IV Careful Prankster Sableye! So, as a result I have a great many

Looking for a Palkia. I have a spare Dialga for the first person who can help.

Am I the only getting this Pokémon blocked by the filters? I'm assuming it's because the word "Fag"

I see posts all the time about this girl. For those unaware, if you go into the Fighting Dojo in Lumiose and go to the second

I need their entries for the Dex. I don't need to keep any of them, but they are the last 4 I need to 100% the National P

I'm running out of room in my friends so I will only add the first person who has one. PM me if you do.

So, I'm trying to complete the Dex right now to get the Shiny Charm. I've completed all of the in-game Kalos Dex, so

Kind of common now unfortunately, but I'm trying to complete the Dex. Will trade to the best offer if I consider it reaso

I keep seeing people getting streaks above thirty and all that, but I can't even get a chain above 5. I haven't caugh

If anyone can help me out, please PM me. Really want this addition to my team.

I'm sure we've all seen the screenshot: This Phantom (

As the title suggests I'd like a Male Rock Head Steelix. I have a variety of Pokemon I am willing to trade just state wha

Now that the games are on the 3DS and have the clear ability to update, do you think Gamefreak would update them for future G

Welcome to Genesonic's A Link Between Worlds Mafia! The goal of this game is to find and banish all evil from Hyrule, or

Title says it all. Which Generation had the best starters? Generation 2 was the best for them in my opinion

Most have Protean but there are some with torrent, Males have all Natures, Females have most. Scattered IVs, I believe there

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