ultimateo Gemini19
Apr 08, 09 7:11pm
hey its ultimateo i got 3 things to say. 1 your welcome for helping you with lego batman. 2 plz join my friends list. and 3 plz sign my g book
Stuy Gemini19
Feb 15, 07 12:57am
Happy Valentines Day, Gemini19. [=

Ultimate chaos Gemini19
Feb 10, 07 10:47pm

You might notice I've gone for a V for Vendetta theme this week!

So sign back if you want and stay cool!

P.S. Pm me your MSN if you have one
Stuy Gemini19
Feb 06, 07 9:39pm
You haFf been stamped by the ulmighty sTuYy. [= [=

Laterzz. <3
Arcanium Gemini19
Feb 04, 07 4:58am
Here you go my new stamp hope you like it.

Punk100 Gemini19
Jan 10, 07 11:28pm
Hey nice pic you have when ppl sign your g book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bad ass Gemini19
Sep 29, 06 10:42pm

Have a good morning/day/afternoon/evening/night. Halloween is close! Better get out your costume!
Stuy Gemini19
Sep 29, 06 2:16am
i've seen you around loungin and you seem like a pretty cool person. sorry, don't have a stamp now but when i get one i'll sign back again.

Foreal Gemini19
Sep 28, 06 6:10pm

Just thought i'd show some love.
Hope things are going well
Keep it real!
Crystal The Hedgehog Gemini19
Sep 26, 06 10:19pm
..I don't want that guy killing me so your being stamped by

Yay sonic and mina^_^
and now for me as a hedgie:thick:

Now I have stamped and apprentice won't kill me=D

Willow Gemini19
Sep 26, 06 3:34pm
Hey thanks for signing my GB ^^

Some food reward:


P.S I can't find my real stamp I may have acidentally deleted it :S

Play ISDF Gemini19
Sep 26, 06 11:12am

Chaos Android17 Gemini19
Dec 03, 05 10:09pm

Hi! Remember me? No? Well, that... Stinks. Yes? Cool! I'm back, and crazier than ever! If we're ever online at the same time, give me a PM or sumthin and we'll talk, kay?

Note: We may have already been in contact since my actual return, but pretend this is out of the blue, okay? I'm not sure who knows and who doesn't know though, so this'll be popping up on most, if not all, of my signings... Hum...

Mountain Zappa Gemini19
Sep 13, 05 9:52pm
Finally, after years, I have got my new stamp and am signing all of my neofriends with it in celbration.

..........Thanks to Sweet Blossom!..........
DCRage Gemini19
Jul 26, 05 2:48pm
Well, I think I found that one stamp that got deleted, so here it is again upon request:

Try not to let the girl delete it again, OK?
Until next time...
Green Yoshi 2004 Gemini19
Jul 07, 05 5:27am
Here's my stamps for you. I hope you like them.

emerl chao Gemini19
Jul 03, 05 7:06pm
i made a new stamp i know it kinda sucks but I'll get better soon
hope u like it
Distortion Gemini19
Jun 29, 05 9:49pm
As per your request, here's another stamp!

Keep in touch alright? See you around...


Medabee5757 Gemini19
Jun 25, 05 7:13am
sorry but, no stamps, but still, HAPPY FREAKIN B-DAY or something, I really didn't know what to type. Uhh...chickens will invade earth if you don't put the toilet seat down every time you have to make a deposit at the bank if you catch my drift

Distortion Gemini19
Jun 20, 05 11:21pm
Happy birthday, Gemini. Haven't talked to you in a while, but hey, hopefully you'll be on some more. Have a great summer...and stuff. Um, yeah. Take a stamp to enjoy too.


emerl chao Gemini19
Jun 20, 05 10:24pm
just passed by to sign on e of my friends guest book
hope you like it I'll sign later
Giga Bowser X Gemini19
Jun 20, 05 8:11pm
Since it's your birthday, STAMP!

There, now my work here is done *vanishes*
megatron Gemini19
Jun 20, 05 7:57pm

tada! happy birthday!
im taking up

comma aka com Gemini19
Jun 20, 05 3:54pm
cool. yokur also officaly a man. how does it feel. i'm a man to! just not officaly.

there's your stamp and happy b-day!
Camp Kill Yourself Gemini19
Jun 18, 05 7:25pm
Cheers for signing my guestbook and stuff... See ya around, dude.