I really need to be more active...

So, I just recently got to goldbeard Ceadeus. However, I've wasted several materials attempting to beat him. I've bee

It's a hard knock life, for JHEN BECAUSE I'M GOING TO KILL HIM FOR HIS ARMOR!!!!
Must...get...to...JHEN IN 3U!!!!! YOU WILL BE MINE JHEN-KUN!!!!!
...Maybe adrenniling Ala while using a hunters knife ISN'T a good idea...
Must...build...my long sword set...
Sky peircers. 3 needed.... See you all in 3 years.
Ota-con. Must I say more?
StuPid ala webbing...
First ever speed run set: Completed today! ( For Jhozilla. Adreniline peirce. )
Damn diablos... GIVE ME YOUR STOUT HORN!
THE. MOST. FREAKING. AWESOME. GAME. EVER. Give me a shout if you want to hunt. I'm HR 90.Cookie time! MonsterHunterTri Wii
The. Cookie. Is. MINE. *Om nom nom*

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