walnuts Gazza
Jun 1, 10 6:03am

This awesome censorship has been brought about because you've been pretty awesome over the last 2 years of my existence, and as such need to tone it down a bit :>

I hope you're enjoying your year, and that there are many happy ones to come!
Kurtiswalsh Gazza
Sep 29, 09 7:52pm
Just noticed you signed my guestbook, so I thought I'd sign back

I dont have a stamp so that'll have to do. ;P
Lone Warrior Gazza
Mar 25, 09 4:28am
Your IRC notices suck. :<

The Power Gazza
Sep 29, 08 11:36pm

Found one, appropriate so you better enjoy, but not too me

The Power Gazza
Sep 29, 08 11:29pm
<3 Thought I guestbook sign your ass, soon as you did mine. No novelty picture though...............................yet

Lone Warrior Gazza
Sep 17, 08 2:33am
Woot, you got your first ever GB signing from me! Aren't you a lucky one \o/

I haven't bothered with a stamp for a while, so I'll give you this basic old stamp of mine:

See you around on the forums, take care.