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Jun 29, 10 2:46pm

Okay, I haven't really had the time to update since I started this, but at least school is out and I've had time to relax. It's nice to be young.

As anybody who knows me well can predict, I haven't done much this summer. I've gone to the local pool a few times (and received a bad sunburn), helped plan out our upcoming vacation to Florida, and RAEGed about how we didn't have electricity for a day. It's been raining here in Ohio a lot for the past week or so. I managed to beat Final Fantasy XIII lately, and have a lot to say about the game itself. *SPOILERS BELOW, DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU WISH TO BE SPOILED*

I liked the game a lot, actually. I did audio recordings on my iPod of quite a bit of my playthrough. Listening to them, I found that I really had no grasp of the plot at all. I owe it mostly to the fact that I wasn't really paying much attention to the important stuff in cutscenes.

-----Beginning of chapter nine, cutscene:-----
*Narrator of newscast talks about the Palamecia*
Me: "Lol, that ship looks like a giant pe- Oh look, it's Cid. That hottie."
*Lightning, Cid and the others watch the newscast and make plans to save Vanille and Sazh*
Me: "The TV screens look like giant PSPs, haha!"

Yeah... You get the idea. As for the ending, I liked it a lot. I nearly cried, even though it was somewhat predictable. I was sad that both of my favorite characters, Cid and Rosch, died (or rather, committed suicide) near the end of the game. I got my ass handed to me by Orphan several times until I decided to put Fang on my team as a saboteur. I then proceeded to kick ass. I've been thinking about doing a no-crystarium usage run of the game, but am afraid to lose my sanity. Or rather, what's left of it.

I've been keeping a close eye on Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Are they doing preorders yet at Gamestop? I don't really tend to preorder games, but I've been thinking about starting lately. How do you preorder games?

I have marching band practice at 9:00am today, and it's nearly 4am now. I think I'd better stop procrastinating for now and get my lazy ass to bed so I don't complain later. That would be best for all of us...

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May 9, 10 8:32am

As a video gamer myself, I joined this site in January 2008. However, I only recently noticed the blog feature, and so I decided to start this blog.

Anyway, this blog will be used to record what games I have been playing, what I've been up to, what music I've been listening too, and stuff like that. So, here's a little info about what will be coming.

Music: I enjoy listening to video game music and rock. Some artists I have on my iPod are Pat Benatar, Steppenwolf, Duran Duran, Survivor, and Guns N' Roses. Some video game soundtracks I have on my iPod are various Fire Emblem soundtracks, Final Fantasy music, The Legend of Zelda music, Okami, and Tenchu soundtracks.

Video games: I own a Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Playstation 2, Nintendo 64, Atari, and a few others. I enjoy a lot of more medieval type video games, such as Fire Emblem. I will play pretty much any type of video game, though. Lately, I have been playing Final Fantasy XIII (PS3), Final Fantasy IX (PS1), Dissidia: Final Fantasy (PSP), Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals (GBA), and Muramasa: The Demon Blade (Wii).

I am currently an 8th grader at Pleasant View Middle School in central Ohio, but school lets out on June 3rd. I enjoy swimming, video gaming, surfing the internet, and seeing new places. I'm in Band and Choir at my school.

Not really much to say beyond that. I will try to do a blog entry at least once a week, if not more often.
Ganondorf 5326
Mar 11, 10 5:33am
I started LPing! Yes! Also, go away science teacher.
Ganondorf 5326
Jan 17, 10 6:00am
I'm writing a Fire Emblem/Tenchu fanfiction. Maybe I'll post it somewhere.
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