Have: Dratini, Houndour, Totodile, Vulpix w/ egg move hypnosis, Treecko, Munna and random other easily optainable pokes early

Hi, I just want to play through the game with a team of my favorites. None of these have to be any special gender, ability, m

Currently working on completing the National Dex - @ 464/718 - Kanto Completed Johto Pokemon I'm still missing: C

Someone's going to transfer the only pokes I want from Gen 5 for me later tonight, the only leftovers I will have are a M

Looking for these pokes to complete Kanto: Dodrio Shellder / Cloyster Krabby / Kingler Marowak Wheezing Goldeen / Sea

Title pretty much explains it looking for a 5-6 IV Foreign Ditto, shinies, competative pokes, etc. Just make offers and we&am

Just beat the game earlier today and found the IV checker. Says my Yveltal is Outstanding, with Attack, Special Defense,

I need a Female Ninetales caught in a Luxury ball from anywhere but Italy. Offering a shiny Umbreon. Thanks!

Want to breed my own shiny Vulpix in a Luxury Ball once I complete the Pokedex. I haven't beat the game yet, so sorry tha

Looking for a Non-US Male Vulpix that knows egg move Hypnosis, or a Non-US Female Vulpix caught in a Luxury Ball. Thanks.

_LF: Male Non-US Vulpix with Hypnosis OR Female Non-US Vulpix in Luxury Ball_ _Offering:_ Male Japanese Drough Vulpix w

_Offering:_ Japanese Ditto Any Pokebank Breedable _ HA Pokes:_ Infiltrator Zubat in Luxury Ball Magician Fennekin Pr

_Looking for:_ Poochyena / Mightyena Aron / Lairon / Aggron Lileep / Cradily Anorith / Armaldo Sawk Swirlix / Slurpluff

Ask for what you want in return, I'm not far enough in the game to get Substitute myself yet, and I'm trying to catch

_Offering:_ Japanese Docile Ditto US Naughty Ditto US Gentle Ditto US Calm Ditto US Adamant Ditto US Modest Ditto US T

The title of the post explains it all. PM me if you're interested in trying to help, and we can work out the details. Tha

Regigas is the last Legendary I need for my Pokedex, would like one to keep or to trade back, whatever is fine. _Have to o

I don't know the IV's of the pokes since I haven't beaten the game yet, but I'll list their level and stats a

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