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Jul 15, 11 3:51pm

Soccer and MW2

Last night i played soccer from around 6pm - 9pm got home in quite the sad state, since i lost my cleats i played in bare feet and at one point i bicycle kicked the ball and landed on my neck and now it hurts lots, and as if that wasn't bad enough later on in the night i went for a slide tackle and got the ball only to be kicked real hard right in the side of my heel. after that happened i took net for the rest of the night and i could gradually start moving and kicking the ball more and more with my foot, then right near the end of the game the ball was rolling my way to i went out to get it and right when i had my foot on it, out of nowhere comes my teammate and she crashes right into my chest with her elbow, nearly knocked me on the ground and for a split second i could swear i was going to faint or something, but i didn't and the worst part of it all is that i couldn't get back to the net in time and the other team scored, no worries though cause we brought it back with some impossible plays and goals final score was 12 5 for us in a 5 v 4 game, FYI we had 4 they had 5 :). when i got home it was about 9:15 so i showered and played 2 games of MW2 got 3rd in both of them i am like level 10 now and Ive only had the game for about 48 hours so i think i am doing pretty good XD


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