Все ваши базы являются принадлежат нам
beyblades should be in this week... cant wait
Medal of Honor... Not a bad game for PS3, considering how bad it was on the Comp XD
Why is it that Ebay sellers always seem to take thier time sending the item you already payed for days eirlier
won my infamous2 bag along with dranzer V and draciel V beyblades cant wait till they get here. gonna go beyblade at FanExpo this year lol
woohoo 21hrs left i will be free-running witm my inFAMOUS bag in no time XD
damn auto bidder on ebay cant beat me, i want that infamous 2 bag so much, dont any of you get any ideas it will be mine :)
Beyblades FTW
onto sigma 2 yay lol
Ninja Gaiden Sigma is pretty sweet, i always had trouble on my xbox version of these games but on ps3 they are easy for me
finally got all my music back since my comp went nuts last year
new cell phone is sweet, i also checked out Eudemons Online last night for the first time in months, wow, changed so much
Saw transformers 3 last night in 3D, it was a really good movie.
got to play a little more starcraft 2 last night, im really starting to get used to it, also started the new alice game :)

Ive been playing inFAMOUS2 like crazy but i was also playing Starcraft 2 on a borrowed version but now i have got myself a copy, i cant wait to play it tonight, i also gotta get in some time in on alice madness returns.

pc gaming related
Finally got to sit down and play inFAMOUS2 this weekend. i love that game, also got really into starcraft II

Last night i played soccer from around 6pm - 9pm got home in quite the sad state, since i lost my cleats i played in bare feet and at one point i bicycle kicked the ball and landed on my neck and now it hurts lots, and as if that wasn't bad enough later on in the night i went for a slide tackle and got the ball only to be kicked real hard right in the side of my heel. after that happened i took net for the rest of the night and i could gradually start moving and kicking the ball more and more with my foot, then right near the end of the game the ball was rolling my way to i went out to get it and right when i had my foot on it, out of nowhere comes my teammate and she crashes right into my chest with her elbow, nearly knocked me on the ground and for a split second i could swear i was going to faint or something, but i didn't and the worst part of it all is that i couldn't get back to the net in time and the other team scored, no worries though cause we brought it back with some impossible plays and goals final score was 12 5 for us in a 5 v 4 game, FYI we had 4 they had 5 :). when i got home it was about 9:15 so i showered and played 2 games of MW2 got 3rd in both of them i am like level 10 now and Ive only had the game for about 48 hours so i think i am doing pretty good XD
lol forgot i had soccer last night, so i havent even gotten to start inFAMOUS 2 i got to play one free for all on MW2 tho
XD bought MW2 and inFAMOUS 2 and in 1 hour ill be playing it. also pre orderd MW3

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