Just finished this. Here's the changes. Hong Kong Premier League is now Baidu Premier League The league's reputat

It seems like it's impossible for young wonderkids. I tried to see what Barca wants for Neymar and they came back with s

I had AC for Wii a while ago and I'm considering playing New Leaf using a 3ds emulator on PC but I wanted to know if anyo

Since the team of the year is almost done and FM15 is coming out soon, I'm doing a team of players who are better in FM14

The other one disappeared. Here's a new thread to talk about your saves.

The 2014 season in Mexico kicked off already. I noticed there's no threads for it so I decided to open a thread and rep

Reading up on the MLS, one thing I noticed is that MLS fans get upset if you root for Euro teams. In the MLS I support the Ga

So something's been bothering me. I want to play as Santos in Brazil or Azul in Mexico but the foreign player rules ruin

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