Hey man. I've seen you around. Did your mom leave you when you were a baby so that you would be raised by a dad that *bleep*ed you up the ass every night? Go *bleep* yourself.

sup man... i seen you around.. and you cool.. =] im still cooler!

Just thougt I would sign your guestbook. Ive seen you post a few times and you seem like a nice guy
Death & Love

i lay in this garden of Black Roses,
waiting for you to come,
i wear the tight little blood red dress you gave me,
i came here ready to love,
but all i got was my incence taken form me,
now i lay here in this graveyard ready to take my life,
your running,
you see me with the knife,
you see what you have done to me,
i slit my wrists,
you scream my name,
you scream you love me,
now i lay here with my life comeing to a end,
you fall on you knees next to me,
are you crying for me or the unborn child you never knew about?,
you say your sorry,
an the strange thang is i believe you,
an before i die i say one thing to you,
i love you,
you cried when i closed my eyes an took my last breath,
you cried when they lowered my coffin in to the ground,
an that night that very night you took your life to be with me an your unborn child,
i love you.

Yami: Yugi, you're a miniature mirror version of me, the other half of my soul, and quite possibly my descendant or reincarnation - clearly you should bear my children!

Yugi: o___O Is that even physically possible...?

You better let that trophy go, you selfish asshole.

Heh if anything you put in your profile is the least bit true, then the world needs more people like you.

I'm on a signing spree! Sign back or I will have to leave Neo forever!