Wahtsup pie is the greatest sign.

Hi. So I don't know what to say really. Well like my new name? And NO I wasn't going to pay 10.00 just to have it changed. Have fun.


Hiya! There's someone nice! I see you around so I thought I would post this to make your day! (Yes I am nice like that) so there you go!

Signed by bad ass <3/! (heart or exclamation mark depending on gender)

PS, signing back wouldnt hurt
Yes the title is quite nice, so is this new stamp. Enjoy!

This also counts for your New Years stamp, because I'm a cheap bastard.

Fear the Carnivorous Sheep!

Cute! Fuzzy! Deadly!

Sign back! ^^

This is the story of the Ultimite Nidoking:
One day, a shiny Nidoking decided that he was through with the evil dictator, the Ultimate Shedinja's, reign. He ate the Ultimate Shedinja and then became the Ultimate Nidoking.
hey i see you in the dmw2 forum a lot you seem pretty cool so here

sign back sometime aight peace
Hey love your icon! I have a Cardcaptors/Card captor Sakura site! Wanna sign my guestbook? LOL www.geocities.com/mgoldis/
So how's it going?
I also have a Garnet site... www.geocities.com/fireysakura9390/
TTYL ~Kelly~
Hey there. How u doin?
Thought i'd sign your guest book seeing we're always both in the MR2 and FFX. Been having some fun with the Monster Battle in MR2 forum. Hope to see more of it.

Well, anway i'll catch ya around Neo and in the MR2 and FF forums.

Hey Gamexpert, siging your guestbook. Sorry I don't have some sorta special "stamp" to put here. See ya around.

~Wu Dynasty
Hello, I'm signing your Guest Book.
Now please sign mine back.
Here is my Stamp:
Signed by Megacool999.
I guess I am member now. Thank you for helping me get there. I hope I see more of you in the DW2 forum. And plese don't be mad at the dude who got me registered. Thanks again, see ya.
Hi, I see you in the Dragonball forum and you seem like a pretty cool person to know. Well cya in the forum.

Kamehameha! No, make that Rainbow Attack!
Ive seen you in the FFT forum for ages but i keep on forgetting to sign this! Oh well ive remembered at last, so i can see that you obviously like DBZ! Thats great i do too!
See you in the FFT Forum!
Hello there Gamexpert.How are you?I hope you stay at the DMW2 forum and keep posting.Well,catch ya later buddy!
helloooooo man i am the second one to sign here i hope you stay for a loooooong time in this forum good bye

PS helloooooooooooo
hey man, i'm navyblue and the first to sign your guestbook. hope you can stay in the DMW2 place 'cause i like you, but not in that way. seeya!