I was born.

I was whiney and spoiled until I was 7 years young.

The best years of my life with the best friends I could ever want ocurred during age 7-10

From 11-13, my life was changing extremely, and I began to "discover" myself. I learned how to love and accept that it is possible to be loved.

And then there is now.


People usually put their neofriends in their page. Sadly, however, I haven't gotten to putting in neofriends.

I will start getting to that soon though!

Some I can put now:

Dragonlord999 - My fellow Asian. Mind-Blowingly intellegient and can beat me in an argument any day. Someone who understands my jokes. For that I am grateful. =D

Pitline810 - Random conversations. That's all there is to it. Scary, random discussions occur between us. Odd...but fun.

DSDuffaroo45 - My "activist" buddy who constantly renders me speechless to the things he says. It's easy to argue with him though. Oh so easy. XD

fireemblem24 - Had a long and akward discussion starting with "The Killers" (Awesomeness in Four boys and their instruments), going to...other...stuff. =P Fun girl she is though. =D

Light Druid & Haruka Hikawa - I somehow feel I have something in common with them. I feel as if they should be mentioned.

And Ranger 1 cracks me up. =D

I'm usually loitering around the Fire Emblem (GBA) forum...

I'll sometimes be seen in Kingdom Hearts II and Intellectual Exchanges.

Calvin & Hobbes pwns.

That is all.
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Oct 29, 2003

Hmm, it's a great game if you like racing. Preloading is cool too. Kinda hard for the kid 10 and under. Recomended to buy. Music is great. Same thing with the graphics and how you play. What else can I say about this game? Well, I have to reach...

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