Hello, I'm Joey.
Like the lot of you reading this, I'm a gamer. My first gaming experience was with Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Genisis) back in 1993. And from the instance I got to playing around with that little blue guy, I've grown a great love for video games. I went on to playing a few other Sonic's untill I got a Nintendo 64 for my birthday at the tender age of 7. And since then, my love for gaming turned into a flat-out obsession. I could hardly believe all I was seeing with all of those great games like Super Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie and Bomberman 64. I realised that you could do so much more with games than just create something for people to play with, you could create entire worlds!

When I was a younger gamer, I mostly got games with characters that looked intresting, as opposed to buying by quality like I do now. But that was good, all of those characters helped fuel my imagination, and helped make it what is it today, weather it's used for creating characters, writing or just doodling.

When I was about ten years old, I decided that I just wasn't satisfied aaawing at all of these genious characters I was seeing... I needed to make some of my own! So, during school, I got out a sheet of paper and started doodling. I didn't draw a very large assortment of characters then. I mostly kept it down to ghosts, bats, vampires, withces and things like that. Untill one day, not long from then, when I picked up and goofed around with my brother's etch-a-scetch. I was playing with that, when I created what became my first major character: The King Ghost. I loved drawing the king ghost, I made him a friend, Jitter Bones, some parents, The ex-king Robert Ghost the XXIII and the ex-queen Edna Ghost, and an enemy, Whitch the witch. They were good, but didn't reach their potential untill four years later...

About three years later, I got a Nintendo Gamecube, and Animal Crossing. Then about a half a year later is when everything looked up. I stumbled upon the biography of video game legend, Shigeru Miyamoto. I was so intrested and intrigued by what I saw. The creation of Jumpman (Better known as "Mario"), all of his ideas, the events that led to all of his great games and great characters. It was all so intresting, I only wished it would go on some more. Later that night, I sat there, just thinking about all I read. It was all just so intresting. So the next day, I decided that I wanted to make games. So I got started on a character who'd eventualy become my most famous. I spent a few weeks sketching and tinkering with a few characters. A guy named Joe Foreman, his brother, Frank the paramedic a doctor who'd use parachutes (Get it, "Para"medic?) to fight. I thought it felt right, so I gave them backgrounds and a place to live in. I instantly thought of an island floating above an ocean. I named it "Para Land". The characters went good, but not great. I scrapped them, then tried another character, Ox Man. I hardly payed any more mind to him (At the time). I felt my venture to create a video game character was a lost-cause... I stayed up late again that night, thinking of Mr. Miyamoto's bio. again. Thinking of all he did and how creative he is... Then it clicked. It was like a light turning on, and I didn't even know who did it... I had a character. I quickly grabed some paper and sketched him down as fast as I could. It was an arabian themed character. I gave him a wand, and the ability to fly.

I needed a place for him, so I just gave him Para Land. It was creative and fit him well. I made him the emperor of Para Land, and even gave him some friends, family and foes. I gave him a wife, Mindy, a daughter, Paprika (Now scrapped) and a father, Tobasco (Now his counselor). For the foes, I just drew the first thing I thought of: A disembodied face. I made him a geenie, and named him Kougar. Then I gave him a master, a whitch named Lynn. I thought up a good bit of adventures for them to all go through. Ideas for up to seven games; four adventures and three others. Though all good, I scrapped most of them. But it all wasn't a loss. I gained some new ideas and characters for Oscar (Like his new rival, Dark Oscar, and the Twilight Land). I muessed with them for another month, when I got what could be an even greater set of ideas.

By October I was brainstorming like crazy. I just finished Soul Calibur 2 and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and just got all sorts of great new ideas for characters and creatures. I had a character I created by just playing around with some of my characters in Animal Crossing. Her name was Nataly. I liked the character idea, so I went with it. I started a crude character sheet with her, her sister, Nancy, her parents, and her friend, Bodo (Originated as some corny parady of "Inuyasha's" Shippo character), the fox boy. I was very into Inuyasha at the time, and felt very inspired by all of the Japanese culture. I made a whole cast of characters, emperors, kings, warlords, demons, wizzards, witches, knites, wisend old people, school girls and boys, and many more. Eventualy, before I knew it, I had enough for an entire RPG! And that was all made better by the fact that I had a story for each and everyone of them. They all seemed to mix into a bunch of small stories, branching into one larger story. I decided that the basic theme for the game would be the moon, 'cause it was what I seemed to associate Nataly with.

I played around with my new characters like Nataly and Oscar, and even brought back my old set of King Ghost characters. Of cource, I created the King Ghost when I was much younger, so many of his dull, not-to-impressive characters had to go. But that was okay, the main ones (As mentioned earlier) stayed. And I did keep some of my more worth-wile characters that I made along the way. Like The King Ghosts's clone (Created by witchy) The "Imposter Ghost", Crony and Haggy (Whitchy's sisters), Doctor Scream (An eyeball man) and Scarecrow. Along the way of muessing with my characters, new and old, I managed to create many more. Flop or not, I created many more. And resserected some, too. I brought back OxMan, and gave him his own island to live in (I called it "OxLand"). I also brought back Joe as Oscar's counter-part, who would help him in his adventures.

By January, I saw my sister watching a funny online video that had some funny and creative characters. I was also noticing that many people online had role-playing characters that they'd dedicate entire web sites to, and I didn't. Feeling another burst of insperation, I grabbed for the nearest pencil and paper. I doodled and sketched like I usualy did, untill I came out with a small bunch of characters. There was Memory the fox girl, Max the cat boy, Alex his sister (Who was made entirely by mistake when I drew a character frame of Max looking too feminine) and Taccoon the half-breed fox boy/humane. They were all very much in the style of Sonic the Hedgehog, due to the fact that that was what everyone else had. Memory was a sorceress, Max and Alex warriors with plasma swords and Taccoon an archer. I played around with online stories of them (Poorly written online stories of them) and along the way made some more characters. Vivky the German cat girl, Tony the bat, Neiho the rabbit sorceress and what it now one of my most important characters to date, Joey the echidna. Joey was based much after me, and was one of my favorites to write for.

I kept up the whole "story thing" for another two months or so. Then I finaly got bored of it and decided to just use my characters elsewhere. I scrapped most (Tacoon, for instnace) and COMPLETELY scrapped whatever I was even writing them in. Writing them in a fantasy/adventure story wasn't my first intention; I wanted some funny characters, remember.

Basicaly, the only thing good about that waisted time was Joey, Vicky, Maia (Based after my sister), Tony, Max, Alex, Bascov, Cleo, Milly, Araja, Neiho, Draggoon, and teaching myself to use steps when drawing characters. I kept some of my other characters, but they're a part of this set of characters, no more. I went back on to working on my older characters again, like Oscar, Nataly and The King Ghost. I was very exited when I learned how to draw all of them step-by-step. I continued to do that for a while. I turned all of the characters like Joey, Maia, Max, into humen. I advanced them very good, and wanted to use them whenever, without having to get Sega's permission.

By October of that year, my sister got Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. I was very exited, I haven't seen that movie since I was eight. After watching it, I was bitten by the insperation bug again. All of the characters, they were all so wierd, creepy, funny and well-created. I started drawing some chatacters in the style of the character in the movie. And I knew where to put them; with the King Ghost.

I drew and thought and created some more by Christmas I already had a good bit of characters in the gothic style. There was a new look for the King Ghost, Jitter Bones, Whitchy, Crony, Haggy, Dr. Scream, Scarecrow and the Imposter Ghost. And a new cast of characters for Kingy to love and hate. The Great Guarini (A magician), Jiggles (A demonic clown) and Booga-Boo (A bio-exorcist). There's many more, but I couldn't name them all here.

For about anoter three months, I drew and practiced with all of these Burton-esque characters. I had my high-points and my low. Mostly low due to the fact that I was trying TOO hard to be Burton. I took a good long heiadous from these characters to go back to my others, whom I was neglecting. I fixed up some of my characters associated with emperor Oscar. I got the story pollished out alittle more, and fixed up my characters associated with Joey. For the "Joey" characters, I just made them all ordinary people. Vicky was no longer a gunner, but a school teacher. Max and Alex were no longer warriors, but her children. Bascov her husband. Then with Joey, I made him MUCH more like me. I gave him a sister, Maia (Based after my own real-life sister) and made Tony his dad. I gave Tony a wife named Dharma. For another few months, I muessed with the Joey and King Ghost characters untill I got them just how I wanted. There were more characters, and I finaly got it to where all of my characters are in my own style.

I'm very happy with my characters now. I've got a good number of them, and very creative, very in-depth stories behind all of them. I've gotten into readng Stephen King books, also. I don't get as massive insperations as I used to --I'm usualy inspired to create one character at a time-- but that's okay, I gave plenty. I've also gotten into the actress Kathy Bates, recently, after seeing her in Misery (Based after my favorite Stephen King novel). She's been the insperation for four of my characters, thanks to her role in Misery, Dolores Claiborne and About Schmidt. I've also worked on my Joey and Para Land characters some more. I've given my characters associated with Joey some more characters. Like Bill (Based on my real-life brother) and Miss Apple. And I've also changed the look of many of my characters. Oscar was changed to look goofier, Lynn was changed as-to-not look so much like Mindy, the Empress, and more like a witch. Basically all of these characters have gotten a face-lift to match my drawing style as it evolves.

My humor, writing and drawings have improved greatly over the past few months, as well. I've learned to improve on my tallents by simply observing others. If I see something drawn exeptionally well, or a character that's imaginative and well-written, I'll make a character based after him or her... I don't know what I'll be putting the work of my imagination to, TV, movies or games, but I'll be sure to enjoy whatever I do, so long as I can draw, write and create...

See pictures here...

(c) Joey Paparini Nov. 12 2005. All characters are mine, take them and I'll be pissed.


I like drawing, writing, character designing, reading Stephen King books, watching movies (Prefrebly ones directed by Tim Burton, or starring Kathy Bates) and, of cource, playing games.


"I am the Clown with the tear away face/ Here in a flash and gone without a trace."
"I am the who, when you call "who's there?"/ I am the wind blowing through your hair."

-Denizens of Halloween Town
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