This is pretty fun,I enjoyed playing it, but the cooking soon gets a little old. Order up! NancyDrewTheWhiteWolfOfIcicleCreek PC
This one was fun. I enjoyed playing it. NancyDrewGhostDogsOfMoonLake PC
The very first Nancy Drew game I ever played, and got hooked on the games, I played this in one weekend. But swapping CDs stinks. NancyDrewSecretsCanKill PC
I liked this too...although the typing mini game was hard to beat...I just can't type that fast. NancyDrewSecretOfTheScarletHand PC
This is a good one...Can't beat the old times...riding around in the car and getting gas at Zippy's. NancyDrewSecretOfTheOldClock PC
This was just ok. I was not that impressed by it. Hope the other Nancy Drew games are better. The PC games are great! NancyDrewDeadlySecretOfOldeWorldPark DS
I loved this game...probably my favorite of all the Nancy drew games...I played this thru twice, trying to get a perfect score at the end. NancyDrewTheHauntingOfCastleMalloy PC
It was ok...not one of the best, but worth playing. NancyDrewThePhantomOfVenice PC
I liked this spooky game...the cemetary was kinda a cool! NancyDrewLegendOfTheCrystalSkull PC
I liked it. It was the 2nd Nancy Drew game I played...from then on played every one as they game out. NancyDrewStayTunedForDanger PC
I liked this one alot...I love the spooky, ghost, haunted story games. NancyDrewMessageInAHauntedMansion GBA
I liked it. Learned alot about whales. NancyDrewDangerOnDeceptionIsland PC
I liked this one too. It's the 4th one and I liked the story line. NancyDrewTreasureInARoyalTower PC
Love this game. A little spooky, which makes it fun. NancyDrewCurseOfBlackmoorManor PC
Fun, but I was not so great at some of those acrade mini games. But the game itself was fun. NancyDrewTheHauntedCarousel PC
This one was ok. Not one of the best, but ok. I think the diving was pretty fun down in the canals. NancyDrewDangerByDesign PC
This one was different. Playing as the Hardy Boys too. Some of the mini games where a little tricky too. NancyDrewTheCreatureOfKapuCave PC
I liked this one. Having the Hardy Boys on the train, was a pretty cool add in. NancyDrewLastTrainToBlueMoonCanyon PC
Was pretty good. I like the old stage and the trap doors. NancyDrewTheFinalScene PC
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