_I like to try new things pretty often. The same team gets pretty boring after so many battles, you know? So I was thinking a

_When I started my game a few days ago I chose Paladin as my first life. Since then my main focuses have been Paladin, Blacks

_First of all, Arcanine is my favorite Pokemon of all time. I try to make use of it as often as possible even though people c

http://www.pkparaiso.com/imagenes/xy/sprites/animados/victini.gif _ Making another team for battling. (I like to keep one i

One time I lost a Showdown battle because my Chansey had Thunder instead of Thunderwave. Facepalm

_Does anyone have this controller? My question is if there's something within the controller keeping it from being connec

_ Here's the thing. This current team that I have...it's the most fun I've had on battle spot in ages. I s

It's funny how the main protagonist of Pokemon is the most pathetic trainer in existence. A sock monkey could win more battles.

_As much as I love my T-Waving, Stealth Rock throwing Uxie, I find myself rarely bringing it to battles. I did about 6 or 7 t

Yes! Finally got StreetPassed the Eon Ticket!

_^^ Title. Looking for a GOOD Pokegenner who can make me one pokemon. I just need it to be nicknamed, that's all. I ca

_Finally, I plan to try out my second most anticipated ORAS mega. I was messing around and came up with this set. Thoughts a

_http://i.picasion.com/gl/79/3YHD.gif Hi everybody! :epic: So I realized something. I have had A TON of shiny Pokemon just

If I see one more Mega Rayquaza on Battle Spot I'm switching to rated battles =_=

_Anyone else having trouble with their Powersave? I need to clone some pokemon but when I put my copy of X in it just keeps l

_Anyone else buy the game yesterday and beat it today? It was pretty fun. Except when I goofed and killed Kyogre._

_For those of you who transferred teams over to OR/AS, how did you come up with it? I personally went with a SAO theme packin

The nature and IV's don't matter. I just need either one with the move. Link to my shinies FT in is in the sig.

So ready for PKMN AS.
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