Thought I might sign your guestbook again. Now that I can use a stamp!!

^^ I hope it worked properly!!
Hey there.
Seen you around the Sims 2 forum, and I thought I'd give your guestbook a little sign!
Have a nice life.
Take care!

Hi ya! I see you round the Sims 2 forum a lot and thought I would sign. Looks like we got the sme taste in music. Well at least we both like Simple Plan. Hope to see you around. Now for the stamp:

Hey!I've seen u around in forums so I thought I would sign ur guest book!
sorry about that
anyways , just wanted to fix that mistake ..
[ & also im sorry for signing the gb to fix a spelling mistake

* Lily ,

hey GOTF ;D ,
im just gunna sign your guestbook (:
thanks for everything you helped me with,
i wouldnt know how to put the stamp on if it wasnt for you teaching me how to put a banner on my sig.
signback if you can !

* Lily ,
Hye tis been a bit, but I'll never forget my ol'friend from ts2.

See you around!
hey i'v seen you around the sims 2 fourm and you seem cool so i deciede to sign your guestbook. So hey have a cookie *gives you chocolate cookie*

Don't be afraid to pm me
Hi Gamer of the Year. Thanks for signing my guestbook, sorry this is late. I haven't been online much recently.

Anyway, see you on the forums.

Hi, thanks for signing my guestbook! See you in the forums
Hi. Just wanted to be the first person to sign your guestbook. I hope you sign my guestbook too. Hint,hint. See ya around the forums sometime!