Thought I might sign your guestbook again. Now that I can use a stamp!!

^^ I hope it worked properly!!
ArtGirl Gamer of the Year
Jul 23, 08 9:24pm
Hey there.
Seen you around the Sims 2 forum, and I thought I'd give your guestbook a little sign!
Have a nice life.
Take care!

Shaegirl44 Gamer of the Year
Jul 23, 08 3:34am
Hi ya! I see you round the Sims 2 forum a lot and thought I would sign. Looks like we got the sme taste in music. Well at least we both like Simple Plan. Hope to see you around. Now for the stamp:

Hey!I've seen u around in forums so I thought I would sign ur guest book!
lilybaby_101 Gamer of the Year
Jul 5, 08 5:14pm
sorry about that
anyways , just wanted to fix that mistake ..
[ & also im sorry for signing the gb to fix a spelling mistake

* Lily ,

lilybaby_101 Gamer of the Year
Jul 5, 08 5:09pm

hey GOTF ;D ,
im just gunna sign your guestbook (:
thanks for everything you helped me with,
i wouldnt know how to put the stamp on if it wasnt for you teaching me how to put a banner on my sig.
signback if you can !

* Lily ,
Skye Gamer of the Year
Jul 1, 08 7:13pm
Hye tis been a bit, but I'll never forget my ol'friend from ts2.

See you around!
hailey5415 Gamer of the Year
Apr 26, 08 1:19am
hey i'v seen you around the sims 2 fourm and you seem cool so i deciede to sign your guestbook. So hey have a cookie *gives you chocolate cookie*

Don't be afraid to pm me
Ommlette Gamer of the Year
Feb 10, 08 6:03pm
Hi Gamer of the Year. Thanks for signing my guestbook, sorry this is late. I haven't been online much recently.

Anyway, see you on the forums.

StarSimLuva Gamer of the Year
Jan 30, 08 8:20pm
Hi, thanks for signing my guestbook! See you in the forums
Hi. Just wanted to be the first person to sign your guestbook. I hope you sign my guestbook too. Hint,hint. See ya around the forums sometime!