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Apr 13, 10 12:09am
If you need me I'll be playing Heartgold
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Apr 11, 10 2:47am
Happy Birthday to me I suppose
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Apr 9, 10 10:05am

This blog post is made under the assumption you came here via the link in my TF2 review. If you didn't... actually it won't be much difference come to think of it. So without further mentlegen (see what I did there?), let's enjoy this little history lesson:

May 22, 2009. Just another day for most people, but for the little corner of the world known as the Team Fortress 2 fanbase, well, I think the Heavy can sum it up best: "OOOHH IT IS SAD DAY! D:". You see, until this day, people had to unlock weapons that came from updates via milestone achievements. The thing is that you earn achievements by playing the game (or if you're impatient, going on an achievement server and farming to get your new toys), and once you get enough you get a milestone, thus earning a weapon. Get all 3 and and give yourself a pat on the back, mister.

Well Valve thought this was kind of a stupid idea since people got weapons at wildly different rates (because they apparently don't know what grinding means), and replaced it with a random drop system, where every half-hour or so of play, you would get a 25% chance at getting an item. Seems like a neat idea right? I thought so, but it seemed that I was the only one that did. Why is that? BECAUSE I WAS THE ONLY. ONE. THAT DID. The public reaction to this was what can only be summed up as "your ex-girlfriend". Yeah, it was that bad. The forums were in an uproar, people were putting hate comments on the Meet the Team videos, and Valve undoubtedly, got quite a few nasty letters generally disrepecting Gabe Newell's mother.

Where do hats come in to all of this? See,the reason hats come in to all of this is because in the very same update they gave every class a hat to wear ingame. The problem was that it went with the same random drop system as the items, except with a much, much, much lower chance (a 3 1/2% chance every 4 hours, I'm not kidding). But with this one, people made an distributed a third party "idling" program, a script that made you go through the motions of gameplay without actually being there, so you could get items and hats without trying.

Now, you see, Valve didn't like that. Valve didn't like that at all. They promptly took away every item/hat that players got via idling and warned that if they did it again they would take away all their items. Just to add insult to injury Valve gave everyone that didn't idle a halo hat, and there was a lot of player debate (and debate I mean gunfights) over halo vs. non-halo, but after a while everyone decided that it was a stupid-looking hat anyway and discarded the topic, hopefully forever.

And that ends are nice little story, they brought back milestones and combined it with the item drop system and everyone lived happily ever after, The End.
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Jun 3, 09 11:13pm

Nothing to see here, this blog post sucks.

And now to fill up the remaining spaces to get the minumum length: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Feb 23, 09 6:24am

Just earlier I saw *shudders* "Resident Evil: Degeneration". I read some reviews, all of which said it was horrible, so what brang me to watch it? 2 reasons:

1. I'm a big Resident Evil fan, so I thought, "Might as well".
2. Come on, when a movie is supposed to be horrible, you HAVE to see it XD

Anyway, on to the rant review. The first 10 minutes when Claire was in the airport, I thought, "Well, it isn't THAT bad". Sure there were a few speed bumps, it wasn't all bad. The first zombie appearence was predictable though. Leon's first scene was definetly worse though. It was watchable up until the point where they first met, and the RE 2 "Get down!" moment was referenced. I had to pause the movie and ponder how cool that could have been if it was exucuted right. Wee bit later, the first "emotional" moment was made. It wasn't terrible, but they should have done it better.

Skipping along, it really fell apart near the end. The part with the G-virus was just lame all-around. For one thing, when he was turning into it, he said some of the most lame lines I ever heard ("And I'll express it in my own personal way"?! Honestly?). But this, THIS is by far the worst part of any movie I've seen: Leon's underwater kiss with Angela. I highly considered taking the disk out of my 360, and putting it in a blender. How can I describe it? Stupid, spontaneus, abrupt. I could go on for hours about how stupid it was, but let's be adult here and move on.

The final scene wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, save for the one part with Angela and Leon, which almost brought me to tears (in a bad way). Anyway, I know I probably can't convince you to not watch it, but I can't be responsible for broken broken brains.

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