My Neo Life

Why I came to Neo
I found this site completely by accident, an accident that would change the way I look at the internet. I was looking for cheats, and trying to figure out what IGN was called, because I forgot. My mind kept thinking Neo, so I tried a whole bunch of Neo's and stumbled upon Neoseeker. I didn't join until the next time I needed cheats.

Who I was Then
When I first joined Neo, I was just a teenager who smoked alot of weed and played video games. I was looking for cheat codes and never talked on a forum before. But I've liked Neoseeker since then.

Who I Am Now
Now I'm married with two daughters and don't do drugs at all. I still play alot of video games and am working at McDonalds. But the way things look now, I might become manager soon if I learn the job well enough. I still lightly go through the forums on here and post messages. My favorite Forum is the Poke'mon X and Y Forums as that is currently my favorite game.

My Neo Goal
I have many goals for Neo. I want to contirbute as many things as I can and increase my Neopoints as much as I can. The same goes with posts, but I won't resort to spamming to do so.

My Personal Life

I don't do much with myself as I am a family man. But my personal life resorts down to my family and video games.
Where I've Lived
Tonopah, Nevada: I was born here in Tonopah, Nevada. It's not a bad town, nor is it small. It's the biggest town I've lived in. I have many friends there, but two that I talk to from where I live now. They're names are TJ, and Krista. My brother Jared (Dansig on Neo) lives there too. I'm actually going downt here for a visit this summer, as I always do.
Euereka, Nevada:I have lots of friends here which I still talk to now. Which is all of them and too long a list to name. Eureka is a small town, but still the most beuatiful I've lived in. I only lived here for a few years, but I still visit when I can.
Las Vegas, Nevada: The worst place I've lived. I don't talk to any of my friends from there, but I am writing a book in which Vegas is the city the characters live in.
East Wenatchee, Washington: My favorite place in the world. My best, best friends are there. I see them whenever I can, and we always talk. I have a small group of six friends there, and we were all brought together by our love for bud. Think of That 70's Show.
Irrigon, Oregon: This is where I currently live. I don't have many friends here, but I do have a few. I hate it here though, when I turn eighteen I'm gonna move back to Washington.

My Personal Goals:
I am an aspiring writer. I've already written my first book, and have yet to send it to my publisher. I have quite a few lined up, so as soon as I'm done editing it I'm sending it off. I want to become manager at McDonalds too. If I can get my debts paid off, I would love to go back to college and earn a degree. I'm thinking about Journalism so I can be Strategy Guide writer and maybe write some excellent guides.