Maria10is10 Game_Grl_199
Jan 2, 11 5:25am

Hey Kristen! Let's have a wonderful, fantastic new year! ^^
I love reading your posts in the ToT Club! ^^

Maria10is10 Game_Grl_199
Aug 17, 10 6:12am

Thanks for posting and PMing. It really means a lot.
Post with you soon~

ilovenintendo Game_Grl_199
Jan 22, 10 4:33am
'Break a leg!' XD
Have tons of fun and do your best in your play~!
Thought you'd like this, too! ^.^

Xenophilia Game_Grl_199
Dec 25, 09 2:37am
Merry Christmas, Kristen! And a Happy New Year, while I'm at it.

Hope it's a good one for you and ye family!

ilovenintendo Game_Grl_199
Oct 7, 09 1:54am

Isn't this the CUTEST picture of a bunny EVER?!
His name is Stanley!! : D
Anyway, I tip my hat to you!
Not just because you can read my mind exactly, but also for your amazing Neohome!
I'm much too lazy to format mine any, so I give you credit simply because you have colored font!! : P

See you 'round the forums!! 8D

ilovenintendo Game_Grl_199
Aug 19, 09 10:16pm
Isn't this the CUTEST picture of the CLUB?!
I LOVED your signature on my guestbook!
Thank you so much!! ^.^

This is Lucy's freaking awesome stamp!
Maria10is10 Game_Grl_199
Aug 14, 09 11:37pm
Hey, I still remember being a guest, and readind all your stories and saying, "Wow. She is REALLY good at writing stories". And you still are. =)
ilovenintendo Game_Grl_199
Aug 13, 09 3:37pm

Look at THAT!
The BEST stamp ever!!
Until I find another picture that I like that is.
Anyway, enjoy!!

ilovenintendo Game_Grl_199
Aug 10, 09 4:35pm
What ARE you going to do about it?
Admit it!
You can't handle the extreme awesomeness of Spongebob!!

Sorry for guestbook double posting, but...

I am stamping you with my awesomeness prone Pringles cat stamp!!! Yes!!! Have some pocky!!!

ilovenintendo Game_Grl_199
Jul 27, 09 8:22pm
I'm signing your guest book...
Well, I showed Drake your awesome stamp, and he REALLY appreciates it! We both say thanks and he types this:

Um... hey thanks. It's nice someone out there cares!

Ta-da! Thanks again, Kristen!!!

ilovenintendo Game_Grl_199
Jul 15, 09 10:09pm
Look at me! Signing your guest book!

Keep up the ToT Club! You're VERY good at it!!!

By the way....

I LOVE PRINCESS BRIDE!!! I know you do, too!

And another thing...
Since you claimed Luke in the first ToT, I HAVE DIBS ON WESLEY!!

Shadowstar96 Game_Grl_199
Jul 9, 09 10:13pm
Hiya! I'm going to stamp everyone here on ToT, because I think you're all awesomeness and really nice!

(Credit to Cloud Me for the stamp)