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This chapter was originally supposed to come out last Saturday, but I hadn't even started the...

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And now... the long awaited for... chapter twenty!!
I absolutely love the chapter, and I think I did very well.
And that's good because usually I hate my chapters XD
But anyway, I bet none of you are expecting this... even I didn't.
I got inspiration from something that I'll tell you later because right now it would be considered "spoilers."
And for those who know how these two met, I've added something I think you'll like in here~
Anyway, enough talking! On with the chapter!


Teenage Dream
Chapter 20: Truth is…

“Shane did WHAT!?” Cerelia screamed when her mother told her the news. Mrs. Halo covered her ears to protect them from the deafening screech her daughter produced.
“He got lost, dear…” She uncovered her ears. “Your father and Shane got separated when they stopped in San Francisco… Apparently your brother went on the wrong flight.”
“How do you know? Did he call or something?” Kanani asked, almost completely shocked (and annoyed) to say anything.
“Kane did at some point… he told me that our dumb son had gotten lost in the airport and got on the wrong plane…”
“Maybe he was just confused… or nervous.” Heidi mumbled. The other three turned to her, surprised she hadn’t been talking yet. “You know, maybe he was just following behind Kane and wasn’t paying attention for a minute. I know that airports get really crowded, especially near the end of the school year, so he probably didn’t see him. He might’ve seen someone who looked like him and followed behind them. When he was on the plane, Shane realized it was wrong but it was too late to come out.”
“I guess that makes sense… but he still should have been paying attention.” Heiki sighed and walked away. “By the way,” she called back, “we are going to leave for the airport to pick Kane up at 9, so get ready!”
The girls silently agreed and headed back upstairs to Cerelia’s room.

There was a knocking at the front door. The three girls ran downstairs to go answer it, wondering if it will be Shane. It was about 12 o’ clock, and they had gotten back from picking up Mr. Halo two hours earlier. They were worried he would never get back and be lost forever. Mr. Halo had said that he had a lot of money with him, so he would probably be flying back and be home in no time… right?
They opened the door quickly, only to find some girls from school were there. To be exact, they were Ebony, Ivy, Delilah, and Palika. The girls sighed, sad that it wasn’t Shane at the door. Why were they here anyway?
“Where’s Shane? We came to see him!” Ivy smiled.
“Heh, I told them that I saw you three come home after picking him up from the airport.” Ebony said happily, grinning goofily. This was so unlike her, but it had been that way for months. Ever since she and Zack started dating, actually.
“Well, actually-” Cerelia started, but was cut off.
“We were all talking to each other on Facebook, and Ebony suddenly said, ‘Oh look! Shane’s back!’ We all rushed over to her house and then to here to see him and welcome him back!” Ivy explained.
“Ah, I see. But as we were going to say-” Kanani tried to tell them, but they didn’t let her say anything.
“Enough talking, let’s go see him already!” Delilah laughed and the four girls at the door ran into the house.
“Guys, wait!” Heidi screamed. They turned around to face her, surprised that the happy-go-lucky Heidi was yelling at them for some reason. “Shane…” She turned to the other girl who already knew of what happened. “His flight… was delayed…”
“But I saw you coming back with him…” Ebony mumbled.
“That was my Dad… They look a lot alike…”
“They weren’t taking a flight together?” Palika questioned.
“No… Shane had to stay a little longer… for some reason…” Kanani mumbled.
“Ah, so his flight was delayed because of the raging storms all across New York and Pennsylvania?” Delilah asked.
“Uh… Yeah.” Cerelia mumbled. The three of them haven’t heard about any storms. Maybe that’s why he’s taking so long…
“The storms stopped a while ago, so he should be home soon.” Palika added.
“Let’s hang out with you guys until he gets back!” Ivy suddenly proclaimed. “He’s bound to be home in a few hours, so we can just stay here until he comes home!”
“Um… I don’t think that’s a good idea…” Kanani mumbled, but she went unheard.
“Sounds fun!”
“I don’t have anything else to do.”
“Why not?”
“I think we should walk to the park a few streets away. It’s huge and we can play there until Shane gets back!” Ivy proclaimed. The three girls looked at each other and sighed. If Shane didn’t come back soon, they will have to know that he got lost. Something they didn’t want to do because it would worry them.
“Sure… let’s go.”

“That playground looks awesome!!” Ivy exclaimed and pointed towards the children’s play area. They had just reached the park on foot.
“Yeah, they just renovated it.” Cerelia stated, but Ivy ran off to it before she could hear her entire statement.
“Wait for me!!” Kanani yelled before chasing behind her. The other girls giggled to themselves before rushing towards the playground as well. Ivy soon started a game of capture the flag, Palika ending up as the referee because she didn’t want to run. On one team were Cerelia, Heidi, and Ivy, and on the other were Delilah, Kanani, and Ebony. Cerelia, Ivy, and Heidi’s team was titled CHI, and Ivy was the leader; they choose Ivy’s shawl as the flag. The other team was team KED, and Ebony was the leader; they choose Ebony’s hat as their flag.
“Let the game begin!” Palika yelled out. Immediately, the two teams went into game-mode.
On team KED, Kanani and Delilah were left to defend their territory as Ebony attempted to sneak into the other side. She got dangerously competitive in games like this, especially with her being small so she could easily sneak by opponents without being noticed.
Over on team CHI, they went into full-out attack mode. With Ivy leading the force, the three of them rushed into the enemy territory to try to get Ebony’s hat. By using the brutal tactic, they could quickly ge
t the flag and rush back before the opposing team would have time to do it as well.
After using her skills to quietly creep towards their territory, Ebony waited until they were all running towards her own. She did a much better job with speed and agility than with strength, so she was at an advantage. But, she saw something strange when she reached their territory…
Ivy’s forces hastily broke down Delilah and Kanani, but Ivy’s teammates rested afterwards, tired of the running. Ivy ran deeper into the territory, attempting to find the flag that was supposed to be on the top of a stick that was stuck in the ground. But, when she reached such a stick, there was no flag to be found…
Ebony looked back and forth. Where is that damn flag!? Suddenly, she saw a flash of green going through a few trees and running back towards the playground area. Instinctively she sprinted towards it. She was gaining on whoever it was that stole the flag, and she realized at about fifty feet away that it was a boy that hadn’t been involved in the game. What’s his beef!?
From a distance, Ivy spotted Ebony chasing after a guy who took their flag. Obviously he wasn’t a part of the game, but Ivy soon spot another guy running off with something red; Ebony’s hat. Ivy soon followed her friend in chasing these unknown boys, and the rest of the girls did as well.
Eventually they caught up with them, as Ebony had tackled the boy who had taken the shawl and the other had stopped because of that.
“Reveal yourselves, fiends!” Ebony shouted in the face of the boy who she had tackled.
“You have to get off of me first…” He mumbled; his face planted to the ground. She rolled her eyes and slowly moved away. “Anyway, don’t you think it’s a little strange to be tackling guys other than your boyfriend?” Her hands turned into fists when she saw the guy that she had been chasing for the past five minutes. Drake. “Of course, I know that you must be extremely attracted to me because I’m his twin, but still.”
“Ugh.” She groaned before kicking him.
The other boy walked over and stepped on Drake’s face. “Shut up.”
“So it was you and Zack all along, huh?” Delilah asked with an annoyed tone towards her friend/boyfriend/whatever he is to her.
“Yeah.” Drake laughed before getting up. “We did have some help planning it though, heh.”
Suddenly, a bunch of other guys came up from behind the girls.
“For the record, this wasn’t my idea.” One said before taking off his hood to show that it was actually James. The others did as well, and, as it turns out, the other guys were Ben, Yuuki, and Troy.
“You are all hanging out together today too?” Delilah asked, surprised.
“Sort of…” Troy chuckled.
“Troy, James, and I came here to play some football, and we met up with these three who were playing baseball. “ Yuuki explained.
“We all started playing some football and then we saw you guys showed up and thought it would be fun to mess with you.” Ben laughed.
“Of course, that was Zack and Drake’s idea.” Troy laughed.
“Mostly Drake’s though…” Zack mumbled to himself, still annoyed at his brother. He walked over to Ebony and played the hat back on her head. “Don’t worry, I didn’t get it dirty.” She smiled and kissed him quickly.
“Your friend over here made me fall in the dirt, so this scarf-thing is dirty. Sorry!” Drake handed Ivy’s shawl back to her, and Ivy just smiled brighter.
“No worries! I love nature, so having some dirt on it just makes me feel more connected to it, you know?” Ivy said sweetly. Everyone stared at her awkwardly. After the silence, James looked around.
“Hey, Shane’s not with you? Didn’t he come back this morning?” He asked.
“His plane got delayed because of the storms. And we probably should go back soon… I think the systems are moving up towards here.” Palika answered as she felt a drop of water hit her head.
“How about we all head back to my house? It’s not that far from here and we can greet Shane when he finally gets back.” Cerelia offered, forgetting for a second that they weren’t even sure if he was coming back yet.
“Sounds cool to me.”
“I don’t mind!”
“Hope he gets back soon.”
“Let’s go!”
They all got into the various cars the boys had used to get there and went off to the Halo mansion. Cerelia, Kanani, and James went into Yuuki’s car. Just as they were leaving the parking lot, Cerelia decided to call her mother, but she didn’t have her phone with her.
“Hey Heidi, can I use your phone to call my mom?” Cerelia asked from the passenger seat. Silence. “Heidi?”
“Where’d she go? I thought she came with us…” Kanani mumbled.
“She probably just went into one of the other cars…” Cerelia stated nervously.
“Heidi was with you guys? I hadn’t seen her after we started to talk to you...” Yuuki mumbled.
“I did, but that was only during the game. When we met up with everyone I didn’t see her.” James said.
“If we all hadn’t seen her since the game… where did she go?”

“Guess that’s one thing we have in common, Shane.” The girl sighed. “We both have no sense of direction… or luck for that matter.”
Oh look at you, Heidi. You’re talking to yourself again… That only happened when you’re really nervous.
Heidi had been slowly jogging behind the other girls as they started chasing those boys. She, not being a very good breather, stopped for a moment to catch her breath. When she looked up to continue running, they had gone down one of the two paths ahead of her, and she couldn’t see down either of them. She made a quick guess to go left, which just had to be the wrong way.
When she realized that either they were far ahead on the path or had gone down a different one, she started to walk. She found a nice resting place in front of the park’s beautiful lake. She sat on a rock that was conveniently placed.
She didn’t even think of trying to find her way out of there alone, knowing that they had gone through many different paths and cut through the forest various other times. Not to mention she was so tired from the running and walking that she couldn’t move another foot, even if she wanted to.
“I hope they’re able to find me, as God knows I won’t be able to find them…” She mumbled to herself. By now she thought of trying to call them, but then realized that she had left her cell phone on a bench so she could play ‘Capture the Flag.’
Ugh… at least this day can’t get any worse… She thought to herself. A few seconds later she felt a drop of water land on her cheek and she looked up at the sky to see dark, gray clouds forming. “The universe just loves proving me wrong, doesn’t it?”
She sat under the trees, which were mostly protecting her from the rain. She sighed; annoyed that nobody had come for her yet. Did they forget about her or something? She sat on her rock, wallowing in her misery. The rain began to stop now, and she was happy she didn’t have to worry about that anymore, even though she was freezing from the rain that had drenched her. She took off her light jacket, which was only making her colder.
She walked to the pathway, thought about trying to find her way, but now she couldn’t even tell which way she came from. Plus it was now soggy, cold, and dark. Not a very good combination. She looked down and noticed now that the pathway was made of rocks. She picked up a handful and remembered how she was never able to skip a rock. Maybe now is a good time for practice…
She began to flick the rocks across the surface of the lake, now disturbing the still water. None of the rocks skipped, not even once. She sighed with defeat and sat back down on her rock. This has got to be the worse day in my entire life. Shane got lost and I have no idea when he is getting back, I got lost in this maze of a forest right before a storm, I’m freezing and completely drenched, and now I can’t even skip a rock!
“This totally sucks…” She mumbled before leaning back on another rock.
“Heidi!” A noise came from the distance. Great... now I’m hearing things.
“Heidi!” Came another voice, this time a little louder. Stop messing with me, brain. It’s not cool.
“Heidi!” This time it came from farther away. She kept hearing something calling her name, but she couldn’t tell where it was coming from. Wait, are they looking for me? And that’s why they’re calling for me…?
She tried to yell back, but when she tried, her voice cracked. She tried again and all that came out was a quiet whimper. Great, now I lost my voice! How are they going to find me now? She looked at the rocks in the pathway and sighed. If they look out at the lake and see me skipping rocks, they’ll be able to find me!
She grabbed a clump of them and just started chucking them at the water, not even trying to get a skip out of them. She just wanted to get out of this nightmare.
“You know… that’s not the right way to skip a rock.” A voice came. She didn’t turn around. Was that…? No, can’t be… But… it sounded like him… She cautiously turned around to see him. Shane. Standing there. “You have to find the flattest rock and flick it from the side, like this.” He found a rock from the sidewalk and demonstrated. The rock skipped at least seven times. Just another thing that makes him perfect, I guess…
“I see…” She mumbled before trying for herself. It sank immediately. “Ugh, I just can’t do it!”
“Here, let me help you.” He wrapped his arms around her, placing his hands upon her own. He moved her hand into the right position, and showed her how she has to flick her wrist and push the rock with her pointer finger. After showing her what to do, he placed a rock into her hand and helped her skip it. It jumped on the surface of the water multiple times before sinking under.
“I did it!” She cheered. She was so excited she didn’t realize Shane’s arms were still wrapped around her. Once she did, she turned a little to find him resting his head on her shoulder. “Shane… Are you okay?”
“Yeah… Just a little tired.” He mumbled. He desperately wanted to tell her how much he missed her and how worried he was when he found out she was lost. How much he wanted to tell her how sorry he was for keeping secrets from her! Most of all, however, he wanted to tell her about how she stole his heart… how much he loved her. But she hates him. His love would just be another secret kept from her.
“You know, Shane…” She whispered before turning around to face him. “You’re an idiot.”
“I already know that very well, Heidi.” He chuckled before sitting on the same rock she did minutes before.
“Why do you think you’re an idiot?” She asked and sat beside him.
“Because… I just am.” He sighed. “I was such a jerk to you when I thought I was doing you good, but it was only for my own selfish reasons. Not to mention I didn’t realize how much I…” He stopped himself from saying the one thing to her he definitely should not, no matter how much he wanted to.
“That’s not why I think you’re an idiot.” Heidi informed him, looking at him and smiling. “It’s because you thought that I hated you for what you did. Which isn’t a complete lie, but it is definitely not the truth.” Shane looked at her, turning his head so their faces were just inches apart. Heidi could feel his warm breath against her cheek.
“When I was gone… you were all I could think about. My Dad even noticed this… he saw how I wasn’t paying attention during meetings and when we were talking… even my surfing was slipping. I couldn’t bear the thought that I had hurt you, and every night I was tempted to call you to apologize… but I was too afraid. I thought you never would want to talk to me again… I kept telling myself that it was guilt.” He admitted. He couldn’t stop himself now. “But, I realized something. I realized I was lying to myself. Because, truth is…”
She quickly leaned in, closing her eyes before pressing her lips to his, cutting him off. Shane was shocked at this, thinking that Heidi would hate him for all that he did, and didn’t relax for a few seconds. He eventually closed his own eyes and kissed her back. Years of loving each other from afar and denying their feelings finally ended at that moment.
Shane slowly pulled away, both of them not wanting to leave each other. He smiled. “I love you, Heidi.” She smiled back at him and chuckled.
“Do you know how long I waited for you to say that?” She asked. He shrugged and kissed her again.
After the two separated, they navigated through the forest, silently holding each other’s hands. When they finally emerged out, they saw all of their friends waiting for them out there. They were all happy when they saw Heidi safe. Ivy looked around and spotted the field where they were playing previously.
“Hey, I say we resume our game of Capture the Flag. This time… Boys vs. Girls!” She offered up to everyone. There was a mutual agreement between everyone… but one.
“That’s not fair!” Heidi called out. “Just minutes after Shane and I start to date you already want to separate us!”
“I agree with that notion!” Shane laughed. Everyone else stared at them, completely shocked.
They did eventually re-start their game. And just a few minutes into the game, Shane and Heidi met up with each other. They quietly and quickly sneaked away towards the path into the forest. The couple had a lot of catching up to do, after all.


Now, besides for the epilogue and the special bonus chapter, there is no more chapters!
I feel kind of strange, considering how far this story has come.
One more chapter plus the bonus and it's all over!
It makes me sad on the inside... But happy because this way I can start a fresh new story~
Now I'll explain the Epilogue and Bonus chapters.
The Epilogue is shown about 10 years in the future from the current plot line, which shows how far the characters have come.
It's basically a high school reunion~
I also made a bunch of Sims for their adult versions, so I will post them in my gallery soon.
So, for the first question of this chapter, it is:
1. Where do you think the characters/couples will be in 10 years?
This can include couples and characters alone, both of which I'll like to focus on.
I need ideas for jobs as well~
Now, onto the bonus chapter.
I don't think it will technically qualify as a real chapter, but it's basically like a "behind the scenes" type of thing.
You see, I take a lot of notes for these chapters.
And when I say a lot of notes, I mean, A LOT OF NOTES.
So part of the chapter is basically showing you all the notes that I have.
I find it cool to look at those kinds of things, and I am sure there are a few others that will too.
Especially to see how much of my notes were actually not needed in the story XD
Also in the bonus chapter there will be the original beginning of Chapter 20, which I deleted because I hated it and got the idea for what it is now!
Lastly, there is going to be a Q&A thing.
So this brings me to my last question for today:
2. Do you have any questions you want to ask me?
There are no limitations, as the story is over and there are no spoilers I can give you.
So the questions you have can be about any loose ends in the story, questions about myself, questions about the characters... anything you can think of really.
I will answer ever single question in the bonus chapter!
Also, I will probably list my ideas for the new story I want to write, and I'll let you post your opinions on each of them.
So... hope you enjoyed chapter 20~ (Sorry I gave you an essay to write down here)
Now, in case you forgot, here are today's questions:
1. Where do you think the characters/couples will be in 10 years?
2. Do you have any questions you want to ask me?

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I have already apologized for the absence of the updates in a while, so I just really want you to read this now.
I'm not completely sure how I feel about this chapter right now, but I feel please with it. No real complaints.
Anyway, I don't want to hold you off any longer... So read already!


Teenage Dream
Chapter 19: Friendly Advice

“Woah, woah, woah, woah… Let me get this straight… Shane’s coming back!?” Heidi exclaimed on a late Friday night at Cerelia’s house.
“Yeah… My Dad called us a while ago saying they were leaving tonight…” She responded, picking at her chipping nail polish. “Maybe I should get white next time… Orange doesn’t go with my skin tone…”
“How come you never told me this?” Heidi questioned. Cerelia shrugged.
“I assumed Shane had already told you about it…” She answered. “That’s why I asked if you wanted to come with us to pick him up tomorrow.”
“Wait, when is he leaving… and when is he getting here?” She continued to prod.
“He is leaving for the airport at 10 o’clock tonight and getting out at about 9:30 tomorrow morning.” She sighed as she walked across her bedroom to pick up the nail polish remover and to check the time. “That means he is leaving in... about three hours.”
“Hey guys… Your mom was calling upstairs for us so that we can go eat dinner.” Kanani opened the bedroom door and informed them of the news.
“Aw… I was just about to get this atrocious color off my fingertips…”
Cerelia pouted as the two of them stood up and began to walk out of the door.
The three girls and the female head of the household had a nice dinner and were invited to watch this week’s episode of ‘Cooking with the Stars’. The show itself might be two hours long, but it was funny all the way through, showing just how much celebrities relied on their cooks.
“I can’t believe they let Charlotte Chene on that show… She’s a psycho!” Heidi laughed as the three of them began heading upstairs again.
“She’s so desperate for attention nowadays.” Cerelia added, admiring her freshly painted nails.
“She looked like she was trying to fail at cooking! She added what looked like half a cup of salt, cooked the steak for ten minutes less than what she was supposed to on a low setting, and poured sugar all over it to even out the taste!” Kanani laughed. She couldn’t cook at all, but she knew better than that. “Plus she was smoking in the kitchen.”
They reached Cerelia’s room and begun changing into their pajamas. Heidi looked at the clock. It read 10:15 PM. I guess that he left already… Why wouldn’t he of told me?
“Heidi, what’s wrong?” Kanani sat on the bed after changing. Heidi shrugged her shoulders.
“Just… I’m surprised Shane didn’t tell me he was leaving or that he was coming back…” She replied, sighing and sitting down as well.
“Oh… I didn’t know that he didn’t tell you about him coming back to Burnside. I kind of assumed…” Kanani mumbled.
“But… why?” Heidi put her head in her palm. Cerelia looked over and saw that both of them were staring at her. She stopped stretching to look back at them.
“Do you know why Shane hasn’t been talking to me?” Heidi asked.
“Um…” Cerelia thought for a moment. “I’m not really sure, to be honest.”
“Oh… okay…” Heidi sighed and lay back in the bed. “Maybe he just doesn’t like me…”
“Why would you say that?” Kanani turned in surprise.
“He hasn’t been telling me the truth at all about anything! He took me out on this date thing the day before- no, the hour before he left, just to get my hopes up on thinking that he truly liked me. Then, boom! He’s off to Hawaii, not caring enough to even tell me.” Heidi’s voice trembled as she was on the brink of tears pouring out of her face.
“Of course he-” Cerelia started to say, but was cut off.
“Then why? Why did he leave without mentioning anything to me? Not even a clue!?” She fumed.
“Maybe he-” Kanani tried to reason with her, to no avail.
“I bet he just hates me. He wanted me out of his life, so he made me hate him by doing this. That way I wouldn’t want to be around him anymore. And you know what, it worked!” She ended her rant and fell back on the bed again, sobbing into one of Cerelia’s pillows.
The two other girls stared at her for a moment before lifting her back into a sitting position. Kanani hesitantly hugged her. Heidi was surprised to feel her friend hugging her, as Kanani absolutely dreaded hugs, no matter who they were with. She was afraid of germs, and was convinced she would get sick if she hugged someone. So why was she doing this now?
“Why are you telling yourself lies, Heidi?” She mumbled. She backed away to look at her younger friend’s face in surprise.
“What do you mean?” She questioned, though she knew exactly what Kanani meant.
“He does love you, Heidi.” Cerelia sat down next to her.
“He has a funny way of showing it…” She mumbled, crossing her arms.
“Yes, I guess he does.” Cerelia chuckled nervously. “And I know that this is true.”
“How would you know?” Heidi spat, regretting her statement after realizing that she was talking to his sister, who he happened to be very close to.
“Well… after I found out that he never told you that he was leaving, I called him about it.” Cerelia stated. “He told me that he never told you because he was afraid to.”
“Why was he afraid?” Now Kanani was interested, as she never learned of this.
“He was afraid of one of two different things happening…” Cerelia counted on her fingers. “He was afraid that you would be really sad about him leaving, or not sad at all.” She put her hand back to her side. “Both of which he was afraid to see.”
“But why was he afraid to see that?” Heidi prodded further, not understanding what she meant.
“For the first one, he didn’t want to see your sad face.” She began. Heidi blushed slightly at this. “And for the second, he didn’t want to find out that way that you didn’t like him.”
“Oh…” Heidi mumbled.
“After I told Shane that you were really upset that he never informed you, he kept calling himself stupid and kept mumbling things that I couldn’t really hear.”
Now she felt really guilty. She had spent the last few hours, days, and weeks hating him for something that he hated himself for as well. How would she ever make him know that she forgives him and understands? How would she face him? If she told him that Cerelia told her about why he did what he did, he would probably get extremely embarrassed about her finding out. The two other girls stood up slowly and looked at each other.
“What’s wrong with her? Is she okay?” Kanani whispered to her, trying not to disturb Heidi’s chain of thought.
“She seems to be…” Cerelia mumbled. They watched her for a few seconds before she let out a loud sigh.
“Is there anything we can help you with?”
“I just… can’t figure out something…” She answered indirectly. “I can’t figure out… if I love him or not.”
They looked at each other surprised. She hadn’t figured it out already? It was very obvious to both of them. Then again, the both of them had gone through various relationships throughout their lifetime. Both had fallen in and out of love. Heidi, however, had never dated a guy seriously or fallen in love with anyone. How could she have been able to tell the difference between a crush and true love if she never actually felt the difference before?
They looked at each other again, nodding, knowing what they had to do. Cerelia was the first to speak up, and knew exactly what to say. She had a reputation of having more boyfriends than anyone in the school, as well as being a bit of a hopeless romantic at heart. She was a good person to give advice to someone who needed help with love.
Cerelia knew a few ways to tell if she or someone else is in love. This includes not being annoyed by or even realizing any of their special someone’s worst qualities, trusting them to not betray you, forgiving little mistakes that they might have made, and being sad when they leave. She already knew that Heidi forgave him for many mistakes and was really depressed after he left for Hawaii, but what about the other two?
“Humor me. What is the number one thing you hate most about my brother?” She asked. Kanani knew where she was going with this.
“What? Why?” Heidi was taken back. Something about him that she hated? That she absolutely dreaded? Something that she wishes he was born without?
“I’m just curious. Anything you can think of from the top of your head?” Cerelia prodded further.
“Not particularly…” Heidi admitted.
“Not even the way that he is really secretive and keeps a lot of things from you?” Kanani offered.
“Well… he does that for my own sake.” Heidi shrugged.
“How about the way that he is really immature when it comes to love?” Cerelia questioned.
“I think that’s rather cute, I guess…” Heidi smiled awkwardly.
“What about all those girls that swarm him? Doesn’t that annoy you just a little bit?”
“It’s not his fault… Besides, it’s not like he actually does anything romantic with them… I trust him not to…” Heidi mumbled the last part. Cerelia smiled knowingly. When Heidi wasn’t looking, she gestured towards Kanani to do what she does best. Intimidate.
“Heidi. If you don’t tell us what you hate about him, we can’t help you!” Kanani warned in a sing-song voice, covering up the full intimidation.
“But I can’t-”
“You can’t what!? Think of anything!?” Kanani raised her voice.
“I can’t think of anything I hate about him!” She exclaimed, finally admitting it.
“So, you don’t care about any of his flaws? You can easily ignore them?” Kanani toned down her voice a bit more, not trying to frighten her anymore.
“I don’t ignore them… I can’t ignore them.” She stated.
“And why is that?”
“Because he has none.” She finally answered. “He’s absolutely perfect, in my opinion. If he has any faults, I just don’t see them. He’s too perfect for me. And, if I had not noticed any of his flaws, that must mean that I don’t know him enough to be in love with him.”
“No, it means that you do love him.” Cerelia reassured her. She looked up. “You are able to not only tolerate his faults, but to not even realize that he has any. That means that you must love him. If you can’t list any bad part of him, nothing you can think of that annoys you at all, that means that there is nothing about him that you don’t like. You also trust him enough to assume that he won’t run off with someone else. Not to mention you were obviously depressed when he left for Hawaii, and you also forgive him very easily. If this isn’t enough evidence to show that you might very well be in love with him, I don’t know what else could be.”
Heidi sat quietly for a few moments. Is she in love with him? She remembered all the times she shared with him. She remembered how happy she was when she found out Shane and Palika broke up. If she didn’t love him, why would she have been so happy? She remembered how she had gotten upset when she realized she missed her first kiss with him. If she didn’t love him, why would she have been so upset? She remembered how happy she was on their date that they had just a few weeks ago. If she didn’t love him, why would the date have been so enjoyable? She remembered when she found out that he left for Hawaii, and how upset that had made her. If she didn’t love him, why would she have been so mad and miserable?
The three of them moved on from talking about Shane and began playing video games, board games, and all the other things they usually do at sleepovers. They went to bed early because they had to get up early the next day to pick up Cerelia’s father and Shane at the airport. Heidi lay in Cerelia’s bed, as they drifted off to sleep next to her. She couldn’t stop remembering all the times she fell even more in love with him. She didn’t even stop remembering in her sleep.
Her dreams led her to a memory from earlier that year. The first day of this year, actually. She found herself in a dimly lit room. Upon further inspection, it was the Halo Mansion’s family room. She saw herself, lying down on the couch in an awkward position. She glanced at the clock. It was 1 in the morning. She saw Shane walk up next to her, exhausted looking.
”I finally found you.” He sighed. He knelt down next to her and tapped her arm. When she didn’t stir, he sighed and picked her up. Just seeing him pick her up bridal style made Heidi blush. She followed him as she cared her upstairs. They arrived in his room. He gently hit the light switch with his shoulder and carried her over to his bed.
He lightly laid her down on his soft bed, carefully tucking her into the comforter, knowing it was cold. He looked out the window and saw that it started to snow. He looked back down at her and kissed her forehead lightly before going into the closet and getting out a spare blanket and pillow. She followed him again downstairs.
“Is she asleep?” Cerelia asked before picking up the phone.
“Yeah.” He answered before preparing his bed for the night.
“I’m surprised that you are sleeping on the couch. You’re always complaining about how lumpy and uncomfortable it is.” Cerelia stated as she began to dial a number.
“I know, but that doesn’t mean that I am going to let Heidi sleep here. I would never just let her sleep here on this old, lumpy couch in this cold room. I’d rather have her sleep in my room and me sleep out here.” He stated before propping up his pillow and attempting to fall asleep.

Heidi’s eyes shot open, finding herself in Cerelia’s dark room again. She looked at the clock. It was three in the morning. She stared at the ceiling, barely able to see it in the first place. She sat there and smiled. That’s when she finally admitted it to herself.
“I am in love with Shane Halo.” She said, confidence ringing through her voice.
Heidi Timofeeva is in love with Shane Halo. She thought, smiling.
Heidi always was in love with Shane.
Heidi always has been in love with Shane.
Heidi always will be in love with Shane.


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Teenage Dream
Chapter 18: The Kingdom of Roosevelt

“Prince Shane, your father wishes to see you.” A servant informed the young man, who had been practicing his writing with the advisor’s daughter, Ebony. She wrote everything down for her father, so she was basically the scribe for him because he didn’t know how to read or write properly. He stood up, nodded, and began to walk towards the door.
“Now, now. Don’t miss me, Ebony.” He laughed as he began to leave. She turned and raised an eyebrow at him.
“I was not going to.” She stated sarcastically. She stood up and began cleaning up the writing materials they used, him having to use a wax tablet as he was just learning how to write. That was the task she was given by her father; whenever she was not working for him, she were to teach the prince how to read and write. It is, however, much easier said than done.
Meanwhile, in the throne room at the heart of the castle, the King was pondering as he slouched in his throne, anticipating the arrival of his son. As soon as the prince entered the room, he stood up much straighter. He walked up to his father.
“What did you call me for, father?” He asked, kneeling before him.
“Son, I had an epiphany late last night as I laid in bed.” He moved out of his throne and picked his son up so that he was standing straight. “I realized this; I am turning thirty-three soon. That means I am due to pass away in just a few years. And yet, you are seventeen years old with no wife! Soon you will be too old to be able to get a wife!” His anxiousness grew as he continued to speak.
“What do you suggest in order to fix this problem?” Prince Shane asked, not becoming too worried.
“We are going to find you a wife!” He exclaimed. He picked up a piece of parchment from his throne and read it out loud. “I have already made a list of potential wives for you; Palika, a Lord’s daughter, Ebony, the advisor’s daughter, and some other nobility from here and other kingdoms…”
“Can I see the list, please?” He asked. His father handed the parchment to him.
“There are, of course, good sides and bad sides to each of the suitors…” He went on.
“What are they, exactly?” Shane asked, trying to sneak a peek at the list in his father’s hand.
“You will see for yourself. They are quiet clearly evident.” He commented and sat back on his throne after handing his son the parchment. “Now, please leave. I shall be holding court soon.”
“Of course.” His son stated before rushing off to the main hallway, where the stair case to his living quarters were. He began climbing the staircase while reading the list of suitors aloud, sounding out each letter as Ebony had instructed him to do. While he was too busy reading, his foot missed a step and he fell forwards. Instinctively, he stuck his hands out to prevent falling too hard, but that ended up hurting him even more. He heard a chuckling from the bottom of the staircase.
“Ah, it seems to me that Prince Shane has fallen.” He turned to see that one out of his two personal servants, Heidi, was staring up at him from the bottom of the stairs. He smiled back. They had been close ever since she came into service for their family. She had to thank him for what she did for him, after all. He saved her life a few years before.
A few years ago, when the Prince was only 14, he heard news of his sister sentencing a villager, Heidi, to death for apparently ‘disrespecting’ and ‘embarrassing’ her in public. He was absent at the moment, so he was not completely sure what happened, but knew that it was nothing that was too upset over. But his sister, the Princess, seemed very upset. She had been scheduled for a brutal public hanging. However, the Prince was somehow able to convince his father to let her stay alive, but stay as a servant in the castle for life. In a way, it was better to stay in the castle and serve the royal family than stay at home in a poor, run-down village practically starving to death and avoiding the plague.
“Can you help me up?” He mumbled, a little embarrassed, still sitting on the steps. She nodded and grabbed his hand to help him up.
“Are you up, sir?” She asked after he stood up straight again. She spotted the parchment lying on the steps and picked it up to look at it.
“Yes, but can you help me climb the rest of this staircase?” He answered, looking at his hurting hands. She nodded and carefully led him up the stairs. When they reached the top, she handed the list back to him.
“What does this say?” She questioned. She couldn’t read at all, because she was a poor villager for most of her life, and villagers didn’t need to learn how to read.
“Just a list my father gave me… It is for women that I can marry, if they would have me.” He looked over the list, continuing to read the rest of it. She led him back to his room, where his other personal maid, Kanani, was waiting for them.
“We are having a gathering for all of your marriage candidates tonight, sir. We need to get you ready.” She stated. He nodded and walked towards her. “I have already prepared your bath and clothing. There is no need for more help.” She shot a hateful glance towards Heidi, who was watching from the door. She quickly began walking away, sighing. Why was he one of the only people in this castle that was actually nice to her?

“So… You need to… poison someone?” Ebony questioned as she watched her friend dig around outside of the castle walls, scurrying through bushes.
“Yes. There is a group that is forming in the Kennedian Kingdom that wants to start a war between their kingdom and ours.” Zack, a spy, informed her. He continued searching for the herbs that were required to make the poison he needed. “The leader of the group, who goes by ‘Jet’, is the person I have to kill.”
“But, if you already know that they are going to try and start a war, wouldn’t the Rooseviden Kingdom already know that if anything happens, it is because of this organization?” She raised an eyebrow at him. He shrugged as he picked through another bush.
“You would think that, but our leaders are already suspicious of the actions of that kingdom, so if something like that happened, just imagine what conflicts could be brought up.” He looked closely at a plant before stuffing it into his bag. “I have not ever seen this herb before. Oh well, it can come in handy later, maybe. Probably not, but might as well, huh?” He stood up straight, stretched for a second, and then began walking to the spy quarters. She followed him.
“Is there not a more peaceful way to settle this? There is no way for you all to talk it out or something?” She crossed her arms.
“Not really.” He shrugged. She sighed and lifted her dress as they climbed to the second floor of the building.
“You know, I might be getting married to the Prince…” She mumbled quietly.
“What?” He stopped short and turned around, forcing her to bump into him. She quickly backed up.
“Yes, that is what I said.” She nodded. “I am one of the most eligible ones, as well. Besides for Lady Palika, but I have heard rumors that she is having a romantic affair with a knight.” She whispered the last part. “Thus, it makes it very likely that he will pick me. Not to mention that we have known each other our entire lives and we get along somewhat well.”
“Hm… You marrying the Prince… Hm, I cannot imagine it.” He laughed before sitting down and removing the herbs from his pouch.
“There is going to be the party for him to meet all of his potential wives tonight.” She sighed again before sitting down on a bench. “I really don’t want to get married soon. I know I am getting older and soon I won’t be able to get a husband, but after what happened the last time…”
“Ebony, it has been at least two years since Scott died. You need to move on.” Zack sighed. She nodded.
“I know, but…” She took a deep breath. “I was just starting to like him, and began to accept the fact that we were getting married, and then… the plague got to him…”
“Did you not know him for less than a month? How can you feel so close to him in that amount of time?” He stood up and placed his hands on her shoulders, crouching before her.
“It was the closest thing I got to love.” She stated. She tried to prevent herself from crying, knowing it showed weakness. He was surprised by her answer, and noticing how he was kind of close to her, he stepped away to continue his work.
“For me, I have not had the chance to marry yet, but I am happy.” He tried to reason with her, but to no prevail. “How about this… if both of us are yet to be married or engaged by this time next year, we will get married. Is that okay?”
“I suppose, even though my father will not be happy with me wanting to marry a spy.”
“Ebony, it should not always be the decision of your father on the fate of your life.” He smiled.
“I should get going. I need to get ready for that gathering tonight.” She mumbled and began leaving.
“And I need to get started on the poison.” He nodded.
“Please, try to solve it in a peaceful manner.” She said before going down the stairs and leaving. He rolled his eyes before continuing his recipe.

“Ebony? You seem lost in thought. Are you okay?” Prince Shane brought the woman back to her senses while they continued dancing together.
“Oh, um… Yes, I am fine. I am just thinking about something…” She mumbled.
“You know, none of these suitors seem… Fit for me, I guess. They are all trying too hard to impress me or not trying hard at all. And I do not want to get married soon at all.” He sighed. They slowed their pace down as neither of them was in the mood to dance.
“Yes, you do, just not to any of the women here.” She corrected him. He nodded.
“You are right, but the only one here I can see myself with happily is you. But I know you are not wishing to get married yet.” She shrugged. “But what are you thinking about?”
“Are you aware of Spy Zack?” She asked and he answered ‘yes’. “Well, he was sent on this mission to poison a leader of a rebellion group in the Kennedian Kingdom. I am afraid that he will get caught.”
“Has he already left for the other kingdom?” He asked, not alerted to this news before.
“No, but he is leaving soon.” She answered. He nodded, understanding her situation partially. “You know, you should be spending time with the girl you love, not all of the fakes ones that are here today.”
“Wh-What do you mean by that?” He asked. What was she talking about?
“You know who I am talking about.” She stated. She stopped dancing and dropped his hands. “That little servant girl of yours is the one whom you actually love. She is the reason why you cannot choose a wife this way, because you secretly wish to be with her.”
“How… do you know about this?” He whispered, not wanting everyone one else to hear him.
“Shane, as one of the smartest women in the kingdom, as well as your advisor, I pick up on things. I especially noticed how your mood changed once you bestowed your generosity upon her and made her your servant so that her life would be spared.”
“But, I-”
“Just tell your father that you are interested in her, I’m sure that he would be fine with it as long as you tell him that you love her.” She began to walk away. “I am going to say farewell to the spy now, I will see you tomorrow morning for your writing lesson.”
“But what if she will not have me?” He called back. She turned, smiled, and then continued walking.
I really hope what she said works…

“Zack!” She called out and ran up to him on the docks.
“Ebony, I thought you said you were going to be busy at the party today.” He smiled after seeing her standing there. She shrugged.
“I was able to leave early.” She replied. She looked up at the large ship, examining it.
“I am to be leaving in an hour.” He pointed towards the ship. She nodded.
“Please, just be safe.” She sighed. He smiled.
“Do not worry, I will.” He heard a yell from the boat and turned to board it. Before he could leave, she grabbed his arm and kissed his cheek. He placed his hand to his cheek, blushing slightly, before another yell was heard and he rushed off.
“I have to hurry…” She told herself, running back into the mainland. She searched in the dark for a cave and found it, barely illuminated by a commoner’s lantern. She ran into it, running throughout the tunnels until she came upon a witch’s cave. Her witch’s cave.
“Sorceress Ebony!” Her assistant, Ivy, exclaimed as she entered. “I have prepared the spells and potions for you successfully!”
“Thank you.” She looked around and put on her old and battered dark red cape, which she used to keep her identity hidden. She took her staff and began cleaning the stone incased in the wood. She turned to her apprentice.
“Mage Ivy, please scry to see what Zack’s fate is.” She ordered.
“Of course.” She walked over to the crystal ball, took out her amateur staff, and began to scry. Ebony looked over her shoulder as she continued. Ivy’s eyes bulged.
“It seems as though he is going to be caught and killed for trying to poison their leader!” She exclaimed. Ebony sighed.
“I knew that he wouldn’t be careful… I guess I am going to the Kennedian Kingdom.” She placed her hood on her head and left the cave.

“Father, I wish to marry someone I choose, not any of the women I have met today.” He informed his father, after having a pep talk with himself for the past hour.
“And who might that be?” He asked as he re-wrote old laws.
“My, um… servant, father…” He mumbled, a little embarrassed. His father looked at him.
“Which one?” He asked, very skeptic.
“Uh… Heidi, father…” He got even quieter. His father sighed.
“You do realize that the kingdom will remember this and it might come to bite you again.” He tapped his chin, thinking over a strange law.
“I am aware.”
“I have no objections against it, as long as you do not force her into it.” He stated, a little reluctant.
“Thank you, father.” He smiled before heading towards the servant quarters.
“Prince Shane!” A servant cried out. Tons of servants, some still working, turned to see the royal son standing in their hallways. Some were grateful, while others suspicious.
He went through a few hallways and came across a room that his two personal servants shared. He opened the door and saw her standing in front of her bed. When she heard his footsteps come closer, she hid whatever it was she was holding and smiled.
“I am sorry, sir. Are you of needing my assistance?” She asked, bowing slightly.
“What were you doing before I entered?” He asked. She got nervous.
“Oh, um, nothing, really… Just… painting…” She mumbled. He walked over and saw a beautiful painting of the mountains that separated the Rooseviden Kingdom and the other kingdoms; the Mountains of Protection.
“This is amazing.” He stated. She blushed and looked away slightly.
“Thanks, I have been working on it during my spare time…” She said quietly.
“W-Would you like to go out on a walk?” He asked. She looked at him strangely.
“A walk? During the night? I guess it is okay, but I am just afraid of getting attacked by thieves or something…” She answered.
“Do not worry about that. I shall make sure to protect you.” He nodded. She accepted his offer and got her robe from the closet and they headed out.
“It is a very nice night.” She commented, looking up at the stars.
“Yes, very.” He smiled lightly. They continued to walk for a few minutes in silence.
“So, why did you want me to come outside with you?” She asked quietly.
“You do not get out much and when you do it is to run errands for me. But I wanted to give you a time to relax.” He thought over how he planned to do this. “Also, I wanted your help with something.”
“Really? And what might that be?” She asked. She did not mind helping him; it was her job after all.
“I love this girl, but I am not sure if she loves me back.” He said. Her heart sank. He loved someone else, huh… Probably a princess from another kingdom or a really rich girl…
“What is she like?” She asked quietly.
“You know her very well, which is why I am asking you for help.” He sighed. “She is the most beautiful girl I have ever met. She is sweet, caring, nice, smart; almost nothing bad to say about her.”
“Who is she?”
“Who she is does not matter.” He stated. She sighed. Who was this girl he loved so much?
“Does she have a lot of money?”
“Her value is worth more than a million diamonds.” He sighed. She sighed as well, but not out of happiness as he did.
“Can you at least tell me her name?” She asked softly.
“Her name?” He repeated. “Her name is Heidi, of course.”
“Wha? You mean, I…” She couldn’t speak after his answer.
“Yes, I do love Heidi.” He repeated his statement. “So, will you help her fall in love with me?”
Heidi stood there, stunned to silence, for a few minutes. How would she respond to that? She finally thought of something.
“There’s only one problem with that.” She shrugged.
“And what is that?” He asked, a bit confused.
“It already happened.” She turned to him completely, smiling brightly. He looked at her as well, grinning. They came close to each other slowly and kissed. Heidi pulled away suddenly.
“But… will you not be the laughing stock of the nobility?” She asked, sad to make her love go through humiliation because he is with her.
“Probably, but as long as you are with me, I will not mind.” He beamed. They kissed again and when they broke away from each other, he took her hand and began walking her back to the castle. “Come on, you just have to finish your painting.”
“Of course, Shane.” She grinned and followed him.

Ebony ran off towards the docks and spotted that the ship was leaving the docks. Knowing she wouldn’t be able to get on the ship, she found a sailboat that was docked there.
“Sorry to whoever owns this…” She whispered as she unlatched it from the dock and jumped in. She quietly followed the larger boat to the destination. She followed them for hours until they reached the Kennedian Kingdom shore. The ship he was travelling in was a trade ship so no one would suspect anything. She quietly docked by some rocks, and snuck into the Kingdom without fail. She rented a room in an Inn that she knew Zack said he would be staying at. Surely enough, she saw him there, just as he had told her a few days before.
Strangely, as she followed him throughout the kingdom, he wasn’t doing any suspicious activity. Until the third day they were there. She followed him into a cave that was in the middle of the mountain range that separated their kingdom and the Kennedian Kingdom. He went through various tunnels until reaching what looked like a meeting room. She watched as he removed the poisonous liquid from his satchel and poured all of it into a jug with drinking water inside of it. She heard what sounded like a stampede coming down the hallway and quickly ducked into a dark dead-end.
She heard his yelling and the orders of the leader to send him off into the dungeon, where he will wait to be hung, and the orders to dump out the poisonous water. She sighed and shook her head. Look at what you got yourself into… If only you listened to me.
She breathed in and out, and prepared herself to cast a spell. Under her breath, she casted a spell that froze time. She went throughout the hidden caves and gathered up all of the plans and books and any other information that they had about their attack to start a war. She noted that there wasn’t a lot of written documents, and that most of their plans were kept in their head. She was lucky to be prepared for what was to come. Time was still frozen as she walked through the tunnels and into the prison where Zack was kept. She watched as time slowly went back to normal, as he looked up and saw her.
“What do you want?” He growled, not recognizing her from under her cloak. “Am I ready to be killed?”
“No, you are ready to be saved.” She said. He looked up at her, confused, until she removed her hood. His eyes widened when he realize it was Ebony and he sat up more.
“Ebony? What are you doing here? How did you get down here?” He asked, looking around for some kind of secret entrance.
“I just walked through the front door.” She answered plainly. “Come, let us leave.” She walked over and broke the chain that held his locked hands in place on the wall. The two exited, Zack wanting to run out before someone found them. She was more relaxed and slow. In order to try to keep him from running away, she grabbed unto the chain that was locked to his hands. He eventually gave up and just walked along side of her.
However, their peaceful escape didn’t last long. Guards of the group came running, but Ebony simply cast a spell on them that froze them. Zack looked at her, unaware of her power until that moment. She continued freezing everyone until they got outside. She unfroze everyone from the outside of the cave. They stood there until the entire group came running at them. Ebony held her staff firmly and cast a spell that knocked them all out.
“When they wake up, they are still going to go through with their plan, you know.” Zack informed her as they began walking away.
“Do not… worry about… it…” She mumbled, in pain from the amount of spells she cast. “The spell… replaces all of their bad thoughts… with ones filled with peace… They will forget… about the… whole plan… And I… took… all of their… information… about it…” She suddenly stopped and sat down. He looked at her as she coughed up multiple times.
“Ebony! Are you okay?” He asked, shaking her.
“I… am fine… Just… go… I will… be… fine…” She coughed as she spoke.
“No! I’m not leaving you here!” He yelled. She didn’t respond. “No… No!”
On the brink of tears, he lifted her up and carried her around the outskirts of the Kingdom. He found the boat she used to get there, and jumped on. He found a dagger in her bag and used it to try and break the lock that kept his hands together. He ended up missing and stabbing his hand, but he eventually was able to break it. He ripped a piece of his clothes off and wrapped it around his hand. He began to bring the ship back to their kingdom.

Ivy, scrying at the crystal ball, saw as her master began to die. She should not have used that many spells! She thought. She quickly grabbed her own cloak and amateur staff and headed for the docks. She spotted their boat coming to shore, and quickly walked over to it.
“You are the one known as Zack, correct?” Ivy asked him as he stepped out of the boat.
“Yes, and you are?” He returned the question, only to be hit on his head with her staff.
“Stupid! You should have listened to her!” She yelled.
“What do you mean?” He asked. She sighed.
“She told you to settle it in a peaceful way! Now she is going to die because of you!” She scolded him more.
“Again, who are you?” He repeated his question from before.
“I am her apprentice.” She answered. After she saw Zack stood there, doing nothing, she began to yell again. “Why aren’t you doing anything!?”
“Oh, right…” He mumbled. “We should go see my brother. He can probably figure out a way to help her.”
He picked her up and began heading to his brother’s work place; the Physician’s Office. They made it there quickly, as the building was right nearby the docks. They quickly woke his brother up and placed her at the surgery table. He examined her.
“There is only one thing that can save her. A special elixir made from the extremely rare Vitae flower. No one has found it grown in this Kingdom, and it is not used for many things so it is not traded.” Drake, his brother, commented. “So, unless you somehow find it, she will not be able to make it.”
“What does it look like?” Zack asked.
“Pointy white leaves, very thorny. Has big blue and purple flowers growing on it.” He thought.
Zack remembered when he was collecting herbs a few days ago, he was with Ebony. He found an herb that matched his brother’s description of what he needed. He was almost completely positive that it was not, but it was worth a shot.
“Does it look anything like this?” He asked, finding it in his herb satchel. Drake turned and saw the plant he was holding and his eyes widened.
“Where did you find it!?” He asked, grabbing it out of his hands.
“On the edges of the forest behind the castle.” He answered.
“I… will go make the potion.” Drake mumbled, walking into another room. Zack and Ivy waited in the waiting room for about an hour while he prepared and gave her the potion. After he was done, he allowed his brother and her apprentice to go in and see her.
“Ebony!” He exclaimed as he saw her sitting up. “Are you alright?”
“Fine… just a little tired.” She answered. He smiled. “Ivy, I hope you can handle teaching yourself from now on.”
“What do you mean?” She asked, coming to her side.
“I am going to give up on being a sorceress. You are very capable on your own.” She pointed towards her own staff, which was leaning against the wall. “You can have my staff as a gift, as well.”
Ivy walked over to the staff and picked it up, feeling its power. She stood there for several moments.
“Go on, go home and begin practicing!” Ebony encouraged her. She nodded and ran off.
“I am going to go back to sleep now. Leave whenever you feel like.” Drake waved and went off upstairs.
“So why did you let Ivy go?” Zack asked, sitting down.
“I realized that I have more important things to deal with.” She answered and laid back down.
“Such as…?” He prodded.
“Things like my real work, kingdom issues, and you.” He chuckled at the last thing.
“So, have you rejected the Prince?”
“He has already decided to marry his servant.”
“And, do you remember the deal we made each other?” He continued questioning her.
“Of course. If, by this time next year, neither of us is married or to be married, we will marry each other.” She shrugged.
“Now then, why do we have to wait an entire year? Why not get married soon?” He asked, smirking.
“You mean… soon, soon?” She asked, surprised by his request.
“What other type of soon will there be?” He crossed his arms and smiled brighter.
“Then, I agree. Why not?” She laughed. Following her answer, he stood up and kissed her.


Most definitely loooooongest chapter ever. 4,856 words! MY LORD!
And I'm not even that happy with it... Oh well.
(I feel like I just wrote an entire fairytale or something XD)
Sorry about the weird sounding language.
I had to avoid using conjugations (don't, won't, shouldn't, etc.) because they didn't have many conjugations back then.
But, not using conjugations made them sound much more formal and old-fashioned.
Also, I am sorry that most of it was Zebony-centric. That's mostly because it had a cooler story line than the Sheidi one did XD
In my head, this story was much, much different than what it turned out to be...
Oh well XD
Anyway, your questions for today!
1. If you were in medieval times, what profession do you think you would be, based on your personality?
2. For the characters that were not mentioned in this... what do you think they did for a living? (Those would be James, Ben, Yuuki, Troy, Scott, and Delilah)
Hope you enjoyed the chapter~!

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Apr 19, 11 10:45pm

I have a feeling a few of you missed the last chapter, and will probably will miss this one because it is put up on a weird day.
Well, it's Spring Break for me, so I am able to catch up to my schedule I have planned.
Now I'm back on track ^^
There will be another chapter this weekend, on Saturday, as usual.
It will be pretty epic, I think.
So this is pretty much a flash-back sequence (which you probably already guessed from the title).
It will tell you a lot about the characters, like:
-What happened exactly with Jet, Ebony, and Drake
-When Heidi started liking Shane
-Why Shane wants to be friends with Zack even though he hates him
-Friendships that were ruined in the past
There's a lot of other things too, but I don't feel like listing them.
I hope you find this chapter interesting/funny/strange/etc!
At the very least, entertaining to read ^^


Teenage Dream
Chapter 17: A Look to the Past

When the seniors were in their last year of preschool, things were much different. Things were much simpler. They were friends with people they wouldn’t imagine now.
“What should we play with now, Zack?” A young red headed boy asked after putting away a toy car that he and his best friend had finished playing with.
“I dunno.” He shrugged and looked through the toy chest. The small brunette toddler pulled out a board game, built for three to five players. “Do you think we can find someone else to play with us?”
“They’d probably just laugh if we ask them.” Shane sighed and looked around.
“Well, Ebony is my neighbor. She might say yes!” Zack jumped up and walked over to the girl, who was talking to a girl with red hair and another with peach hair. “Ebony?”
“Huh?” The little girl looked up and saw him standing there. She moved her bangs away from her eyes.
“U-Um… Shane and I wanted to know if y-you guys would like to play a g-game with u-us…” He mumbled. Sure, he seemed confident at first, but confronting the popular and girls of the preschool can be very intimidating.
“Uh, sorry, no.” She stated. He nodded before walking back to his friend, hearing them laughing after he left. Shane sighed before he started digging through the bin again. They found a puzzle, which they had completed hundreds of times, and begun assembling it.
“Zack, how come I haven’t been to your house yet?” Shane asked as he placed a corner piece down.
“Oh, um… I dunno…” Zack swallowed hard.
He may have been young, but he knew that his house was not the best. At least, compared to his friend’s it wasn’t. Shane’s house was big and fancy, with servants taking care of everything for them. He lived in a run-down apartment with only one bedroom, which he and his brother shared. His mother slept on the futon most nights. He was used to it as he had the same house his entire life, but he didn’t want his friend to think he was weird because he had a small house.
“I should go over to your house for a play date sometime. It’d be fun!” Shane smiled as he began working on the sky part of the puzzle.
“Uh, yeah, sure…” Zack smiled painfully.
Ebony looked sadly towards the young boy as he left the girls. She felt bad for acting so mean to him during school. She remembered that during the winter vacation, she had promised him that they would be friends after playing in the snow for a while together, but she didn’t keep that promise during school. Suddenly, giggling brought her out of her thoughts.
“Ebony!” Her peach-haired friend laughed. “Delilah is getting married to Drake!”
“Ew.” Ebony immediately said. “He’s icky.”
“But he’s really nice. And he let me borrow his crayons the other day!” Delilah smiled.
“So, when exactly?” Heidi asked, continuing to chuckle.
“I dunno!” Delilah shrugged.
“And who is going to marry you?” Ebony brushed the hair out of her eyes once more. She was telling everyone she was growing it out, but the truth was that her mother couldn’t afford getting her a proper hair cut, as she had to save all of the money she earned doing part-time jobs so that she would be able to pay off her college loans later on once she gets out of the school.
“Um… I guess James can!” Delilah answered spotting James sitting on the floor nearby.
“Wait, what am I going to do?” He asked, not expecting to hear his name.
“You’re going to marry me and Drake!” She exclaimed and smiled brightly.
“Sure, why not?” James shrugged and turned away to continue playing. Suddenly, everyone heard crying.
The teacher ran over to the source of the crying, and could tell immediately that it was a girl that was not one of her students. “Excuse me, dear, what’s your name?”
“K-Kanani…” She mumbled through sniffles.
“What teacher do you have?”
“Ms. White…” She mumbled, and then began wailing again. Everyone clapped their hands over their ears quickly. The teacher looked towards Yuuki, who had scraped his knee before. She needed to bandage that up and get the girl to her classroom somehow. She looked towards Heidi, who knew the layout of the building by heart.
“Heidi, can you please bring Kanani to Ms. White’s room? I need to help Yuuki with his knee.” She asked. Heidi nodded and helped the girl stand up.
“I’ll bring you to your class, don’t worry.” She tried to comfort her. The younger girl nodded slowly. The two left the class room and slowly began to walk to the other side of the building. “How did you end up in our class, anyway?”
“I… was going to the bathroom, and I got lost…” She mumbled. “I just moved here yesterday, so I don’t know the school very well…”
“Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it eventually.” Heidi smiled. “I’m Heidi, by the way.”
“I’m Kanani…” She raised her voice to the normal pitch as they reached her classroom. They waved to each other and Heidi left.

The beginning of elementary school brought changes to them, but life still remained happy, for most.
“Hey Shane, do you want to-”
“Sorry, Zack. But I can’t eat with you guys today.” He mumbled before walking away to join his sister and some of her friends.
“Why doesn’t he want to sit with us?” Zack turned to Ebony, who had already started eating her sandwich. She shrugged and swallowed.
“I don’t know. Maybe…” She stopped before she said the rest of her sentence. She was going to suggest something, but she knew he was sensitive to criticism. Heidi, who was sitting across the table, nodded, signaling it was better not to say anything.
“Oh, um, nothing… I forgot what I was going to say…” She lied. She quickly took a bite of her sandwich before he asked anything more. Drake, Yuuki, and Delilah got to their table after getting their lunch from the cafeteria. Kanani moved closer to Heidi, uncomfortable with the others. Still.
After Heidi finished eating, she walked over to the garbage can to throw out her garbage. There, Shane was doing the same thing.
“Shane?” She asked. He turned towards her.
“Why are you being mean to Zack all of a sudden?” She asked before dropping her crusts into the can.
“What?” He was confused.
“You know what I mean.” She stated.
“Well, um…” He sighed. “Don’t tell him this, but my parents don’t want me to be friends with him anymore. They don’t like that he lives in a dangerous place. I don’t get it, but that’s what they said.”
“Okay.” She stated. She turned to return to her table, but before walking away, she turned towards him and got a good look at him.
“Um… Bye, I guess.” Shane nodded and went back to his own table.
“What took so long?” Palika asked as she finished up her lunch.
“Uh… Nothing…” Heidi shrugged. Kanani looked up at her, raised an eyebrow, not believing her story at all, but then returned to eating without a word.
Later on, everyone returned to their classes to resume their learning for the second half of the day. In Ebony’s class, at about 1 o’clock, there was a knock at the door. They stopped their lesson on long division to see who was at the door, and it was the principle of Burnside elementary who was carting along a younger boy.
“Mrs. Robertson, this is the new student that I told you about.” He stated. The boy had his arms crossed and head down, signaling he didn’t want to be there.
“Oh, okay.” She smiled and crouched down next to him. “Would you like to introduce yourself to the class?”
“Whatever.” He mumbled. After he didn’t say anything, the teacher sighed and stood up straight.
“Class, this is Jet and he is our new student. Please be nice to him!” She smiled down at him. “Jet, please sit next to Ebony over there. Ebony, raise your hand!”
She respectfully raised her hand. He dragged himself over to the desk beside her and threw himself on the chair.
“Hey, welcome to Burnside Hill.” She whispered to him. He grunted in response. “If you need any help, you can ask me anything.”
“Whatever.” He mumbled.
“My name is Ebony, by the way.” She smiled.
“I heard the teacher.” He muttered harshly.
“You can borrow my notes, if you want.” She offered. He stayed quiet for a minute or so, until he spoke up.
“Can I?”
“Of course.” She smiled and handed over the paper.

The end of their days at Burnside Elementary was rapidly approaching, with some strange changes to go along with it.
“I kinda miss Palika.” Heidi sighed. Delilah nodded.
“Don’t mention it in front of Ebony. She’s still upset about what happened.” Zack stated, picking at his food, not feeling hungry.
“What happened anyway?” Ivy, a girl much younger than all of them, asked politely.
“Ebony had been running for class president, and then Palika joined jokingly, because they compete over everything. When Palika unexpectedly won, it broke Ebony’s heart because she has been feeling really down in the dumps lately. She declared Palika to not be her friend anymore and that was that.” Zack explained to her. “She’s coming.”
She returned from using the restroom and sat on the table, resting her cheek in her palm and started staring into space. They watched her intently.
“What’s wrong?” Ivy asked her.
“Huh, me?” She turned towards them, surprised out of thought. “Nothing really. My mom has been out a lot lately and I have been feeling kind of lonely.”
“Why hasn’t she been home?” Jet asked, stuffing his face. Some of them glared towards him. Drake, who was sitting next to him, nudged him, trying to get him to realize how obnoxious he was being.
“She’s been dating this really rich guy; they’ve been going on a lot of dates. What’s his name again?” She thought for a moment. “Aaron? Yeah, his name is Aaron.”
“Okay.” Jet nodded. He was quiet for a second. “Can I copy your social studies homework? I didn’t feel like doing it last night.”
“Of course!” Ebony eagerly dug through her backpack and found her homework and handed it over to him quickly.
“Am I seeing what I think I am seeing?” Drake whispered to his brother. He nodded back. “She never lets me copy her homework…”
Zack looked at one of his good friends, and best girl friend, and wondered if she liked Jet. She never acted this way with anyone else. So if she did, it was fairly obvious. However, it was also fairly obvious that he didn’t return those feelings. He would have to keep that in mind.
They continued eating lunch, when suddenly Shane passed their table. Zack grimaced towards him and all of his new friends. Heidi looked on as well, spotting Kanani in the crowd with them. She had become friends with Cerelia, who was one of the most popular girls in the school even though she was pretty young. Of course Kanani would rather hang out with her.
In the crowd, Shane glanced at the table. He saw Zack, his only friend until second grade, and then he saw Ebony, Delilah, and Heidi, who used to be the mean girls of the school. Somehow, out of all of them, he ended up as the popular one. He enjoyed having a lot of friends, but, for some reason, he missed those old times.
At that point, two personal goals were made. For Shane, it was to make it up to Zack. He didn’t care about what his parents would say; he wanted to show his old friend that he still cared about the friendship they once had. And for Heidi, she wanted to become friends with Cerelia. Kanani had already told her that Cerelia was much nicer than people have said about her, so she would probably make a good friend for her.

As they say, middle school years are some of the toughest years of our lives. And, of course, it is no different for them.
“Guys, my mom is getting married!” Ebony announced at lunch. Everyone was taken back.
“Really?” Delilah exclaimed. “To that rich guy?”
“Yeah. But, there is bad news that comes with it.” She lowered her voice and excitement a little.
“What is it?” Drake asked, eating the leftovers he had for lunch.
“After they get married next year, we’re moving into his house. It is in the district, but it’s much farther away from the apartments.” She directed her comment more towards the twins.
“Well, that’s not so bad. At least you’re not moving across the country.” Zack shrugged. “Not to mention it will probably be in a much better house than the one you’re in right now.”
“It is.” She nodded. “It’s also right next to Shane’s house.”
“What!?” Zack exclaimed, almost choking on his food. He quickly calmed down, trying not to make her more upset than she already was. “That’s okay. I vaguely remember the house next to his. It was… nice.”
“Way to look on the positive side, Zack.” Scott, who was on the other side of the table, chuckled.
“At least I’m not pessimistic unlike someone.” Zack added sarcastically. Ebony sighed.
Across the lunch room was the ‘popular’ table. Heidi was sitting there, hungrily looking at the food the other people at her table were eating. She had forgot to pack part of her lunch, so she was feeling rather hungry. She didn’t tell anyone, as she didn’t want to bother them.
“Heidi.” Searching for the voice, she looked up to see Shane, who happened to be sitting next to her, staring in her direction.
“Do you want this? I’m not that hungry…” He showed her a bag with what looked like chocolates inside.
“What is it?” She asked.
“Truffles. They’re really good, trust me.” She nodded and accepted the chocolates. She ate one, fell in love with the taste, and the others quickly disappeared.
“You have to give me the name of the place you got these from!” She sighed as they began walking to the garbage can to throw out some things.
“Actually, my cook made them last night. I saved some so that I could have them today.” He explained. She nodded.
“Well, get the recipe from your cook and give it to me.” The two continued to talk and she could help but be reminded about how she hated him for a certain amount of time. What was she thinking?
Right, the whole thing that happened between him and Zack. But, it’s not like it was his fault that happened. It was no one’s fault, really. She looked up towards him. She never really noticed how nice and sweet he is, not to mention that he was pretty good-looking as well. His eyes, though, that was the thing she loved most. His eyes were the most beautiful shade of blue that she had ever seen, and it was hard not to get caught staring at them.
Heidi stopped her train of thought and realized what she had been thinking about. Did she like him? Did she actually like this guy? The guy she bullied when they were young? Cerelia’s brother? No, can’t be. Sure, he may have deep blue eyes, be absolutely beautiful (for a guy), and be one of the sweetest guys she knows, but she can’t possibly like him. Well, just maybe… Maybe… She just might like him.
Later on, about a month before he graduated middle school, Drake sat in his room, alone, doing his homework. Zack had detention again and his mother was working. He sat home, doing his homework for the day. He leaned against his backboard when he heard a strange noise. He stood up when the sound was not going away. He tried to find where it was coming from, and realized it was coming from the other side of the wall. He knew for a fact that the room on the other side was Ebony’s room, and now that he could hear it more clearly, he could tell that she was crying. Loudly.
He walked out of his apartment and used the key that her mother had given them just in case of emergencies to open her apartment. He went into her room and found her crying into her arms on her bed. She didn’t notice that he was standing there.
“You okay?” He asked after waiting for about a minute. She jumped after hearing him speak, but calmed down after seeing him standing in her doorway.
“Yeah, of course!” She wiped her tears away quickly and gave him a painful smile. He raised his eyebrows, not believing her.
“What happened?” He asked. He walked over to her bed and sat next to her. After she didn’t answer, he attempted to comfort her by hugging her with one arm. As soon as he did this, she rested her head on his shoulder, the top of it sitting against his cheek. She began to cry again, not even explaining what happened first. It took a few minutes until she was finally able to breathe properly again.
“It’s just… Jet.” She spit out between sniffles. Drake rolled his eyes at the mention of that guy’s name.
“What did he do?” He asked, not expecting to be very surprised with her answer.
“Everything.” She said harshly. “I can’t believe that it took me this long to realize… he has been using me this entire time. All along I thought he liked me back, but it turns out that I was just wasting my time on an idiot.”
“Yeah, you were.” He agreed. She glared at him. “We all knew that he was using you, and we tried to tell you multiple times, but you refused to believe us every time.”
“Now I do.” She grumbled. He chuckled.
“Here…” He sighed and pulled her into a regular hug.
“…Thanks, Drake…” She mumbled as her tears soaked the shoulder of his shirt, but he didn’t mind.
“It’s okay; I knew this was coming eventually.” He pulled away. She nodded. “You know, not all guys are like Jet is.”
“Oh really?” She laughed.
“Yes, really!” He smiled. “I know that’s the truth because I know I’m not like that!”
“Then you’re a lucky catch, I guess.” She smiled back.
“If you say so.” He shrugged.
The two got up, and they began walking back to his apartment. When they reached there, she thanked him a few more times, and they smiled at each other. He unlocked the door and opened it. He was about to head inside before he was stopped by her grabbing his arm.
“Drake.” She said quietly.
“Hm?” He turned towards her, only to be surprised by her suddenly kissing his cheek. At first he was so shocked that he just stood absolutely still. She pulled away quickly after realizing what she did.
“I’m sorry… I just…” She looked for an explanation, but found none that she could tell him.
“Don’t worry, I didn’t mind.” Drake chuckled.
“Really?” She smiled.
“Yup.” He grinned, making her feel better. He had a great smile, she had to admit.
“That’s-” Ebony was cut off by him quickly kissing her.
“See you tomorrow, Ebony!” He laughed and finally headed inside. She stood there, shocked, for a minute before smiling and walking back to her own apartment.

But, of course, their high school years brought on tons of changes; some wonderful, as well as some that were not-so-happy.


So, did you learn anything new?
Hopefully, otherwise I failed as a writer... (Goes to sulk in a corner)
Here's your questions for this chapter!
-Are there any questions about why something is or about something that happened in the past? (I will answer them as best as I can, if it won't give anything away for something that will happen in the future)
Also, this is just a side note, this is the longest chapter so far.
Gah! 3,317 words! (Faints)
Second place goes to chapter 9, with 3,173 words (same digits, just in different places!).
It also holds the place of the most grammar/wording mistakes/awkward sentences I have made in the story so far!
I have edited most (if not all) of them out, but there were so many you wouldn't even be able to guess.
Probably has to do with the fact I wrote this from 12 a.m. to 4 a.m. last night.
That last scene with Ebony and Drake was written when I was literally falling asleep so I had to practically re-write it completely.
Oh well, it's all cleaned up now so I don't have to worry about it.
And, this has nothing to do with the story at all but I feel like adding this in anyway.
For the record, I really wish I could change my username without using the methods they already give you ><
If I could change it, I would probably rename my account to "Kreszentia", which is a long story why.
Would you guys change your username?
Hope you enjoyed this chapter!

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Apr 16, 11 6:43pm

This is the long-promised chapter based around Delilah and Drake!
And, for those who are unaware, their relationship is nothing like the way I depict it in the story.
In the original story, Drake is not as much of a jerk, or a womanizer.
Well, he was at first, but after meeting Delilah, he changed. Aw. How sweet.
And also, some of you probably don't really understand the relationship between Drake and Ebony.
The reason why, in this story, they used to date (even though they were never involved romantically originally*) is because they were very close to becoming love interests.
Sammi, the creator of Delilah, asked Lucy for him to be Delilah's future boyfriend/husband literally minutes before I asked Lucy for Drake to be Ebony's.
Then Lucy created Zack for Ebony to have.
Just thinking about how different everything could have been makes my mind become blown XD
Also, as a side note, near the beginning of the original story, Ebony broke both of their noses; Zack's by accident, and Drake's on purpose.
Ah, memories.
*The most romance they were ever involved with was Ebony kissing him in order to punish Zack and Drake because they were fooling around and spilled soda on the carpet. Oh, what fun writing that was ^^


Teenage Dream
Chapter 16: To Love or Not

Drake blew a strand of hair from his face as he waited outside the door. A woman answered the door that had the same red hair as her daughter, whom he was coming to see. The woman smiled and opened the door wider, inviting him inside.
“Delilah’s in the shower right now, just wait in the living room until she’s done.” She said as he stepped inside and looked around.
He vaguely remembered why he was asking her to help him study for a big state-administered math test that was coming up later that week. He was horrible at math, and there were only two people he knew that were really good at math; Delilah and Ebony. Of course, when Ebony was over the day before, he asked her to help him first. He remembered exactly what happened.
Ebony, being the only person with cooking skills in the house, offered to make dinner for the three of them when their mother was out. She started setting the table as Drake and Zack excitedly sat down. He took that as an opportunity to ask her.
“Are you busy tomorrow, Ebony?” Drake asked. Zack looked at him suspiciously. He knew that his brother knew that he would be out all day, taking the test to get his learner’s permit for driving. Again.
“Um… no, why?” She answered as she removed the ziti from the oven.
“I was going to ask if you could help me study for that math test on Thursday.” He answered, trying not to drool over the food. They were suckers for Italian food.
“Well, sure I don’t-”
“No. She’s not going to help you study.” Zack cut in, giving his brother a death stare.
“Why not?” Ebony raised an eyebrow at him.
“Why do you think?” He looked towards his girlfriend. “He might be my twin brother, but I still don’t trust him.”
“Okay…” She mumbled. “I’ll give you Delilah’s phone number and address, she can probably help you.

He gently rested his head on the wall, and could hear the shower running on the other side of it. He sat there, thinking, and all of a sudden, he heard a noise different than just running water.
“If there's a prize for rotten judgment, I guess I've already won that. No man is worth the aggravation! That's ancient history; been there, done that!”
He listened closer. Surely, he wasn’t actually hearing Delilah sing. She seems way too shy to be able to sing, not to mention she sounded pretty good. I feel like I’ve heard that song before… Where is it from?
“It's too cliché; I won't say I'm in love. I thought my heart had learned its lesson… It feels so good when you start out. My head is screaming ‘Get a grip, girl, unless you're dying to cry your heart out!’ Oh…!” Her voice continued to mix with the water from the shower raining down.
Right, it’s that song. He remembered, knowing how much Ebony used to watch it when they were younger. It was one of her favorite Disney movies when she was still living next door. Wait, ‘I Won’t Say I’m in Love’?
“Oh… At least out loud, I won't say I'm in… love…” She stopped singing and the water squeaking off came soon after as well. Drake grew a smirk on his face. She soon stepped out of the bathroom, her long red hair wrapped in a towel on the top of her head. She looked up the staircase.
“Mom! When’s Drake getting here again?” She called up.
“Oh, your little boyfriend? He’s-” Her voice was cut off by a large booming.
“Boyfriend!?” A man’s voice was heard. Obviously her over-protective Dad’s.
“Mom, he’s not my boyfriend.” She stated with a sigh.
“Oh, well, he’s here already.” Her mother informed her.
“Huh?” Delilah questioned as she turned to see the spoken-of boy sitting on the couch, his legs crossed and his arms relaxingly spread out on the back of the couch.
“Boyfriend, huh?” He asked smugly, looking at his fingernails pompously before giving her a joking side-glance.
“Ugh, you heard that?” She groaned as she reached up to grab her textbook from a shelf.
“You were kinda yelling.” He shrugged. She sighed.
“Whatever. What do you need help with first?” She asked, flipping through the pages.
“You.” He stated. She rolled her eyes.
“Seriously, if you didn’t want my help, why did you come here?” She asked, getting annoyed.
“Fine, fine…” He mumbled. They began to study together as she explained some things that he was stuck on. He began to get a little bored.
“I heard something, Delilah.” He stated.
“What do you mean?” She was confused with his statement.
“I heard that…” he leaned in closer to her, and hushed his voice. “You won’t say you’re in love.”
“Oh be quiet.” She groaned and pushed him away from her. She tried to hide her embarrassment and blushing, but it was practically impossible.
“Not to mention your singing voice isn’t half-bad.” Drake laughed. Her blush deepened.
“You’re… You’re just saying that…” She mumbled as she turned completely away from him.
“No, I’m not.” He denied her statement. She turned around to face him.
“Whatever.” She grumbled.
“Well?” He raised an eyebrow. “Is it true?”
“What you said, is it true?”
“What did I say?”
“That you won’t say that you’re in love.” He stated obviously. She ignored him and continued reading. “Because it’s true for me.”
“Wh…What do you mean?” She moved away from him a little, feeling uncomfortable.
“Up until now, I’ve been too scared to tell you that I love you.” He smiled, even when she wasn’t looking at him.
“Drake, I-” Delilah couldn’t finish her sentence because as she turned around, Drake kissed her without warning. She pulled away almost immediately. “I’m sorry, but I can’t trust you anymore.”
“What?” He asked as she stood up and began picking up her stuff.
“I think you should leave. Now.” She stated before stomping off to her room. Drake stood in the living room, stunned. He quietly picked up his things and left the house.

“Hey Delilah. It’s Ebony.” She greeted over the phone. “I heard about what happened with Drake.”
“I just don’t get what his problem is!” Delilah steamed over the phone.
“Delilah! Calm down!” Her friend tried to console her.
“I mean, he’s been tormenting me all year, and now, out of nowhere, he claims he loves me!” She flopped down onto her bed. “I don’t want to be just another number to him. I feel like the only reason he did that was so that he could add to the list of girls he won and crushed over the years.”
“Well, not all girls he dated ended up crushed…”
“Ebony, I am aware that you broke up with him instead of the other way around. But still, a majority of them he obsessed over one day and was over with the next. I’ve heard stories about it, you know.” She ranted on and on. “If he really wanted to date me, why didn’t he tell me that he loves me when I didn’t give up on him already? That’s what I don’t get…”
“Delilah, I have something I need to tell you.” Ebony stated. “Drake really did mean what he said.”
“How do you know?”
“Okay. I guess I have to tell you now.” She sighed. “He has been coming to me for a very long time now, asking for help because he has been feeling lost. His problem, or at least what he told me, is that the first girl he truly loved, me, left him and broke his heart. That’s the reason why he does the same to other people. But now, it’s different for him.”
“In what way?”
“About a year ago, he came to me during school and asked me what love felt like. At the time I had no idea why he thought I would know, but now I know that he asked me because, well… One, because I was the only girl that he ever fell in love with, and two, because he could tell that I loved Zack. Ever since I have been giving him advice on how to make a girl fall in love with him back, in a true way. I mean, he didn’t really take my advice seriously, and his goofing off came with consequences.”
“What consequences, exactly?”
“You didn’t believe that he actually loves you.” She stated.
“What?” She jolted up in her bed. “He actually loves… me?”
“Yes. And, since the last time he fell in love wasn’t successful, he wanted to know how to make it successful this time instead. He tried very hard to win you, even missing out on our dance to go to yours and attempting to earn a scholarship to impress you.” She continued.
“Really?” She asked after hearing her friend speak. “I thought it was because he wanted to prove to you that he was going to have a future.”
“Me too, but that’s what he told me.” She shrugged.
“Wait, who told you about what happened? I haven’t told anyone, and it only happened this morning.” Delilah asked.
“Uh…” She mumbled and scratched her head. “After he left your house, he came over to ask me for help about what happened.”
“What did he say?”
“Well, it kind of went like this…”
”Ebony!!” He yelled as he burst open the front door. Her book that she was reading flew from her hands in surprise of his yelling.
“Wha?” She looked towards him as she massaged her ears, being that she is very sensitive to loud noises.
“I got a problem.” He pouted and sat next to her.
“Fine, I’ll go get out the apple pie.” She sighed and began walking towards the kitchen.

“Apple… pie?” Delilah interrupted the story.
“It’s his favorite comfort food. He asked me to make it a lot when we were dating and when I was helping him. Guess it just makes him feel better.” She shrugged. “Anyway.”
”Thanks…” He mumbled as he began eating the dessert.
“It’s okay.” She nodded and sat next to him. “So what’s wrong? Something with Delilah, again?”
“Yeah.” He grunted before shoving a bite into his mouth. “I finally told her that I love her today and she didn’t believe me.”
“I wonder why that is?” She asked sarcastically, raising an eyebrow towards him.
“You’re supposed to be helping me!” He whined. She rolled her eyes.
“Did you say it in a snarky way?”
“Yes, snarky.”
“How am I supposed to know if I don’t even know what that means?”
“Just tell me what happened.” He explained to her the events that took place that morning. “Yup, that’s snarky.”
“Then everything I say is ‘snarky’!” He exclaimed as he slammed his fist on the table.
“Yeah, that’s why I asked you about it.” She stood to put away the pie that was leftovers. “And, if I were her, I wouldn’t believe you either.”
“Well then.” He pouted again.
“Just do a bunch of little things to show her that you love her; bringing her flowers, taking her on dates, not flirting with other girls, listening to her, not teasing her, not making snarky comments… the list goes on and on with improvements to your personality that you can make.” Ebony smiled meanly.
“Gee, thanks.”
“And I’ll put in a good word for you along the way, and hopefully by graduation, or at least prom, she’ll believe you.” She smiled again.
He finished up his piece and grabbed his jacket. Before leaving, he mumbled under his breath, “You know, you’re going to make a great sister-in-law someday.”
“Huh?” She asked, turning.
“Nothing, nothing.” He chuckled before leaving out the door.

“You weren’t kidding about that, huh?” Delilah commented.
“Now, I know you still gave up on him and don’t really like him anymore, but at least allow him to try to win you over, okay?” She asked. Delilah let out a breath of air slowly.
“Okay.” She said while nodding. “And, who knows? Maybe, just maybe, I’ll fall for him again.”


Snarky: {Rudely sarcastic or disrespectful; snide}{Irritable or short-tempered; irascible}
I only know that work because my English teacher uses it to describe one of my classmates, saying he always makes "snarky comments".
For those who don't know, the song that Delilah was singing is "I Won't Say I'm in Love" from the Disney movie, Hercules.
You can watch/listen to it here.
I actually got my entire inspiration for the chapter based on that song/movie.
I have been obsessed with Disney movies lately, ever since watching Tangled a few weeks ago.
I already re-watched "Tangled", "Beauty and the Beast", "Enchanted", "Hercules", and "Alladin".
I was thinking about watching either "Mulan" or "The Little Mermaid" next.
So, question time~!
1. What is your favorite Disney princess movie?
2. What is your favorite Disney princess?
If I had to answer the questions, I would say:
1. Beauty and the Beast, or Tangled
2. Belle, most definitely!
And, just as a side note, Prince Edward from "Enchanted" is the best character. Ever.

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Sorry it's been so long.
There have been a lot of things keeping me from writing these past two weeks.
If you'll like to hear about it, please watch this video, in which Ebony and Shane will explain it for you.
There is also another video on that account where Shane and Ebony will make commentary on the first ten chapters of the story.
If you're bored, feel free to watch it XD
Also, please check out this thread.
It's really fun and I would love to do it, but I need more people to sign up for it.
So, if you sign up, you will make my day ^^
Anyway, enough with the advertising, on with the chapter!


Teenage Dream
Chapter Fifteen: The Little Ones

Sometimes, people grow attachments to minor characters in stories. Whether it be their personality, their jokes, or even their relationship to main characters, we all grow a liking to a certain character we feel doesn’t get enough screen time. This is the story of all the less seen people, as they are all characters just as much as the main ones are.

Of all the things Palika was, beautiful, smart, nice, perfect, she was not strong. By no means was she strong. Which is why she dreads gym class. Especially with dodge ball. She can’t catch well, she can’t throw well, and she definitely can’t dodge well. That’s why she mostly stays near the wall, where she won’t have to worry about getting hit.
“Palika! Stop being such a wallflower!” James, her very active guy friend, laughed after catching a red rubber ball. She cowered as a ball came zooming past everyone and slammed against the wall, merely five feet away from her.
“I don’t like dodge ball…” She mumbled, crossing her arms as her eyes darted from left to right.
“Of course you don’t, you never tried to like it!” He said before grabbing her arm and dragging her towards the middle.
“James! Stop it!” She yelled at him. She saw a ball coming towards her. She defensively held her hands in front of her, and she felt the rubber come in touch with her palms. She opened her eyes slowly and saw that she had actually caught the ball. James raised an eyebrow in her direction. “I… I did it!” She looked towards another person and showed off the ball she had caught. “I did it!” She exclaimed again.
“See? Was that so bad?” He asked before chucking the ball to the other side of the court.
“Not at all!” She looked at the ball. “Um… What do I do now?”
“You throw it, of course.”
“B-But, I don’t want to!” She mumbled, glancing down at the red object in her hands.
“Give it to me, then.” He stated. She handed it to him. He winded up and threw it, hitting a player on the other side.
“How are you so good at this?” She sighed, pouting. He smirked before walking away to grab some balls. Palika stood around awkwardly, not really paying attention to what was going on. She was trying to watch other people to see what the best strategy was. All of a sudden, she heard yelling.
“Palika, watch out!”
“Huh?” She stated and turned until she saw a ball hurling right towards her. Before she could even think of moving, she saw James jump right in front of her, getting hit with it write in the chest. He fell backwards, landing on his back hard. She ran towards him, kneeling next to his fallen body as he coughed over and over.
The game stopped completely. Everyone heard the sound that happened when the rubber came in contact with his chest. Mr. Mancini marched over to the fallen student, not knowing what had stopped the game.
“Uffa, what’s going on over here?” He steamed as he stomped over. His face fell when he saw James on the floor. “Palika, bring him to the infirmary, please.”
“Oh, um, sure…” She mumbled. She helped her friend up as he clutched his stomach and coughed vigorously. Her eyes saddened while watching him. I should have been paying attention, then he wouldn’t have gotten hurt…
Within a few minutes, the two arrived at the nurse’s office and he was set up on one of the cots in the clean, white room. Palika sat next to him; she had already changed out of her gym clothes and decided to eat lunch there, wanting to stay with him until he was feeling better. The nurse had said he needed to rest for a little while before he could begin breathing normally again. He had a history of breathing problems, and getting the wind knocked out of him like that wasn’t really helping it at all.
Palika looked down at the garbage she had from eating lunch. The nurse informed her that she should go to the cafeteria to throw it out as the garbage cans wouldn’t be emptied for a few days in the office. Palika agreed and, before leaving, leaned down and kissed James on his forehead. He stirred a bit, sleeping on the cold, hard bed. She gave him a bittersweet smiled before leaving.
After about a minute, his eyes slowly opened. His breathing had returned to normal, allowing him to wake up without a struggle. He looked around, looking for Palika. The nurse saw that he woke up and gave him a smile.
“Where did Palika go?” He asked drowsily as he rubbed his eyes.
“Your girlfriend left for a little bit to throw out some things. She’ll be back in a while. Just rest for now.” She informed him before returning to her work at her desk. He got out of the bed slowly and begun to stretch a bit. Soon enough, Palika returned.
“James! You’re awake!” She smiled and walked over to him.
“Yeah. My breathing doesn’t feel weird anymore, so I can probably get back to class.” He nodded at the nurse. The two left to return to lunch.
“So your stomach doesn’t hurt anymore?” She asked as she walked through the hallways.
“Nah. I just needed a little rest.” He let out a few chuckles. “Guess what?”
“The nurse called you my girlfriend. I was going to correct her, but, I don’t think it would have really mattered.” He laughed. She chuckled a little as well.
“That’s pretty funny…” Palika mumbled. Her eyes dropped to her shoes. She silently sighed. You don’t know how much I would give for that presumption to be true, James. I don’t think you ever will.

Kanani’s hands, and the rest of her body as well, trembled as she stood on her toes to see what part she would be performing in the play Roosevelt was putting on for Spring. It was a modernized version of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, and she expected a large part, as she had been in school plays ever since she was a munchkin in the Wizard of Oz when she was in 5th grade, and did school plays all throughout middle school and her first years of high school. Most people had just started when they went into high school.
“I can’t see the list. There are too many people.” She pouted to her boyfriend, who was standing by. Troy was going to be playing in the orchestra for the show, and he auditioned for a musician in the play that would be playing guitar in a park scene, who was Balthasaur in the original play. He, being naturally very tall, easily saw over the other heads and looked at the sheet.
“Cool, I’ll be able to play the musician.” He commented and nodded his head. He continued to search for his girlfriend’s name. “Ah, you’ll be playing Hazel.”
“Hazel!” She exclaimed happily. “I’ll be playing one of the leads!”
“Wait, does that mean-” He was cut off by her asking him another question.
“Hey, can you see who is playing Clark?” She asked excitedly. He continued to look. His eye twitched when he saw the name assigned to the part. “Well, who is it?”
“It’s… uh…” He swallowed hard.
“Ugh! Why do I have to play Clark!?” A boy yelled over everyone else. And, who else would come out of the crowd but the star quarterback of Roosevelt’s football team. Yes, Drake was going to be in the play. Why? Well, he learned that, in order to get enough credits to get into the college he wants (because he was out for half of that year) he had to participate in another activity. There for, he tried out for the play, thinking he would get a small part and get it over with. But, upon hearing this news, Zack (with the help of a few angered ex-girlfriends of Drake) told the director that he’d be perfect for the part of Clark, just so that his brother would be annoyed at getting the mushy, romantic lead. Of course, Drake never knew of this.
“Drake!?” Kanani exclaimed. He spotted her.
“You’re Kanani, right?” She nodded. “So you’ll be playing Hazel, huh.” He looked her over quickly. “At least you’re not ugly.” He shrugged and walked away, leaving Kanani disgusted.
“Let’s go to class.” She sighed and tugged on Troy’s coat. He glared towards the way that Drake walked and followed his girlfriend. He didn’t talk to her on their way to their class, and she felt she knew why he was so quiet. “Are you… jealous?”
“What? No…” He mumbled.
“Then why are you so quiet and sad?”
“I… didn’t have a good sleep last night…” He informed her. She raised an eyebrow at him.
“Oh really?” She smirked. “Funny, you just told me before about how you are in a good mood because you got a much better mattress yesterday.”
“Maybe I feel bad about throwing away my old mattress!” He randomly said, trying to make up any excuse. He pouted and crossed his arms.
“It’s okay, don’t worry.” Kanani laughed. “My character may like his, but I will still love you.” He sighed and dropped his arms. “Come on, let’s go.” She grabbed onto his hand and continued walking. He smiled, thinking about how lucky he was to have her.

Ivy and Cerelia burst into the Rima mansion, panting. “Where… is… the baby!?” Ivy gasped.
“You mean Emery?” Ivory laughed, turning around to look at the teenage girls directly.
“Of course!” She exclaimed, her hands in tight fists so she could release some of her excitement.
“She’s not a baby, you know.” Aaron told her, walking up.
“Really? Aw…” Cerelia pouted. “How old is she?”
“Almost 6.” Aaron answered. He turned towards a maid. “Jenna, can you please see if Emery can come down here for a moment?”
“Of course, Mr. Rima.” She nodded and ran upstairs.
“I saw her arrive the other day. When I told Ivy about it, she just had to see her.” Cerelia laughed as they waited for the young girl to come down to see them.
“Yup!” Ivy laughed. She looked around the house. “Hey, where’s Ebony? I know Ben’s hanging out with Yuuki today…”
“She’s spending the day at Zack’s house.” Ivory answered.
“Oh, okay.” Ivy nodded. They heard footsteps coming down the stairs. They turned and saw a young girl walking very slowly. She had her black hair tied back in two pigtails and was wearing jeans and a pale green blouse. She was looking down as she approached the group.
“Emery, this is Ivy and Cerelia.” Jenna kneeled down next to her. Emery looked away from her. “Don’t be shy.”
“I don’t like it here.” She mumbled. Jenna sighed and pushed her towards everyone else.
“Oh yeah!” Cerelia exclaimed and held up a bag. “I brought some of my old baby clothes for her. If you want it, of course.”
“I’m not a baby.” Emery stated and crossed her arms.
“You know what she means, sweetie.” Ivory told her sweetly. “Jenna, can you get her some food, please?”
“Of course!” She smiled and brought the child to the kitchen. The four sat down on the couch as another maid brought out some tea for them.
“So, why do you think she is so resistant to everyone?” Cerelia asked before taking a sip. “I mean, I would be grateful for being adopted after so many years of waiting to be.”
“We think it’s because she isn’t used to getting attention. She had been in the orphanage ever since she was born, and with so many children there, it’s hard for one child to feel special.” Aaron explained.
“I’m sure not all of the kids there are like that, though.” Ivy questioned.
“Of course, and it probably has something to do with her personality as well.” Ivory nodded. Suddenly, Emery emerged from the kitchen. She walked over to them, grabbed a cup, and sat in between Cerelia and Ivy. She looked towards the bag that Cerelia had brought.
“Would you like to look at the clothes?” Cerelia giggled and opened the bag. The young girl marveled at the wide assortment of clothing inside of it.
“We haven’t been clothes shopping yet for her, so we just gave her some of Ebony’s old clothes. But, they are very worn out and torn from over the years.” Ivory laughed as she looked over Emery’s current outfit, probably remembering how her daughter used to look in them.
“Would you like to try some of them on?” Ivy placed one of her hands on the girl’s shoulder. Emery’s dark brown eyes shifted to Ivy’s smiling face. She slowly nodded. Cerelia and Ivy grabbed her hands and began running upstairs to her bedroom.
They spent about an hour having the little girl try on various clothes that they thought would look cute on her, and by the end, Emery was having a good time too, even giggling along with the two older girls. They smiled at each other as Emery tried on another outfit.
“I can’t wait to have kids when I’m older.” Cerelia sighed happily.
“Me too.” Ivy agreed.


So, yay!
Minor characters!
There will be a part two to this, so look out for it!
And, I just wanted to add this in...
Please check out Lucy/ilovenintendo's story, The Rainbow Connection.
I love it to bits, and I believe it is not getting enough attention it should.
It's basically a story about a young boy and girl growing up.
It's so adorable, and I really think that it deserves more readers as I believe it is far better than Teenage Dream.
And, as a side note, Lucy didn't tell me to do this for her story ^^
I think that I am going to give a weekly question(s).
This week, your questions are:
1. Who is your favorite main character? (Shane, Ebony, Heidi, or Zack)
2. Who is your favorite minor character? (I'm not even going to list them)
By the way, don't pick your own character if it is your own, unless you hate everyone else (which I really hope isn't true).
And lastly, 3. Who do you believe is the antagonist/villain in the story? (I would really like some other views on this, as I can't decide on a character who would be...)
Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to eat my dinner~

EDIT:: I have decided to not make an official "part two" of the minor characters thing, as I decided on something else; a whole chapter based around Drake and Delilah!
That was actually my original idea, but I changed it, thinking that it would be way to short for a whole chapter.
However, I have thought of an idea that would be long enough to fit an entire chapter in.
It'll be out tomorrow, (Saturday) as usual~

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The long-awaited new chapter!
This is also written in a strange narration, it goes from 2nd person, to 1st person, and then back to 2nd person.
Also, I know that the chapter title is "Plane" instead of "Plain".
Get it? Because "Plane" and "Plain" are said the same way except they mean two different things? [Insert no laughter here because of stupid puns]
I knew my fellow Grammar Nazis would be calling that out!


Teenage Dream
Chapter 14: Plane and Simple

“Passengers, please buckle your seat belts. The plane is about to take off.” The stewardess announces on the speaker of the plane you are taking. You are flying to Hawaii, where you are going on vacation to. The rest of your family had already left, but due to some exams you had to take, you are delayed a few days. Luckily, this means that you are now flying on the first-class section of the plane to make up for the fact that you are flying solo. A boy, on the brink of being a man but young enough to be called a teenager, is sitting not too far from you. He is staring blankly out the window.
“Are you going to Hawaii on vacation too?” You ask him. He turns and sees that you are talking to him.
“Not really… My father and I are going there to do some work. He said it would be good for me to have a head start in our family’s business.” He answers and rests his hand upon his cheek.
“At least it’s in relaxing environment.” You offer, trying to cheer him up.
“It might be for you… But I used to live in Hawaii. After a while you lose interest in it.” He sighs and turns away from you a little. “Not to mention I am leaving a lot of people I care about back in Massachusetts.”
“Ah… Who exactly?” You ask. This guy seems to be as lonely as you are. Talking to him seems a good outlet for the eleven hours you are going to be on the plane.
“My mother, my sister, some friends…” he mumbles the last part much more quiet, “and Heidi.”
“Who’s Heidi?” You ask.
“The girl I love.” He answers subtly.
“Was she sad too when she found out you were leaving?” You ask him.
“I don’t really know, actually. To be honest I don’t even know if she loves me back…” He sighs and starts chewing on a piece of gum.
“That’s so… sad.” You say and place your hand on your chest. Sure, you just met the guy and heck, you don’t even know his name, but his words touch your heart in a way you can’t understand. “What is she like?”
“She’s as perfect as I can describe.” He starts to think and then continues. “She is absolutely stunning, in body and soul. When she laughs, it’s like the most beautiful song I have ever heard. Her smile is perfect, even though she doesn’t think so. No matter what, whoever she is talking to, she doesn’t judge them, and always gives them a second chance. And, despite being all of these things, she would never agree with them. Not only is she absolutely flawless, but she is humble as well.”
“She sounds like a great girl.” You comment. Secretly, you think, This guy should be a poet or something!
“She is.” He states, and gazes out at the dark sky through the window. “Now, I don’t even know if I’ll ever see her again, or if she’ll want to see me. And if we do see each other, I have no clue when that would be. I could barely last a few days without seeing or speaking to her, I don’t know how I’ll survive for years.”
“That’s really… sweet.” You whisper. “When did you last see her?”
“Just today, actually.” He answers your question. “I tricked her into going on a date with me.”
“What do you mean?” You ask, confused by his wording.
“I knew she would have been nervous if I had asked her out on a regular date, so I had a plan. I told her that her, my sister and I would hang out today but later I informed her that my sister was too busy to come with us. Then we got to spend time together alone.” He explains to you as you nod understandingly.
“How did the date go?” You ask. You are getting very curious with this story. You picked the right person to talk to.
He began the story.

I nervously walked into the restaurant she works part-time at. I was going in alone and hoping that my plan would work. Almost as soon as I walked in, she spotted me. She called my name. She asked where my sister was. I told her that she couldn’t make it because she had to help another one of our friends shop for clothes. She almost walked away, saying that we could hang out the next weekend before I grabbed her hand.
Doing that was almost instinct. I didn’t realize I did that until I asked if we could do whatever we planned alone. She said it was okay with her and she went away to clock herself out. I stood there silently until the hostess of the restaurant began to speak to me.
“Sir, are you waiting for someone?” She questioned as I stood there awkwardly.
“Kind of. One of the waitresses here, Heidi, and I are going out together soon so I am just waiting for her to get ready to leave.” I had answered. Might as well tell her the truth, I mean.
“Well, I hope you two have fun!” She responded, smiling.
“I’m ready to leave!” Heidi walked over and greeted me.
The two of us left for the bistro we decided to eat at for lunch. It was very nice there. I had already made reservations for the two of us. I had planned out the date to the last detail prior, even excuses of not seeing the movie I had planned for the two of us.
“You know, if we don’t leave right now, we might not be able to make it to the movie.” I stated as I placed down the fork I was using to eat the cake.
“Really?” She asked, food stuffing her mouth. She looked towards the clock on the wall of the café and nodded in agreement. “I guess we should hurry up then!”
“You know, if this is okay, we can skip the movie and do something else.” I offered and took a bite of my own. She looked conflicted.
“But I don’t want it to be my decision; don’t you want to go see it?” She asked me. I noted how she cared more for what I wanted to do rather than what she wanted to do. See, as I told you, she is very humble.
“A little, but I will be fine with anything else.” I told her. I wanted her to have a perfect day out with me. I added in without thinking, “As long as I am with you, I will have a great time.”
“I guess that, as long as you’re okay with it, I’d like to do something else. I’m not sure what, but I guess we can think about it.” Heidi agreed with me. Perfect. I had thought.
“Actually, I already have an idea. Have you ever been to Burnside Peak?” She shook her head. “It’s the highest point in the area of this town. You can see all of Burnside Hill from the top!” I went on to explain the very romantic place.
“Sounds nice. But, what would we do there?”
“We can get some things for a picnic, I guess. It’s really nice out today, and watching the sun set over the forest at the bottom is beautiful. We can easily buy everything in town.” I answered. I had already planned everything out, so there would already be a radio, food, a picnic blanket, and other things that are found at a picnic. “I could call Michèle and ask her to make some food for us.”
“But the sun doesn’t set for a few hours; what are we going to do until then?” She looked outside.
“I guess we can just walk around town, talking, looking into stores, and all that stuff. When it starts to get late we’ll come back here and drive to the peak.” I shrugged.
The hours we spent just talking as we walked felt amazing. I am not one for doing anything simple, but it felt nice not having to worry about life for a short period. I even forgot about my leaving that night, tonight, actually. We walked and talked and told stories or life and family and friends and anything we can think of. It was nice. I couldn’t think of a better last day there.
Eventually it was starting to get late so we headed back to the restaurant to drive to the hill. When we got there, I saw that everything I wanted was there plus a little more. Heidi, although, seemed shocked over what was there. I was not surprised of her being surprised, as our lifestyles are very different. I set up all the food and drinks we need and put on the stereo. She looked around at everything nervously, probably not knowing what to do first.
“Feel free to eat anything you wish, that’s what it’s there for, after all.” I laughed and begun to make myself a sandwich. I made her one too, and she was very grateful of it. Heh, there goes her selflessness again. I mean, I am not a good chef at all, not to mention the fact I have very strange tastes in food than most people. I am sure she was telling a white lie when she said that she like the sandwich I made for her.
The two of us sat there quietly. I wanted to tell her something. Anything. I wanted to tell her that I wouldn’t see her for a while. I wanted to tell her about how much she means to me. I wanted to tell her about how much I love her. Yet, I sat quietly as I thought over the day. She seemed to be enjoying herself, though I was afraid she would suspect something by the way I had been acting. I acted much stranger than usual, I would think. I was much more desperate. I wanted to make this last day last. I wanted something to remember while I was gone. More than anything, I didn’t want to keep her in the dark about how I wasn’t going to see her for a very, very long time. She is very sensitive, as most girls are, and I didn’t want her to be angry if I left so suddenly without telling her.
“Heidi, I need to tell you something…” I let the introduction of the confession slip out incidentally.
“Um… Yes?” She returned quietly.
“I am, uh…” I scratched my head. I was not having second guesses. It could ruin this date if I were to tell her that I wasn’t going to see her for a while. I wanted her to have a good time. I finally spit out, “I’m… really… glad that we were able to spend time together like this.” I smiled at her fakely, secretly feeling sad behind the happy façade I put on.
“I am too!” Heidi smiled towards me as well, only hers was genuine, unlike my own. “We should hang out again sometime!”
“Yeah, we should.” I agreed. Or at least wished.
After finishing eating and watching the sunset, I drove her home.
“I had a wonderful time today.” She grinned brightly. I knew I would miss that perfect smile.
“Yeah, and so did I.” I stated, distant. I felt very uncomfortable. And exhausted. Making and having the perfect date can get pretty tiring. “I’ll see you around, I guess.” I mumbled and caught a glimpse of her face after I began walking away.
She called out to me again, and I turned around. She swiftly grabbed my hand and pulled me towards her, kissing me on the cheek. I couldn’t help but notice her soft skin and warm breath on my cheek. Before rushing inside, she smiled one last time and said, “See you on Monday!”
“I guess so.” I nodded insecurely before taking a mental photograph of her smile. God knows when I’ll see it again. With that, I drove home, packed some last minute things, and was off to the airport.

You place your hand upon your mouth.
“I’m so sorry…” You say. He nods.
“Me too.” He agrees and begins playing with his fingers. The two of you are wide awake as everyone else in plain view is asleep. You turn to him again.
“Do you have any more stories with the two of you?” You ask quietly. He looks at you.
“I guess…” He answers and turns fully towards you. “Would you like to hear them?”
“Of course I would!” You answer excitedly.
He begins talking of a crazy New Year’s party, a day at the beach, how they met, how she mistook his sister for being his girlfriend, how he broke up with his most recent girlfriend for her, a summer vacation where they stayed friends even when his sister was in rehab, and countless other experiences. Before you know it, the stewardess is calling out, “We have arrived in our destination!”
Before parting ways, you give him a ‘Good luck’ and a smile. As you walk away, you think to yourself, I wonder how his story will end.


So, what do ya think?
Much more revealing of Shane's character, now ain't it?
Now, here starts the [dun dun duunnnn] SHANE DROUGHT!
Yup, no more Shane for 2-3 chapters!
Sorry to his fans, but I am a huge fangirl for him, so I have to suffer as well... *sigh*
Also sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes within the recap of the date thing as I am too tired to go over that and correct it all.
Maybe I'll do it later~
EDIT:: I just remembered I wanted to advertise a thread I made ^^
It's called Neighborhood vs. Killer, and it's in the Sims 3 forum (but doesn't require knowledge of any Sims game to play, so you can participate even if you've never even seen a Sims game before)
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Sorry this chapter is posted late today, I kept re-doing the last few lines.
I had thought about talking about the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan recently, but decided against it.
To be honest, I am not really in the mood to talk about it, and I am in kind of an emotional-rut where I don't have much feelings or excitement or sadness over anything unless it affects me personally.
So please don't mention it at all in the comments, if you can try.


Teenage Dream
Chapter 13: Complications

Heidi rolled over in bed. After the day she had, she couldn’t get to sleep. At all. And it was 2 in the morning. And, no, it wasn’t what usually kept her up. For some reason, overworking herself at her part-time job made her stay up late, as well as stressing over a test or a presentation due at school the next day. However, the reason the young woman couldn’t drift off on this particular night was much more complicated than any of the other excuses.
She picked up a large teddy bear that was sitting on the floor of her bed room, which was painted in darkness. She hugged it tightly and buried her face into it. This teddy bear was special to her; it was given to her by one of her old friends that she has not seen since she had left the ‘special’ school. This friend of hers was being transferred, and she gave Heidi the teddy bear as something to remember her by. Now she uses it to have someone to talk of all of her problems with.
“I don’t understand…” She mumbled into the fur. The clock’s second hand ticked silently as the girl sat in the darkness of the room, confused of her emotions. “Before today, he felt like just a crush. But now, I can’t help but feel like it’s something more… A lot more…”
She looked at the stuffed animal. It had stains from food she ate with it and tears that were stitched up by hand. She felt as if this toy was a real person, the only person she felt she could talk to. The bear would never judge her. It helped her through her problems. It helped her through her problems without saying anything. It comforted its owner.
“You see, it all started at the end of my shift today.” Heidi felt compelled to explain to the doll. “It was nearing the end of my shift, as I had plans with Shane and Cerelia. They wanted to take me out to lunch and see a movie. But, when I was clearing up my last table, he walked in. Alone.”
“Shane!” I smiled and looked around. “Where is Cerelia? Is she waiting in the car?”
“Ah, no…” He mumbled and smiled embarrassingly in such a cute way. He was so adorable I just wanted to go over and squeeze him as at tight as I could!
“Aw, why not?” I pouted. I was looking forward to hanging out with them for once.
“You see, it turns out that she promised to help Kanani shop for a dress for her to wear to a family reunion she is going to soon,” the excuse seemed planned out, and I knew, somewhere in the back of my mind, that Cerelia and Kanani planned this out, “so she can’t come.”
“That’s too bad. I guess the three of us can go out next weekend.” I shrugged and began walking away. Suddenly, I felt a firm yet gentle tug on my hand. I turned and saw that he, Shane, the boy I have a crush on, and have had a crush on for years, gripping on to my hand. And, don’t quote me on this, as I am not sure if it was my own heart speaking, but I thought I saw some kind of look, one I could not recognize. The expression was there only for a short second, and I was not able to get a good look at it before he continued to speak.
“Well, the two of us can hang out… if that’s alright with you.” He looked down and quickly dropped my hand. “I don’t want to force you to do anything that you don’t want to.”
“Uh… sure…” I mumbled. I quickly turned and began walking away. “Let me just clock myself out.”
As soon as I was alone and I had reached the restaurant’s time clock, I gave a sigh of relief. If I had stayed out there with Shane any longer, I thought my heart would burst. Either out of how adorable he was or out of my own embarrassment, I don’t know. Both are equally dangerous.
After taking a breather and clocking myself out for the day, as well as changing out of my uniform, I walked outside and saw Shane talking to the host, and the manager, of the restaurant. I could overhear their conversation just barely.
“Sir, are you waiting for someone?” She asked nicely.
“Kind of. One of the waitresses here, Heidi, and I are going out together soon so I am just waiting for her to get ready to leave.” Did he just say that we are going out? So sudden and unexpected, yet so sweet to hear…
“Well, I hope you two have fun!” She smiled. I took that as my chance to walk over.
“I’m ready to leave!” I smiled sweetly. He smiled back and brought me out towards his car. I don’t know much about cars, but I can tell you one thing; he got some kind of fancy foreign car that seems to be extremely expensive. Well, not so unexpected of an heir to a huge fortune. But still.
The ride to the restaurant was not bad. We sung along to the radio, and also talked during songs we didn’t know or like and during commercials. It felt so… simple. Doing simple things like that with someone who is so rich and so focused on not being plain felt really nice. It felt like, for once, that I was with a regular person. Sure, this regular person is Shane, the Shane, yet the atmosphere was so relaxed. I forgot about my problems completely.
The restaurant was not big and fancy at all. It was just a normal bistro where you can have a quick and affordable yet very high quality meal. We talked of life while eating lunch. I talked about my brother and his fiancé, as well as some weird experiences that I had at home and at work. He talked about how he has a huge scar from a surfing accident, and also some old family stories that have probably been told hundreds of times to other people and family members, but it was the first time I heard of them. It was really nice.
After we began to eat a little dessert, he looked at his watch and told me, “You know, if we don’t leave right now, we might not be able to make it to the movie.”
“Really?” I asked and looked at the cake we were sharing. It tasted really good, and I didn’t really want to pass up an opportunity to share it with Shane. But, if he wanted to leave, that was fine with me. “I guess we should hurry up then!”
“You know, if this is okay, we can skip the movie and do something else.” He offered and took a bite.
“But I don’t want it to be my decision; don’t you want to go see it?” I questioned.
“A little, but I will be fine with anything else.” He smiled sweetly as he spoke. “As long as I am with you, I will have a great time.”
I sat, embarrassed by his charm, and took a bite to think things over. “I guess that, as long as you’re okay with it, I’d like to do something else. I’m not sure what, but I guess we can think about it.”
“Actually, I already have an idea.” Shane stated after finishing his bite. “Have you ever been to Burnside Peak?” I shook my head. “It’s the highest point in the area of this town. You can see all of Burnside Hill from the top!”
“Sounds nice. But, what would we do there?” I asked. I mean, spending time with him would be awesome in all aspects, but just sitting there and talking would eventually get weird.
“We can get some things for a picnic, I guess. It’s really nice out today, and watching the sun set over the forest at the bottom is beautiful. We can easily buy everything in town.” He began thinking things over. “I could call Michèle and ask her to make some food for us.”
“But the sun doesn’t set for a few hours; what are we going to do until then?”
“I guess we can just walk around town, talking, looking into stores, and all that stuff. When it starts to get late we’ll come back here and drive to the peak.” He explained.
We walked around town for a few hours, talking of things and life and stories we’ve heard. Again, it is the simple things that matter the most. Although a majority of our conversations we had I don’t remember, I do know that it felt nice to talk about them. And, as they say, time flies when you’re having fun, and it approached the time to leave at rapid speed. We quickly headed to the car and rode off to the large hill. We climbed up.
What did I expect to see? I blanket, a basket of food, maybe even a radio. But no, when it comes to Shane, nothing can be that plain and simple. He sat down on the right of the basket and I sat on the left. The blanket was of high quality yet durable fabric, one that I couldn’t tell. There were also a few pillows strewn about. He opened the basket and took out two wine glasses, but poured fruit juice into it instead (we were underage of course). There was also a vase of flowers and a stereo playing soft music. I didn’t know what to do, or what to eat first.
“Feel free to eat anything you wish, that’s what it’s there for, after all.” Shane offered and opened the basket farther, revealing the rest of the food. He took out a baguette and set it on a plate. He cut two pieces off and made himself a sandwich. He offered to make me one, and he did. And, I must say, he has a really great taste.
While we sat there in pleasant silence, I thought of how he was treating me that day. It felt very weird. Was this how he treated every girl he went out with? Of course, we are not ‘going out’ or anything, but he must have done this and more with any girlfriend of his. He had treated me like a queen, he wanted us to do things that I wanted to do. He asked of my opinion of everything. Shane had been acting weird all day, he was acting extremely out of character. Although he acted noble and gentlemanly, he was also acting clingy. He wanted to keep me entertained so I wouldn’t leave. It felt nice that he wanted me, yet, why was he acting so out of character?
My train of thought was interrupted by his voice. It was almost as quiet as the music that was playing. “Heidi, I need to tell you something…”
“Um… Yes?” I returned shyly. Why did he seem so reluctant to say this?
“I am, uh…” He scratched his head. “I’m… really… glad that we were able to spend time together like this.” He nodded and looked towards me, smiling a little. I smiled back.
“I am too!” I nodded back. “We should hang out again sometime!”
“Yeah, we should.” He agreed.
Later on, he drove me home.
“I had a wonderful time today.” I gave him a big grin after we got out of the car and we began walking to my front door.
“Yeah, and so did I.” He mumbled, not really looking at me. When we got to the door, we said our goodbyes. “I’ll see you around, I guess.” He said before beginning to walk away.
“Shane.” I stated into the darkness and grabbed his hand, just as he did earlier. He turned to look at me. I dropped my hands, leaned up as far as I could, and kissed him on the cheek. I flashed a grin before turning on my heel to the front door. “See you on Monday!”
“I guess so.” He called back before walking back to his car.
As she finished her story, the clock on the wall continued to tick, breaking the silence of the room. She looked down at the bear for an answer. None came. At that moment, she realized it was not the bear that answered all of her questions, oh no. In her sub-conscience she answered the questions brought before the stuffed animal, by herself. Now, she realizes that she will have to figure out her emotions. By herself. With no one to help. She was alone. All alone.

The next day was Sunday. She had stayed up late, thinking about her feelings. What exactly was she feeling? That was the main question on her mind. She came to a conclusion, an answer. She confirmed the fact that she had fallen in love with her friend and crush, Shane. There was no hiding it.
She felt bad for having these feelings and keeping Shane unaware of them. Of course, she was almost completely sure that he would not return the feelings, but she doesn’t want to deceive him. He deserves to know the truth, and she intended on telling him directly.
She walked to the mansion slowly that warm Sunday morning. The brisk wind was a nice awakening from the night of rest. The warm kept her shivering and trembling out of nervousness to a minimum, which was nice. She made it to their house in less than an hour. As soon as she got there, she saw Cerelia sitting on the porch, reading a book. She ran up to her.
“Cerelia, where’s Shane? I need to talk to him. Now.” Heidi commanded. Cerelia looked at her, confused, through her wide-brimmed hat.
“Shane? Uh…” She mumbled and looked down. “He didn’t tell you yesterday?”
“What didn’t he tell me?”
“He’s not here anymore. My father and he left late last night for Hawaii.” She slowly removed her hat. “Yesterday was his last day in Burnside Hill for a very, very long time.”


To be honest, I don't really know what else to say.
I have mentioned/hinted at this before in some responses, and now you will all know.
Next chapter will be mostly his side of the date and his reasons for being all special and what not.
After wards will be a total Shane drought for a few chapters as I focus on other plot lines and characters.
*Sobs in a corner*
Also, as a side note to Lucy, I apologize if I made Heidi too OOC or something...
This is the largest amount of 1st person narration in the entire story, so I hope it wasn't weird to have a sudden switch here.

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Finally, the long-awaited Chapter 12, which is a continuance of the last chapter.
I'm sure you'll all be pretty surprised about what actually happened ^^
Also, just as a side note, I didn't have a lot of time to read it over to edit it, so sorry if there are a few grammar mistakes.
I wrote a majority of it really late last night XD


Teenage Dream
Chapter 12: The Disappearance

“Zack! Zack!” A woman screamed into the phone at the teenager.
“Wha? Mrs. Rima?” He answered, suddenly woken by her yelling. She didn’t even tell him who she was or even a ‘hello’.
“Do you know what happened to my daughter!?” She exclaimed, he fingers crushing the phone and her fingernails digging into the plastic.
“Ebony?” Zack questioned again.
“Of course, you dumby! I don’t have any other daughters, now, do I!?” She yelled at him.
“No, you don’t.” He sighed. “What do you mean?”
“After your little date you two had yesterday, she has not returned home. Do you have any idea as to where she went?” Ivory calmed down a little bit, but was still very worried. Her and her daughter had been very close growing up.
“Uh… no, sorry…” Zack mumbled. Now he too was worried. “Have you checked everywhere in the house? No sign of her? Not even a note?”
“You don’t think that I searched the entire house already!?” Ivory fumed.
“Well, uh…” He paused, trying to think of something to say. “When did you realize she was missing? Last night or this morning?”
“I was waiting for her to come home, but it was starting to get really late so I went to bed. When I got up today, I got a message from one of our maids that she was not in her room. We all searched everywhere, but we didn’t find her or any trace of her getting home. One of the butlers suggested that I ask you to see if you knew or if she stayed at your house.” She elaborated. She rubbed her head anxiously.
“Why would she be here?” Zack scratched his head.
“How am I supposed to know what you teenagers do on dates nowadays? Anyway, what do you think we should do!?” She began to pace back and forth, something that her daughter had developed as well, as she thought of crazy ideas. “What happens if she got in a big car accident? Or she was killed? Or kidnapped? My poor daughter; only God knows where she is right now!”
“Calm down, Mrs. Rima. I’ll be there soon to help you find her.” Zack said. After ending the conversation, he attempted and failed at getting out of his bed and getting ready. He was too nervous. He had a feeling, a bad feeling, that his new girlfriend, and the girl he loved, was not safe. How could he drive all the way across town when he could barely stand up?

The search party consisted of the entire mansion’s staff, Zack, Ivory, Aaron (Ebony’s step-dad), Ben, and Ivy (she originally came to hang out with Ben, but became more concerned with her friend’s safety). They had decided to break into three sections; the mansion’s staff, Aaron, and Ivory, Zack, Ben, and Ivy. The staff would be scanning the area between where she was last seen (Zack’s apartment) and her destination (the Rima Mansion). Aaron would stay home just in case she returned or the house got any calls. Lastly, Ivory, Zack, Ben, and Ivy would go to the police station to report the missing girl.
“Yes… She has medium-length black hair, black eyes, and is 5 foot, 6 inches. She has a scar about three inches long that is along her jaw line from a car accident…” Ivory was giving the police officer a physical description of her daughter while the three teenagers sat on waiting benches nearby.
“Mrs. Rima really is an expert on Ebony…” Ivy mumbled.
“Of course. She has been with her more than half of her life. Since she was only 16. She was also the only one that had been with her loyally almost forever. I’ve even heard that they have never fought with each other because they are extremely identical.” Ben nodded and rested his head on his palm. Zack sat in his seat silently and twiddled with his fingers.
I wonder where she could have gone… She seemed completely normal all day… Suddenly, Ivy got a call on her cell phone. She announced it was Jenna calling, and she picked it up quickly. After talking for a minute or so, she jumped over towards Ivory and the police officer.
“Jenna just called and said that she found her car!” Ivy exclaimed.
“Where!?” Ivory jumped at the news.
“At the General Store. The one that is on Main Street.” Jenna was put on speaker as she spoke to Ebony’s mother.
“Can you stay put until we get down there? Everyone else can go back if they’d like.” Ivory asked with a tremble in her voice.
“Okay, mistress Ivory.” Jenna smiled before yelling at everyone.
“I see that you have it under control.” Ivory chuckled uncomfortably.

As soon as the police officer and the four others met up with Jenna at the General Store, they rushed to obtain the security footage. Once they did, they brought it back to the police station to watch it. They probably would have gone inside the store, but it was close for Sunday.
“Look, there she is, going up to the entrance.” Her mother narrated the scene. They watched as Ebony read a ‘closed’ sign and began to walk back to her car. Although, before she made it back to her car, someone ran out of the store. He invited her inside.
“Wh- Why is she going inside!? What did he ask her!?” Ivy shook the monitor before the police officer grabbed her hands to prevent any accidents.
“Sorry, the security camera does not support recording audio.” The officer informed her.
“Who is that!?” The woman screamed.
All the while, Zack seemed absolutely helpless. What happens if she was killed that night? If only he had done something to prevent whatever happened to her. He should’ve told her to go straight home and not stop anywhere. At the very least he could have driven her home himself. Sure, they’d have to sit in a car without proper heat, but at least it’s better than her getting kidnapped, *bleep*, or murdered even. He had not even made a sound since he met up with everyone else. He felt that there was nothing he could do or say that could help them all.
“I recognize him!”Jenna exclaimed after they rewound the tape a few times. “He’s the owner! He must’ve let her inside to get whatever she needed even though it was afterhours.”
“Yes, but why would she never come home then?” Ivy questioned. They continued to watch the tape. They saw Ebony and the owner walk outside with each other towards a different car (this was an hour or so after she initially entered the store), hug, and get inside the car. They drove off.
“Wha… What was that all about…?” Ben mumbled.
After the officer looked up where the owner, a certain Nicholas White, lived, the group of five sped to the address. As a result, they came upon a genuinely nice house, which is normally not common among kidnappers. The officer marched to the door and forced it open. The small entrance made the house seem to be empty, as it was very clean, quiet, and vacant.
The five people stood there, stunned. There were absolutely no signs of any kind of struggle, so unless he had gone in some secluded area and murdered her (which was highly unlikely, despite their fears), she would not have been taken there by force. But the house seemed a little too quiet. Until, they heard a gentle laughter, one that could only come from Ebony, coming from the end of a short hallway.
Zack couldn’t take it anymore. He stomped down the hallway, his hand clenched in fists, turned at the end of the hallway to find a kitchen. The sight he saw stunned him considerably. But, for you to be able to understand was is going on here, let’s go back a little.

Ebony walked towards the door and saw that the shop was closed. She sighed and turned back towards the car so she could go home. However, before she made it to the car, the owner, Nicholas, ran outside.
“I’m sorry, are you looking to buy something? It’s only a little after closing time; you can still come in.” He offered.
“Oh, thanks. That would be very nice.” Ebony smiled lightly and went inside behind him. She searched the store for the few items that her mother asked for before bringing them to the counter. She handed the man her debit card. He looked at it.
“Ebony Rima, eh?” He sighed before scratching his head. “Funny… I had a girlfriend in high school with the last name ‘Rima’.”
“It’s not a very common last name… That’s kind of odd.” Ebony commented. Jokingly, she asked, “Her name wasn’t Ivory, was it?”
“Actually, yes. It was.” He mumbled. Ebony’s eyes widened. Is this… “When I think back I remember she dropped out of school while I was dating her. When she was 16 I think.”
“Do you know why?” Ebony asked and played with the hem on her dress.
“Not really. When I asked, she told me that I didn’t need to know. Somehow I felt that it involved me, however.” He nodded and continued to check out her items.
“Did you go to Roosevelt High School?” He nodded. “And are you around the age 35 now?”
“I am 35…” He answered, confused about her questions. She swallowed hard.
“Well then, you dated my mother.” She stated strongly. His eyes widened in shock.
“But you must be around 18. She’s only 34 right now. So she was only…” He left himself speechless as he stared at the young woman in front of him. “Oh my…” He figured it out. “You’re my daughter.”
“Yes, I guess I am.” Ebony put her hand to her face and curled her fingers in front of her lips. He had tears in his eyes.
“I never would have expected this.” Nicholas thought out loud. “I’m so happy.”
“And to think, if you didn’t let me into the shop after hours, we never would have met.” She mumbled, trying to hold back her own tears.
“The only thing I regret is not seeing you grow up. I would give anything to see that.” He stated, smiling goofily.
Upon further inspection, she noticed a lot of similarities between her newly found father and herself. A lot from his personality. Both of them seemed very identical.
Later on, he offered to take her out to dinner at a nearby Chinese restaurant, which happened to be both of their favorite type of food. She didn’t mind eating late and eating a second dinner. She wanted to get to know her real father for once. During dinner, she learned that he was engaged and owning the General Store was only a side job, as he worked as a teacher in Boston. She had wanted to meet his fiancé, but sadly she was out on a business trip.
Later on, after they finished dinner, Nicholas offered to show her the yearbook he had from the year her mother and he were dating. So, she went over to his house, where his fiancé already lived (but again, she was out on a business trip) to look at the yearbook and to talk with him more about what her mother was like and about himself. He also wanted to learn a lot about her.
It was already 1 in the morning and she had become extremely tired from the overwhelming day. He wanted to drive her home, but she knew that her car was at the General Store still and she wasn’t awake enough to drive it home. So she slept in the guest bedroom.

Thus, came to the morning after when Zack found the two of them talking to each other over pancakes at the kitchen table. She had apparently laughed over a funny story that he told her.
“Ebony!” Zack exclaimed, not sure whether he should be relieved or furious. Why was she in some strange man’s house? Why was she happy about being in this man’s house as well!?
“Huh?” She turned around and saw her boyfriend standing there, perplexed. As soon as she registered his being there, she jumped up and hugged him. “Zack!”
“Who’s this?” Nicholas chuckled. “Another son I need to get to know?”
“No. Zack is my boyfriend.” Ebony stated. Suddenly, the other four in the group ran down the hallway as well, just to find even more confusion. After some reasonable explaining, everyone was caught up with what happened and why they saw what they saw on the security camera.
And pancakes were had by all.


Do you like pancakes~?
Sorry about the sucky ending XD
Yes, yes. This is the reason why she disappeared!
I was actually afraid this chapter was going to be really short...
Also, I had originally planned something totally different than this.
This was an idea that I didn't really think would fit very well, but I ended up making it kind of work.
Does it sound okay?
My original idea was that she was kidnapped and was being held hostage to coax money out of her because he was a druggie. (To those who know Ebony's story, it was going to be Fallon XD)
Thought this was more fitting, less traumatizing, and a little more hard to guess.
This chapter mostly revealed what Ebony and her mother's past is like than it is developing main characters. (Sure, Ebony's a main character, but I mean more than one main character)
Also, this is the last chapter that is Zebony-centric.
Next chapter starts the Sheidi arc! Woooo!

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Teenage Dream
Chapter 11: The Aftermath

A young heiress’s feet came walking down the hallway, her nerves being woken by the cold hardwood floors. There was a flurry of activity coming from the mansion’s staff as they saw her fresh face smiling that Saturday morning, February 15th.
“Why is she already awake?” Belinda, the head maid, asked.
“This isn’t like her.” Kenji, the head butler, commented.
“She’s actually smiling for once!” Todd, a chauffeur, exclaimed.
“This is a rare sight!” Amber, a maid, agreed.
“Get the camera! This is a Kodak moment!” Olivia, another maid, laughed.
The young woman turned towards them and flashed a giant, blinding smile. “Good morning everyone. How are you all today?”
“We’re fine!”
“You all seem nervous. Is something wrong?” She asked cheerfully.
“Nothing, mistress Ebony!” They all answered the same until one of the maids stepped up.
“Did something happen last night?” She asked. “You seem in a good mood.”
“Jenna! Just because you’re Ebony’s favorite maid doesn’t mean you can ask such personal questions!” A butler called out.
“Oh yes, something wonderful happened last night.” Ebony giggled, ignoring the butler’s comment. “I’ll tell you about it during breakfast!”
The rest of the staff watched as the two headed towards the kitchen.
“Whatever happened, it must’ve been so amazing that mistress Ebony is in a good mood in the morning.” Belinda nodded. Everyone else agreed and returned to their duties. Meanwhile, Jenna whipped up a pot of tea.
“So, tell me. What happened?” Jenna smiled creepily towards Ebony. The maid went over to the coffee maker to make some coffee for herself. Ebony spotted this.
“Even when I’m happy, I am not letting you drink coffee.” Ebony warned.
“Aw, why not?” The other girl whined.
“First of all, coffee smells horrible. Second of all, coffee makes you act like a raging alcoholic. And remember what happened the last time I let you have coffee?” She raised an eyebrow.
“I called my ex-boyfriend and told him I was going to kill him…” Jenna confessed and walked back to the table. “So, tell me, what happened?”
“It probably won’t sound as special as it was for me.” She admitted. “But, Zack told me that he loves me and asked me out!”
“That’s great!” Jenna exclaimed. “What did you say?”
“I said yes, of course. And that I love him too.” She swooned. “You’re the first one I told, actually.”
“This is wonderful!” Her friend cheered. “I’m so happy for you two!”
“So, when is your first date going to be?” Jenna asked.
“First… date?” Ebony repeated. She honestly hadn’t thought of that yet.

Zack stumbled out of his bedroom to find his brother eating cereal at the kitchen table.
“Yo.” Drake said after finishing his bite.
“Hey.” Zack responded and looked in the fridge.
“Finished all of the milk. Sorry.” Drake informed his brother, sarcastically concerned.
“It’s okay. I don’t need to eat cereal.” Zack smiled at his brother. He looked back, scared.
He didn’t get upset when I used all of the milk… Is Zack in a good mood? That’s the only explanation, but it’s the morning! Drake turned to his twin.
“Hey… You okay?” He asked, confused.
“Couldn’t be better.” His brother smiled.
What is this madness!?
“So how was your night?” Zack asked and took out a few eggs from the fridge. “Did you have fun at Kennedy’s dance?”
“Yes… I did. I assume you had a good time at our dance?” Drake suggested. Zack nodded.
“Yeah… I had a great time.” Zack smiled. Drake looked back at him.
“In what way?”
“Well, to sum it up…” he sighed happily, “Ebony and I are dating now.”
Drake almost spit out all of his cereal at this news.
“What!?” He almost yelled.
“I know. I had told her that I love her and then she said that she loves me too.” He gave his brother a goofy smile.
“But how can she love you!? I mean… seriously!” Drake ran his fingers through his hair, aggravated.
“Because I am in such a good mood, I will ignore that comment.” Zack smiled politely at his brother. He rolled his eyes.
“So, when are you guys going on your first date?”
“What do you mean?”
“First date? As in, when two people spend alone time together in a romantic way for the first time?” Drake said obviously.
“I know, but I guess I never really thought about that.”

“It’s nice to finally be together like this. After all of this time.” Ebony sighed happily.
“I feel the same.” Zack smiled. After walking down the hallway for a few seconds, he silently grabbed her hand. She leaned into him more. As the couple peacefully walked the hallways of Roosevelt, absorbed in their love, insanity was going on around them. What they did not know was that it was all because of them.
A female sophomore turned to her brother and smacked him on the chest. “When were you planning on telling me that they are dating!?”
“Cerelia! I didn’t know!” Her brother caught her hand before she could hit him again.
“Ah, young love. They’re such a cute couple.” A chorus teacher sighed. She jumped. “Wait, is that Ebony and Zack!?”
“Non lo so…” The gym and foreign language teacher next to her exclaimed, also surprised. “Since when?”
“I told you that they’d be cute together!” I hyper girl laughed at her orange-haired friend.
“Yes, that’s why we stuck them under the mistletoe during Christmas.” She agreed.
Another girl, this time with peach-colored hair, saw the couple, looked towards her crush, and sighed. I wish we could walk together like that…

“The Spring Opening!? It’s perfect!” The girl exclaimed after hearing what the boy on the other line informed her.
“Yeah, I know. I had heard about it and the amusement park is opening up this weekend.” The boy explained.
“That will be the perfect first date.” She nodded. “Ah, I’m so excited.”
“Ivy, don’t you think it’ll be a little weird with following her and Zack around all day? Watching their first date and all? I mean, she is your best friend and my cousin…” Ben mumbled.
“Yes, I thought that too. But we’re getting a bunch of people involved just to make sure that the date will go perfect for them.” Ivy tapped her pencil on a clean sheet of notebook paper as she concocted a scheme for the date her and her boyfriend were going to witness.
“Who else?”
“Hm… Maybe some of your other relatives, like Joy and Jade and Sienna. Also Jenna. I’m sure she’ll want to come along too.” She rubbed her chin. “Maybe we can ask Kanani and Cerelia to come along too, and maybe even Drake, but he will probably want to ruin the date for them… Oh, and Delilah will definitely want to come!”
“It’s a whole party now, isn’t it?” Ben laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head.
“Shush! I’m scheming!” Ivy yelled into the phone.
“Who ya talking to?” Her brother sneaked up behind her. She covered the microphone.
“Ben.” She answered subtly.
“Ah, Sienna’s cousin!” He laughed. Ivy rolled her eyes at her brother’s creepy attitude.
“Go away, Dustin.” His sister waved him off.
“I heard of your plan to stalk your friends on their date. You know, I can…” He paused to remove his sunglasses in a dramatic fashion, “help you with that.”
“Where did you get those sunglasses?” Ivy mumbled.
“That doesn’t matter.” He quickly answered. “So, if you are going to be secretly following them, you must have disguises for you and your companions. I happen to be good in that art of fashion and espionage, so I can assist you with this problem.”
“Why do you want to help so much?” Ivy raised her eyebrow.
“To help my darling sister of course!” He coughed. “Plus, anytime I can spend with Sienna is a good time. And because I am really bored on weekends…”
“Fine. Whatever.”

“Why do we have to pretend to be a couple!?” A certain red-head fumed as her partner chuckled.
“C’mon Delilah. I’ll show you a fun time.” The boy nudged her. She rolled her eyes.
“Your idea of a ‘fun time’ is by destroying their date.” She looked at him emotionless.
“I know! Isn’t it great?” Drake laughed.
“Anyway, the four of us,” Dustin pointed out his sister, Ben, Sienna, and himself, “are ‘going on a double date’. I’m with Sienna, and you two are together.”
“The four of us are in a group together, right?” Jade mumbled and gestured towards herself, Joy, Kanani, and Cerelia.
“Yes, and you are all ‘best friends’ or ‘BFFLs’.” Dustin nodded. He handed out the outfits for everyone and the wigs to people who had recognizable hair colors, meaning Ivy, himself, Kanani, Delilah, Sienna, and Joy. Jenna politely raised her hand.
“Wait, you didn’t group me with anyone. What am I doing?” She asked, feeling left out.
“You have the most important role, of course!” Ivy jumped in. “All of us are just going to be hanging around just in case something goes wrong. However, it would be very suspicious if these giant groups are following them everywhere and listening and watching them. So, we will be staying on the sidelines as you are following their every move and watching for any mistakes that could go wrong and make the date horrible. I’ll go over the signals you’ll need to send us.”
“Sweet.” Jenna nodded, now happy with her role.

“When I was a kid, I actually hated going to this fair with my brother and my mom.” Zack commented and looked around at all of the attractions. “But now, coming here with you, it makes the experience a lot better.”
“I could say the same.” Ebony smiled. She looked at the map of the rides. “Which ride should we go on first?”
“I personally would like to go on the rotor. I always loved that ride when I was younger.” He pointed to the ride that was nearby. Ebony swallowed hard.
“That ride always made me sick…” She mumbled. “How about the Tornado?”
“Meh. Don’t really like that ride either.” Zack rejected her idea. Jenna’s eyes bulged out of her head. This was what she was looking for! She whipped out her phone and called Ivy.
“Ivy, they’re fighting over what ride they should pick.” Jenna informed her. Ivy said that she’d be right on it. The two began to fight a bit more and Jenna looked around nervously to see what Ivy would do. Suddenly, she saw Delilah and Drake go past, and they loudly declared the ride they were going on.
“Dear, I think it would be really fun to go through the Haunted House. I heard that it is scarier than ever this year!” Delilah smiled. Drake nodded.
“Let’s go. It’s this way.” Drake pointed towards the Haunted House and the pretend couple walked towards it.
“The Haunted House sounds good.” Ebony nodded after hearing them speak of it.
“Yeah, it does.”
Jenna was relieved that they agreed to go on the ride together.

After going through every ride they had gone on so far, Jenna was absolutely tired. Luckily, the new couple had decided to take a rest and get some food and drinks. She walked up right behind them and watched as Zack nervously looked inside his wallet. She could tell that he didn’t have enough money to buy something. Jenna knew what she had to do.
She grabbed a twenty dollar bill out of her purse (she was supplied with money from Ivy and Ben just in case something like this happened) and dropped it on the floor next to their feet. Jenna then pretended to look down and coincidentally spot the money laying there. She picked it up and tapped the boy on the shoulder.
“Excuse me, but I think you dropped this. I saw it fall out of your wallet before.” She informed him. He looked at her strangely. It took him a moment until he accepted the money, questioning if it was really his or not.

The four girls were stationed at a table nearby the couple’s as they were eating dinner. They listened in intently. For a while, they thought it was going great. Until they suddenly heard silence. Kanani nonchalantly walked over to the garbage can and looked to see if they were eating or if it was an awkward pause in conversation. She ran back to the table and confirmed their theories.
“I gotta plan.” Cerelia whispered. She walked over to their table. “Excuse me, I don’t mean to be a bother, but I think I might have left my cell phone here… Did either of you happen to see it?”
“Uh… no, sorry.”
“Ah, dang.” Cerelia pretend-sighed. “Oh wait, I think I gave it to one of my friends to hold when I went on the Hurricane!” She laughed. “Sorry to bother you. I can be a real idiot sometimes.”
“Don’t worry; it’s okay.”
“Good, I’m sorry to intrude on your meal…” She stopped before walking away. “Do you two, by any chance, happen to be on a date?”
“Um… yes… Why exactly?”
“No real reason, I was just going to say that you are a cute couple.” She smiled before Kanani turned towards her.
“Hey, stop being so nosy to the couple!” She laughed.
Cerelia sat back down and whispered to the other girls. “Hopefully that gave them some time to think about something to talk about…”

“I can honestly say that this has been a perfect date.” Ebony nodded her head. “It feels as if nothing went wrong at all.”
“Yeah, I think so too.” Zack smiled. “What do you want to do now? It’s getting pretty late.”
“Pretty late?” Ebony glanced at a clock and saw it was getting close to 8 P.M. “I’m not that tired yet. How about we play some arcade games?”
“Sure, why not?” Zack laughed. They walked into the arcade and spotted a Dance Dance Revolution game. She pulled him towards it laughing. They put on “M.A.D.”, which was one of their favorite songs. Ebony easily beat him.
“How… are you… so good?” He asked, out of breath.
“I have played DDR a lot because I bring Ben and Ivy to the arcade often and this is the only game I really like at that arcade.” She nodded.
“Well, I guess I will have to come with you guys sometime.” Zack laughed after he caught his breath.
“Sure! I’m positive they wouldn’t mind.” She smiled. “What should we play now?”
Ivy, Ben, and Dustin called the other three groups to inform them that the mission was over because they felt no reason for them trying to help the couple anymore. In fact, they believed that they didn’t even need their help in the first place. Sure, they had some problems, but each of them were easily fixable by themselves.
“So, we’re going home now?” Sienna asked Dustin once he finished talking to Jenna.
“Yup. Any further problems they can handle by themselves.” He nodded.
And with that, the rest of them left.

“I had a great time, Zack.” Ebony smiled lightly as she clutched the stuffed tiger Zack had won for her at the arcade by playing on the crane machine.
“Me too.” He smiled. The two stared at each other, smiling, for a few moments. Before heading back to her car, Ebony quickly stood on her tippy-toes and kissed him. After a second, she waved and walked towards her car. He smiled again before going inside his apartment building.
On her way home, she vaguely remembered her mom asking her to pick up something if it was at all possible. So, she made her way to the store, got out of her car, and walked up to the store. She saw that it was closed, so she decided to just head home without getting whatever it was that her mom wanted.
However, she didn’t make it back to her house, or even her car, that night.


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Teenage Dream
Chapter 10: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday where you celebrate passion and happiness with those you love. It is also a whole franchise only created for the sake of card stores being able to sell even more cards than usual, but let’s look at this holiday more for its sentimental value instead. But alas, even when looking at the warm side of this precious holiday, Ebony despises it. Especially because she just so happened to be born on February 14th, which is the holiday’s annual date.
Sighing, she walked the hallways of Roosevelt with no happy expression plastered on her face, just a bored and indifferent look. As usual. Every couple she passed were in lovey-dovey mode, all curled up in each other’s arms and giving heart-box candies and kissing their partner tenderly. It made her feel sick. Knowing that the ‘ceremonial’ rose-giving system in the school was occurring that day did not help with her annoyed feeling.
As with many schools, Roosevelt participates in a fund-raising event where you can buy a rose and send it to someone through the school system. Most people receive the roses from close friends or significant others or sometimes even secret admirers. But, for some reason, Ebony has never received a rose from a romantic interest on Valentine’s Day. It just so happened that every time this joyful holiday, and her birthday, rolled around, she was single or going through a rough patch with her boyfriend at the time. It was like a curse. And she knew, almost for sure, that this day wasn’t going to be any different.
When she finally reached homeroom, she sat next to Zack in her usual spot, not even trying to be graceful when walking or sitting down. She just threw herself in the chair without a care in the world. Zack looked at her strangely.
“Shouldn’t you be happy?” He asked and moved some stuff he left on her desk. “It’s your birthday after all.” She looked at him surprised.
“You remembered my birthday?” She asked quietly. He nodded obviously.
“Of course! We’ve known each other for more than ten years, why wouldn’t I remember?” Zack shrugged while smiling. How was he in a better mood than her?
“It’s just that no one usually remembers my birthday because it falls on this holiday.” Ebony shrugged and began to fiddle with her fingers. “Speaking of which, why did I even buy a ticket to the Valentine’s Day dance?”
“Remember? It was because…”
“You two just have to go!” Ivy had exclaimed during lunch the day before. Ebony and Zack rolled their eyes.
“No.” They answered at the same time.
“Why not!? It’s going to be fun!” Ivy pleaded. “People tell me it’s the best dance of the year.”
“Valentine’s Day is my birthday. Why would I want to stay in a hot, stinky gym packed with kids for a holiday I absolutely despise?” Ebony questioned.
“Fine, you don’t have to go, but Zack still is. He has no excuse.” Ivy pouted.
“Wait, if she doesn’t have to go, why do I?” He raised an eyebrow.
“I already told you; you have no excuse!” She responded plainly. He sighed and turned towards Ebony.
“Please, if I have to go, can you?” He asked. She glared back at him.
“You’re lucky that I’m celebrating my birthday on Saturday.” She answered, annoyed that she is easily manipulated by him.

“Right.” Ebony rolled her eyes after remembering the circumstances.

Ivy and Ebony began walking with each other to their lockers. It was right after lunch, which was the time of the day that the carnations were handed out to those that were receiving them. Ebony had looked at the senders and proved her assumption she would not get any from romantic interests. She had gotten a bunch from her friends, however. She got one from Ivy (actually, she got 4 from Ivy for some reason), one from Heidi, one from Ben, one from Shane, one from Palika, and one from Drake. Sure, Drake can be considered a “romantic interest”, but that was one-sided and more of a joke than it was serious.
“So I assumed you got a ton from Ben and all of your other friends?” Ebony asked and tucked the rose bundle under her arm.
“I did!” Ivy smiled. “Well, so did you! You got nine roses!”
“Yes, that’s true but none are from any guys that I would be interested in dating…” Ebony mumbled after sighing slightly. She tried to not get too depressed, or, at least, let Ivy know that she was, but this ‘tradition’ of her never getting roses from a guy was getting pretty old. Of course, Ebony was not the romantic type, but she felt bad that no guy ever liked her enough to send her a carnation.
“Not even one?” Ivy prodded.
“Aw, that’s too bad.” Ivy frowned and gave her a quick hug. “I gotta go now, see you tonight!”
“Yeah…” Ebony mumbled, barely returning the embrace.
“So, you got no flowers from a ‘special’ guy, huh?” Zack came up behind her and questioned.
“NO I DID NOT.” Ebony raised her voice. Too many people had been asking her this.
“Okay, I was just wondering. You need to calm down.” Zack placed his hand on her shoulder. He couldn’t help but feel slightly relieved, though. He knew exactly why he felt this way.
“Whatever.” She brushed off his hand and sped up walking. He sighed and tried to catch up to her.
He couldn’t figure out why she didn’t see how beautiful she really was.

“Did Troy and Yuuki get you guys some roses for Valentine’s Day?” Heidi smiled and asked her two friends after lunch. They both nodded happily.
“Yup! It was so sweet.” Cerelia smiled and hugged the roses that she was holding. Kanani nodded and did the same. Palika stood by, silently amused, as she clutched onto the tons of flowers she had received.
“Who gave you all of those anyway?” Heidi asked and looked on as her friend struggled not to drop any.
“I have no clue. Almost all of them say ‘secret admirer’ or something like that on the ‘from’ line.” Palika showed her one as an example. “The others are from my friends.”
“Aw, this one’s really sweet.” Kanani giggled as she read one of the cards on a rose. “’You make me happier than I could know, you are they only one that makes me feel so,’ I bet I know who this is from!”
“Oh be quiet!” Palika blushed lightly and grabbed the flower back. “Who gave you your flowers?” This question was directed to Heidi.
“Well, I did get a few from boys. This one is my favorite, but it doesn’t have a name on it.” She handed the card over to her friends so they could read.
“I know who this is from!” Cerelia exclaimed and began to feel all happy. The others just stared at her awkwardly. Why was she so excited?
“It’s from Shane!” Cerelia whispered to her friends. Heidi got all red.
“How do you know?” Kanani asked and looked at the note.
“It’s his handwriting. And he also asked me what rhymed with ‘world’ the other day.” Cerelia nodded and pointed out the line.
Heidi was stunned. She thought that the romantic relationship between them was one-sided; her being the one side. But now she had other ideas in her mind. She was going to keep this letter forever.

Zack leaned against the bleachers as he watched his peers dance around the large gym as the DJ played some popular music from Ke$ha and Katy Perry and other artists. He felt nervous about what he had planned to do. Now, he was kind of happy, yet anxious, that Ivy had forced him to come to the dance. But, would he be able to make Ebony’s birthday meaningful?
“Coming late, huh?” Zack snickered as his friend approached. He tried to not pay attention to how beautiful he thought she was. She was wearing a simple, navy-colored dress. It was plain and had gone down to her knees and had a square neckline. There was a sky-blue ribbon tied around her waist. Her black hair was pulled back with another ribbon that matched the one on her dress. He could faintly see in the dim light that she even was wearing a sprinkle of makeup on as well. It was so simple yet so elegant and made her look like an angel.
“It’s not like I came here willingly.” She shrugged and leaned on the bleachers next to him.
“You did go all out.” He sighed and crossed his arms. She rolled her eyes. Unlike Ebony, Zack had decided to just go plain, only wearing a simple button-down dress shirt and dark jeans. It’s not like he had much else to wear.
“Where’s Drake?” Ebony searched the gym, trying to see what poor girl he was probably dancing with.
“He didn’t come to this dance for some reason. He had decided to go to Kennedy’s.” Zack replied with a confused tone of voice. Ebony looked at him strangely.
“I have no clue. He just told me this morning that he wanted to go to their dance. He didn’t even explain when I asked him about it.” Zack remembered.
The two stood in silence for a few moments. A slow song came on. To be exact, it was a slow, piano version of the popular Katy Perry song “Teenage Dream”. There was also a male singer.
“All of you couples out there, it’s your time to dance!” The DJ called out. The dancing had slowed and people began to get partnered up. It seemed as if everyone at the dance was dancing with someone besides for Zack and Ebony.
“Do you… Uh… Want to dance?” Zack mumbled and scratched the back of his neck. Ebony looked at him, her blushing hidden by her makeup and the darkness.
“But, isn’t this a slow song?” She asked innocently.
“Yes, but, can’t friends dance to a slow song if they want to?” Zack offered. She slowly nodded and the two walked onto an empty space on the dance floor. The girl in the pair awkwardly wrapped her arms loosely around his neck and he quickly placed his arms around her waist. They began to sway back and forth to the music.
“This is… nice.” Ebony mumbled and smiled a little.
It’s now or never, Zack… The boy gave himself a pep talk.
“Ebony.” He mumbled.
“I have something for you.” He mumbled. He removed his right hand from behind her back to reveal that he had been holding a rose. “Happy birthday.”
“Thank you.” She smiled before smelling the rose.
“You know, the only reason you don’t get any roses from guys that like you is because they are too afraid. They don’t want you to reject their feelings.” He stated.
“You’re just saying that…” Ebony said embarrassingly.
“No, it’s the truth. I was also too afraid to send you one because I thought you would have rejected it. But now I know that you didn’t.” He gave her a little smile.
She smiled at him again and gratefully accepted the rose that he had given her. They continued to dance.
“Ebony. I have something else to tell you.” He mumbled. She nodded. “I’m sorry.”
“For what?” She asked confused. She was expecting… something else.
“I’m sorry that I trouble you so much.” He stated. She looked at him confused. “I’m sorry that I burden you with my troubles. I’m sorry that you had to help me on Thanksgiving. I’m sorry that I couldn’t save you when you almost died. I’m sorry that I kissed you on Christmas. I’m sorry that I get so jealous over you.”
“Zack, you don’t have to-.”
“But, most of all, I’m sorry that I selfishly fell in love with you.”
“I’m sorry that I’ve been in love with you for years. Ever since we were children. Ever since we met.” He stated, his bangs covering his eyes from meeting hers. “Ever since you wanted to play with me when were we children.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Remember? How we met?”
Ebony cheerfully gathered up some snow and began making a large boulder of snow. She was five years old and was living in the same apartment complex that Zack still lives in. Zack was sitting on a bench, not paying attention to her and her twenty one year old mother. Drake had gone to a birthday party that Zack had not been invited to. Ebony spotted him sitting alone. She marched right up to him.
“Hey, you! Come play with me!” She happily commanded. He sunk into his large jacket and moved closer towards his mother.
“But… why?” He mumbled. No one in his preschool class had ever wanted to play with him. Only his brother.
“You seem nice!” She smiled. His eyes widened. She pulled him up and dragged him over to the boulder. About half-way through finishing the snowman, Ebony made a ball of snow and threw it at her neighbor. He wiped the snow off of his cheek.
“Hey! That wasn’t nice…” He whined. She giggled. “What was that for?”
“Snow ball fight!” She cheered. “It’s when you throw snow at each other! It’s fun!”
After a fun day of playing in the snow, the two children eventually had to part and go home for dinner.
“We should play together again tomorrow!” Ebony clapped.
“Really?” The little boy mumbled.
“Yeah! You’re fun to play with!” She laughed. She walked over to him and gave him a hug. “We’ll be friends forever, okay?”
He paused for a moment before smiling and answering, “Okay.”

“Yes… I remember now…” Ebony laughed.
“So, as I was saying, I am sorry for deceiving you for all of these years. Ever since you wanted to be friends with me, I have been denying the fact that I love you.” Zack mumbled.
“You shouldn’t be sorry. I should be.” Ebony whispered. “I, too, have been in love with you all of this time. Yet, I have been going out with countless guys just so that I wouldn’t have to sabotage our friendship. I am terribly sorry…”
The two looked at each other. They had the same feeling in their eyes. Zack ducked down and Ebony stretched herself up. The two slowly got closer until their lips finally met, in their first true kiss. Zack placed his hands on her face, gently deepening the moment. After all of these years of struggling to deny and hide their feelings for one another, they were finally able to act upon their feelings, and they couldn’t be any happier.
And they didn’t want it any other way.


First main couple dating.
Soon, I will finally be able to focus on the other main couple...
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It's the Valentine's Day chapter!
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Plus the ending is perfect ^^
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Teenage Dream
Chapter 9: Rollercoaster

Riding a rollercoaster with a blindfold on. You never know when there is going to be a sudden dip, a quick jerk, or a loop.
That is how Zack viewed his life with Ebony. He never expected a hug, a yell, or a tear coming from her. He never knew what to expect with her at all.
“You’re going to Florida?” Zack asked questionably.
“Yeah! Shane’s family is visiting there over Regents Week and offered to take my family!” She smiled. He stared at her. “Plus, he promised that he would teach me how to surf. I’ve always wanted to learn how!”
“So why are you asking me to go with you?” He stared with a blank expression. “And seriously? Couldn’t you just wait for the beaches to open up around here?”
“I just thought it would be fun for you. I mean, you always are telling me how you are excited for summer to come so you can go swimming again. So I was asking if you wanted to go with us.” She stated obviously.
“Why would I want to go all the way to Florida for a week when I have to be around Shane the entire time?” He repeated the same question, worded differently. She rolled her eyes.
“I guess if you don’t want to go on an all-expense paid trip to Florida for a week and stay in a private resort, I guess it’s your loss.” She shrugged smugly. He thought over what she said. Going to a warm place for a week and staying at a resort and going to the beach all day did sound better than staying cooped up in his tiny apartment the entire time
“Fine… If you want me to go… I’ll go…” He muttered, trying to hold in his excitement. He had never gone on a big vacation before, and was very excited for his first one. But, he didn’t want her to see it.
“Good. We are leaving on Saturday night and coming back the next Saturday. Don’t worry about the plane ticket; we are flying in Shane’s family’s private jet.” He looked at her strangely. Why do they own a private jet? “It’s just going to be eight of us. Shane and his family, my parents, me, and you. I was only allowed to bring someone because Ben refused to go. Apparently hot weather makes him really sick.” She shrugged.
“You’d rather bring me than Ivy?” Zack asked. Wouldn’t she rather bring a girl?
“Yeah, of course. I can only handle so much of Ivy, and you’re not annoying or obnoxious.” She paused before adding quickly, “Most of the time.” He laughed.
It was true, after all.

Well… This is awkward… Shane thought once he began unpacking his clothes. He looked across the room to see Zack also silently unpacking. He had a blank, unreadable expression plastered on his face, not seeming to be amused by this situation. He was happy to be in Florida in the warm sun and be able to swim at a cool beach, but sharing a room with his mortal enemy… Not welcoming.
“Sorry about this, but we only rented a four bedroom sector of the resort, so we have to stay here together.” Shane shrugged as he jumped on the bed. He looked at the window. “At least we have a good view.”
“I would have rather had no view than be stuck here with you.” Zack responded bitterly. Shane sighed.
“I have no clue why you hate me, but it’s not like you could have stayed with the girls. Ben and Aaron would have not permitted you to sleep within ten feet of Ebony.” Shane laughed and turned on the TV. Zack began flipping through a sports magazine, bored but not wanting to show it. “What do you want to watch? I don’t like TV much…” Shane asked, not finding any shows that caught his interest at all.
“Uh… ‘South Park’ I guess…” Zack mumbled. He usually didn’t get to watch TV much at home. His brother and he fight to get the remote and he rarely won, mostly because Drake is a star football player.
“Sure.” Shane flipped through the On Demand feature until he found “South Park”. He tossed Zack the remote. “I don’t really like this show, so you can choose what episode you want to watch.”
As Zack looked through his choices, his temporary roommate took out a Surfer magazine and began reading a page about teaching a girl to surf. Zack glanced over at him, and he seemed flustered. He paused the show and looked at him.
“What’s wrong?” He questioned with a strange stare.
“Well, I had seen this article in this magazine about teaching a girl how to surf, so I thought I should read it because I was going to teach Ebony. But, now it’s talking about it as if she is your girlfriend or something…” He let out an unpleasant laugh. Zack grabbed the magazine.
“’Make sure to hold her tight; you want her to feel comfortable and for her trust you and your ability to teach her’… This sounds ridiculous!” He began laughing as well.
“I mean, can’t a girl and a guy be friends without romance being involved somehow?” Shane shrugged. Zack agreed. The two took a moment to think of their best friends that were girls. They swallowed hard. There shouldn’t be, at least…
The two were lost in their thoughts for a minute before returning to their activities they had before. While Shane was distracted, Zack nonchalantly looked at him. This won’t be so hard I guess.

“No, you hang up!” Cerelia cooed into her cell phone. Ebony rolled her eyes. This had been going on for at least ten minutes now. She and Yuuki just didn’t know how to end a phone conversation. “Aww, you’re so sweet! I miss you too!” There was another pause when Ebony pretended to shoot herself. “No, you hang up! Okay, oooonnnne, twwwwoooo, thrrrrreeee… Teehee, you didn’t hang up either!” Ebony gave her another death stare, completely aggravated with this cute-sy, worthless phone conversation they were having. “Nooo, yooouuuu haaaannng uuuppp!” This had begun to go too far over the line.
“No, I will.” Ebony grabbed the phone and grunted. There was a “Huh?” from the other line, but she ignored it when she ended the call.
“Heeyyy, what was that for?” Cerelia pouted. She received an tense glance, one filled with so much hatred and annoyance it could scare a drill surgeon away.
“What do you think?” Ebony stated obviously. Cerelia kept pouting as she took back her phone.
“I swear, if you call him again, I’ll-!”
“Fine, I’ll text him.” Cerelia groaned. She flipped open her phone and read half of their texting conversation out loud. “Oh, I love you too!”
Ebony’s eyes bulged out of her head. Not with any of her boyfriends, not even with Drake when he insisted, she acted this way. Hopefully she will never. If she couldn’t even handle listening to it, imagine what it would be like to be the one initiating it! Cerelia continued her obnoxious out-loud texting conversation, and Ebony could still hear it, even with her iPod on maximum volume.

“I’m retreating here for now.” Ebony collapsed onto a navy sleeping bag in the corner of the boys’ room.
“Cerelia and Yuuki are cute-sy-ing it up in there. I thought, hey, if I don’t want to go to jail for murdering someone, I should probably just leave.” She explained and opened an old-fashioned bottle of Coca-cola. She re-adjusted her headband that kept her short black hair out of her face and out of the way.
“Yeah, I know what you mean. That can get pretty annoying back home.” Shane agreed.
“I hear Drake doing that with whatever girlfriend he’s with all of the time.” Zack groaned, being reminded of how his brother was able to use the phone, the TV, and eat everything in the house at the same time.
“Now I know what you mean. Ben and Ivy are too weird of a couple to do that stupid stuff. So, I guess I know how you guys feel now.” Ebony swirled the soda in the glass bottle. The two boys looked at her strangely.
“You’re not into that kind of stuff?” Zack asked, surprised at her statement.
She looked at him, dumbfounded. “Of course not. It’s annoying and idiotic. Unless I want to portray myself as someone with the brain the size of a pea, I would never talk like that.”
“A lot of girls I know are into that kind of thing, so it’s weird to think that you’re not.” Shane stated and turned to the next page in his magazine.
“Ew, gross. How would you react if I started to talk like that?” She took a sip of her soda and then she squished her face up to look all cute-like. She began to imitate her roommate. ”Oh, Zackykins! I miss you sooo much! I’ll love you forever!” She coughed. “And then comes the whole ‘No, you hang up’ crap.”
Zack looked surprised. “Why me?”
“Well, if I said ‘Shaneykins’…” She pointed towards Shane, who got all flushed.
“Oh. That makes sense.” Zack nodded and the two began to watch the show, just as Kenny got blown up by a bomb.

Zack rolled up his towel and wrapped it around his neck, the two ends relaxing against his bare chest. It was the morning after they came, Sunday, and he planned to go swimming and see if Ebony was doing well with surfing. The two had left before he even woke up, which isn’t that hard to accomplish. He stepped outside and ran towards the shore. Staying in this conveniently placed resort right off of the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico sure had its advantages.
He jumped into the water to see that almost no one had started swimming yet. Then he remembered that for the people who lived around there, it was way too cold for swimming. Living in Burnside Hill, Massachusetts his entire life, located just South of Boston, Florida’s supposedly ‘cold’ weather was absolutely fine. Plus, vacationing during Regents Week wasn’t a very common thing to do, as only high school students have that off. But besides those factors, he noted that only Shane and Ebony were already swimming.
“Look Zack! I’m doing it! I’m doing it!” Ebony called from the wave, but lost her footing and fell face-first into the water. Shane dove towards her.
“I told you to stay focused!” He warned. Zack just laughed.
Zack approached the water and then saw a bunch of stable rocks. I can walk on those… He started to climb on top of one of the large boulders, and then easily found his step and was walking freely on top of the slimy rocks. He was having a ton of fun. But, just as he was nearing the end, reaching almost fifty feet past the shore, he felt the need to go and bad.
Dang, that French cook is good, but the food goes right through you! He looked back at the rocks and noted that he would not be able to make it back. It almost took him an hour to get the far. Hesitantly, he dove into the water and swam back to shore. He ran up the beach to the deck and into the back door. He quickly rinsed the sand and salt off and sprinted towards the bathroom. Afterwards, Michèle insisted that he try some crepes, then some tartine, and lastly pain au chocolat. By the end, he had to wait half an hour because the four parents insisted that it was for his own health. He finally made it outside.
To meet an… unpleasant surprise. From the deck, he could faintly see Shane and Ebony. She was lying on the beach, sitting up slightly, and Shane was sitting next to her. They were making out. On the beach.
He slowly inched forward, and they seemed to be comfortable, from what he could see; which was practically nothing. He immediately turned back and headed inside, his stomach too queasy to enjoy himself in the water while his best friend (who he thinks he likes) was locking lips with his worst enemy. Yup, Shane was back to that status again.
He marched into the spa area of the resort and decided to allow himself to relax for the rest of the day. The Halo parents told him that he could use the spa at any time if he wanted to. At first, he thought that he wouldn’t need to. But now with this happy little event on his mind, he couldn’t wait to get it off of it.

He curled up under the blanket. He had taken Ebony’s iPod and was using it under there. He didn’t feel like coming out.
“You okay?” Shane asked, crawling into the other bed in the room.
“Hmph.” Was the only response he received. He gave the other boy a strange look.
“Sure…” Shane rolled his eyes and shut off the light. Zack reached his arm out and put it back on.
“Are you reading under there or something?” Shane asked.
“Then why do you need the light on?” He turned the lights off again, just to have Zack turn them back on.
To bother you. Zack answered to himself, not wanting to let Shane know that he was aggravated.
“Fine. Night.” Shane rolled over and pulled his own blanket over his head, trying to reject the light. Zack sighed and finally turned the light off for good.
In the darkness, Zack looked at the human-sized bump under the opposing blanket.
Why am I so upset? It’s not like I’m dating her… He rolled over and tried to go to sleep, only to hear an annoying voice pop up in his head. ”Besides, I’ve kissed Ebony before you!” It was his brother. Was that really why he got so upset? It wasn’t Shane or Ebony’s fault, and no one else were to blame. The only person that could be truly blamed for the anger Zack was feeling was himself. He wanted to keep Ebony all for himself. He didn’t want to share her at all. He was that selfish kid in the class that wanted the best toy in the box and didn’t want anyone to share it with. Yet, he didn’t play with it. He just held it and looked at it. And Shane was the one who took the toy and began playing it himself. Without telling Zack first.
I knew it! I should have told her that I love her! Then I wouldn’t be stuck here right now… Zack finally got himself to fall asleep.

The next day was just like the last, except this time, Zack spent most of his time sitting and walking around on the rocks. He didn’t want to talk to anyone. He only left his position to go to the bathroom or eat something. Even then he didn’t socialize at all.
Enough was enough. Ebony stomped right up to him after dinner.
“You’re coming with me right now.” She stated. She grabbed him by the collar and dragged him outside towards a new dock that was not being used. The two walked silently until they reached the end of it. They took off their shoes and socks and dipped their feet in the water.
“So, why have you been ignoring me for the past two days?” She interrogated him. He sighed bitterly. “Come on. You can’t hide it forever. You might as well tell me.” He looked out at the horizon as the sun began to set. The sunset was beautiful, but he knew Ebony was even more beautiful. With her ruffled hair, un-painted face, non-scandalous clothing, and bare, scarred legs, she was even more beautiful than the sun. He just couldn’t bring himself to look at her.
“I saw you… Yesterday, I mean… On the beach… With Shane…” He mumbled, trying to seem uninterested.
“Yes, and?” She questioned.
“You know what I am talking about, right?” He glanced at her quickly.
“No… actually.”
“You know… I saw you two… Uh… Kissing… On the sand. And it kind of looked like something more than kissing…” He mumbled, embarrassed at what he got angry about. She began bursting out laughing. “What’s so funny!?” He exclaimed, startled by her laughter. She placed a hand on his shoulder.
“You’re so stupid!” She choked out between giggles. “We weren’t kissing!”
“But… I saw you… Your lips were touching…” He recalled. Now that he thought about it…
“Yeah, but we weren’t kissing!” Ebony laughed as Zack stared in shock. She calmed down a little. “You see, I had lost my breath under the water and I started to drown so he gave me mouth-to-mouth.”
“What?” He replied groggily. All of that just because he had been saving her life?
“You heard what I said! I can’t believe you thought we were kissing!” She playfully nudged him. “We’re just friends you know!”
“Oh…” Zack felt absolutely stupid.
“And you got me all worried because I thought I did something to upset you! You jerk!” She jumped up and with one quick move she pushed him into the water.
“Oh no you don’t!” He laughed as he fell into the sea. He grabbed her ankle and dragged her in right behind him.
“Wha-AH!” She screamed as she was thrown in. The two started laughing once they realized how ridiculous they probably looked. She grabbed onto him, almost completely sinking because she wasn’t tall enough to stand on the bottom. He hoisted her up with a laugh.
“Now, now! We don’t want you drowning again!” He smirked as he raised her so much that her head was above his. They began to laugh once more. It was as if they were pushed into a place of mass hysteria. They just couldn’t stop.
Once the two began to catch their breath again, she placed her forehead on the top of his. Their heads almost made a 90 degree angle with each other. They stared into each other’s eyes lovingly.
“We probably should head inside… They’re wondering where we are by now.” Zack stated and averted his eyes. She nodded a little. She lifted her head up and gave him a kiss on the top of his head. Then she quickly jumped off of him.
“I’ll race you back to the resort!” She called, already a few feet ahead.
“Hey! No fair! You distracted me!” He yelled back and began swimming fast.
Yes, life with her was like riding a rollercoaster.
And he loved every minute of it.


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sonic the hedgehog other teenage dream chapter 9 game_grl_199
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Jan 22, 11 6:01am

Okay, I've been slaving over this chapter for you don't even know how long. I finally found a way that it was slightly satisfying to me. Enjoy.


Teenage Dream
Chapter 8: Football Season

The first days after a long break are always terrible when returning to school for anyone. However, for the kids at Roosevelt, it meant that the football season was reaching its high point, where most of the games that really mattered in the championship came up. Although, even as most of the school was excited for the upcoming games, the main quarterback was not thrilled at all.
Drake dragged his feet along the ground. Oh, how he missed football camp so much. When he was there, even though he had done exhausting drills all day, at least he was able to sleep until 7. Now, he had to wake up at 5:30 at the latest to get ready for school which started at 7. He had to look on the bright side; at school, there were girls. Sure, he dated almost all of them before, but there were still a handful left. Then, he was off to college, with a whole new batch of girls.
He wouldn’t have a reputation in college for being a womanizing party-animal like he has during high school. Settling down? Meh, who cares? College will be all about living in the moment, worrying about having fun now and not caring for the consequences that would come later. College will be the best years of his life, and it will be for a discount, now that he got the scholarship.
“So, how are you enjoying your first days back from school?” Zack snickered at his brother on the lunch line. If there was anything that got his spirits up, was seeing his brother be miserable.
“Same as they were last year, Zachary.” He grunted as a reply, trying to get back at his brother by using his full name, which he despised.
“I bet you are going to fail all of your tests now!” He shot back in revenge.
“I hope I don’t end up like you!” Drake showed fake concern. “Not only will I fail every test and class, but I’ll be 17 years old and only having one girlfriend so far; I could only imagine!” Drake chuckled and leaned in. “Besides, I kissed Ebony before you, so suck it!”
“Are you stalking her or something? ‘Cause you sure do talk about her a lot!” Zack steamed. Why does he always have to get her involved? “But, if I ever dated her, she would never break up with me!”
“I guess we will never know, due to the fact that won’t ever happen.” Drake crossed his arms. At that moment, Ebony finally was able to make it to the lunch line. She pushed in front of Drake to get between the two.
“Yo, Ebony.” Drake leaned on the wall behind his ex-girlfriend. “You’re looking beautiful, as usual.”
“Whatever.” She groaned, trying to ignore him.
“So, I have been just dying to know, how terrible was kissing my brother, on a scale of one to ten? One being disgusting, ten being absolutely horrible. Go!” When she didn’t respond, he just continued. “Did he slobber all over you? I can imagine that. He hasn’t had any practice at all. He obviously wasn’t as good as I-!“ He got elbowed in the stomach.
“I don’t want to deal with you today.” She growled. She couldn’t get any sleep last night. Her dog, Milo, kept barking at the neighbors who were unpacking their things after coming home from vacation. The time zones must have messed them up.
“Aw, how cute. You must be jealous of Delilah, aren’t you?” He teased. She rolled her eyes and gave him a good kick in the crotch.
“Sorry; you had that coming to you.”
“Okay, you officially just made my day.” Zack nodded and began laughing at his brother, who was crouched over, withering in pain.
“As I said, he had it coming to him.” Ebony shrugged before they finally got their food.
“First day he’s back… he thinks he’s the big man already.” Zack mumbled under his breath, angered by how his brother was already heading to sit with the popular kids after getting off of the lunch line, not to mention hitting on the girls there.
“Aw, are you jealous?” Ebony giggled and pinched his cheeks.
“Why the Hell would I be jealous?” Zack wasn’t jealous one bit, just annoyed by his brother’s behavior. At least that’s what he liked to think. He really didn’t know why he got so annoyed. He looked at his best friend and took a second to see the woman he knew she was past her dark, baggy clothing. Could it be because of her, with what he said before?

It was already towards the end of January, and Drake eventually adjusted back to going to school again. The football season was nearing its end, which only meant one thing. The big, final game with Kennedy was approaching with rapid speed. Almost everyone, even those who don’t usually follow football, were extremely excited for the upcoming game. Most of the school’s enemies had gone off to Kennedy, so their way of getting revenge was by beating them in this game. It was thrilling every year, most years they lose, but that just gives them more motivation to do better.
“So, any of you going to the game tonight?” Ben asked at the lunch table. All he knew was that everyone answered with a ‘yes,’ but he couldn’t keep track of who said what.
“My Mom was even able to get some time off to watch it.”
“Even if I said no, you would force me to…”
“I’m a cheerleader, so I have to go!”
“Kanani asked me to go with her and Troy.”
“So we’re all going, huh?” Ben nodded. “I hope we win this year. We didn’t last year.”
“We better win, Drake has been working his butt off at the camp. Not necessarily for this game, but it was probably a good motivation for him.” Zack commented, taking a bite out of the chicken he had purchased before.

Ebony rested against a poll, waiting for her friends to come up, as they all had agreed to meet there. So far, only Zack arrived.
“I’m going to find a food stand, get something to eat. Want anything?” He asked, bored of waiting.
“Nah. Fine.” She mumbled, not even trying to form a complete sentence. Zack nodded and walked off. She observed her surroundings, having nothing better to do. Her friends always seemed to be late for everything, and when they weren’t they were always too early. Just for once, she wished they could be on time.
Ebony caught sight of the Kennedy football team making their way over to the field. She spotted the quarterback of the team, Jet, who was also her ex-boyfriend, smugly looking around the place. She saw Marth, her cousin who went to Kennedy only because of the convenience of the location, walk up behind Jet and point towards her. Jet smirked and he started moving towards her, the entire football team right behind him. She stood up straight, not at all excited for the confrontation she knew she would have to face with him.
“Long time no see, Ebony.” He took her hand.
“And what a nice time that was without you.” She commented and retracted her hand without hesitation.
“Cute. So how have you been? Crushing other guy’s hearts?”
“What would make you think that?” She raised an eyebrow in his direction.
“Isn’t it quite obvious?” He stated, pausing for effect. “You crushed my heart, so I would think you would continue in your path.”
“In what way did I crush your heart?” She questioned, beginning to become aggravated. There was a snicker coming from some of the guys in the crowd.
“You lied to me, of course. You said you ‘would always wait for me,’ and when I was finally ready, you took off with that McFann kid.” He explained it as if it were as simple as the alphabet.
“Maybe that has something to do with, oh, I don’t know, how many times you lied to me, cheated on me, used me, and abused my trust? I gave you my heart, but you took it and stomped on it! And you even THINK that I would come crawling back to you!?” Ebony fumed up. She had never been able to have this yelling match with him, and this was her chance. “Nuh uh! No sir! Not in my life!”
“Well, if you weren’t such a whore, maybe I wou-“
Jet was cut off suddenly. When Ebony’s tears stopped blurring her vision, she turned to see that Zack had punched him in the face. His face was one of a mad man, he seemed extremely upset.
“Don’t you dare call Ebony anything like that ever again. Got it!?” Zack warned him as Jet jumped back up. He swung his fist up and hit Zack on the bottom of his jaw.
“I could do whatever the Hell I want to do.” Jet growled. Zack looked back at him, his glare full of rage and fury, and lashed out his fist and hit his opponent right in the chest. A whole crowd had gathered to watch the fight scene take place. Ebony began to become worried at the sight of blood and stepped right between them.
“Guys! Stop it! Calm down!” She yelled at them.
“This guy called you a whore! I will never let him live that down!” Zack shouted, blood trickling down the side of his face.
“It’s not like I was lying!” Jet barked. “Tell the truth; you’ve thought of banging her too!”
“I’m going to kill you!” Zack’s rage got the best of him when he attempted to release himself from Ebony’s grasp so he could try and throw in some more punches in this idiot’s direction. Luckily, she was able to keep them away from each other.
“This is a school event, and do you both really think that you should be acting this way?” She interrogated them. They both looked kind of ashamed.
“Whatever. Let’s go Kennedy.” Jet called out to his team and began walking away.
”Let’s go Hawks! Let’s go Hawks!” Part of the crowd cheered behind the football team.
“I would’ve killed him if I had the chance…” Zack mumbled under his breath as Ebony helped him stand straight again. She looked at his face and touched it, only to find that there was blood covering it completely.
“The game’s almost starting, but right now ¬we have to get that blood off of your face.” She mumbled and looked through her bag for some tissues. “I think I left the packet in my car. Let’s go get them.”
Ebony tried her hardest to not stare at him, all beaten up like that. He took it really well, but, gosh, getting beat up by the star quarterback from the team that is best in the league… It must’ve hurt a lot, but he didn’t want to worry her with the knowledge of his pain. He wanted her to be happy, satisfied.
“Found them.” She whispered and took the packet of tissues out from the glove box. He sat, silent, in the driver’s seat as she quietly dabbed away the blood that was coating his face. He flinched, but didn’t complain. “I know that you’re hurt, you don’t have to hide it from me.” She murmured.
“I’m not.” He grunted.
“I should’ve just walked away before it got to that point. Now you’re going to have a ton of scars…” She sighed and regretted her actions with Jet. As soon as she saw him walking towards her, she should’ve left. Now, everyone’s hurt because of her.
“Stop thinking like that!” He turned towards her, defensive.
“What do you mean?”
“You always think it’s your fault for everything! Sometimes, it’s not, you know.” He burst. He hated the way she always blamed herself for everything that went wrong. Whether it is him getting sick, a cushion tearing, or even something as little as a dinner bill being too high, it is always ‘her fault,’ at least, according to her. “I punched him because I wanted to; you didn’t have anything to do with it.”
“Oh…” Ebony swallowed hard. “Okay…”
“You should try to care about yourself every once in a while, you would be so much happier if you did that.” Zack continued to scold her, not realizing she was on the brink of tears.
“If I should try to care about myself more,” she sniffled, “then why are you always so concerned about me?”
“I… I don’t know.” He mumbled. He grabbed a tissue and wiped away a drip of blood that was running down his neck. “I guess it’s because there’s no one else to look after you.” He raised his voice. “I mean, it’s not like you care about treating yourself. So now, I have to spoil you if no one else will.”
Just then, he caught on to how she was about to cry. She was blinking fast, sniffling a lot, not looking directly at him, and her face was flushed. He immediately calmed himself down.
“Ebony! I’m sorry, are you okay? Why are you crying!?” He stopped scolding her and began doing the thing he was just talking about; caring more for her than himself. Zack hated when girls cried. It made him feel as if he had done something wrong and that he was completely helpless towards her.
“It’s just that… you were yelling… at me…” She said between sniffles and large breathes. “I don’t like it when you yell at me.” She wiped away a tear that had fallen down on her cheek. “I don’t even know why I am crying… I don’t usually cry when someone is criticizing me. You saw me with Jet before; I wasn’t upset at all. But now, I don’t know why…”
He looked at her hopelessly. She had begun to hiccup. He felt there was nothing he could do to help her. He sighed and leaned in towards her. After staring at her for a few seconds, he wrapped Ebony in his arms. She drew back for a second before relaxing and begun crying on his shoulder again.
“It’s okay… I’m sorry I yelled at you…” He mumbled as her tears soaked into his shirt.
“And I’m sorry that I make you worry all of the time…” She whispered back, clutching to his shirt. When she stopped crying and they both drew back, Zack began to freak out.
This is the classic scene where the guy is supposed to kiss the girl! Then they both tell them that they love each other and they start dating afterwards!
He wasn’t alone with his spaz attack.
I’ve seen this in a movie once… That scene where best friends (or something more) are alone together in a car, and at that deep, moving moment they kiss and confess their love!
But both were extremely indecisive.
Is that what I’m supposed to do?
Is that what is going to happen?
Nah, she doesn’t have feelings for me anyway…
Nah, he doesn’t have feelings for me anyway…
They sat in silence for a moment.
“So… Everyone’s probably wondering where we are…” Zack mumbled, averting his eyes.
“Yeah… And the game’s already started…” Ebony carried on the topic.
“We should just go.”

The Roosevelt Eagles won. The students cheered with success over their enemies at Kennedy. Ebony and Zack made it just in time to see the last quarter of the game take place. From the field, Drake looked up at them, smiled and gave them a small gesture of recognition before heading off to celebrate more with his team. Jet looked defeated. Humiliated. Ebony couldn’t be happier. Zack felt the same way. As everyone was cheering for the win, the two glanced at each other.
What would’ve happened if I did kiss her?
What if I had told him that I loved him?
They both were beginning to regret their actions, and wished they could go back in time to fix them. To make the night absolutely perfect. But, by the time another month passed, they would confess and begin to date each other.
But we’ll get to that.


I apologize to Sammi and Lucy; this chapter was supposed to be about Delilah/Drake, but somehow... this happened. But, I changed my chapter line-up and now they have an entire chapter based around them.
Yay. Some more Zack/Ebony fluff... Hopefully the fight thingy makes up for the whole Delilah/Drake thing for you, Lucy.
This has been the biggest chapter by far. How it even got to that point, I have no clue.
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Sorry for the kind of long wait for this chapter.
I wanted to relax myself and pace myself a little more.
Plus, I planned out approximately how many chapters there are going to be and when they are coming out and what they are about!
I am very excited.
There will be approximately 20 chapters, 21 if you include the epilogue I am going to include.
It's going to be a future-sneak-peak with a High School reunion, or a wedding, or something where I get to catch up everyone with each other.
I am very excited~
It will also be done by about June 20th (with the release of the Epilogue).
There will be a new chapter released almost every weekend, so you should look out!
Anyway, this chapter is Halo-centric, and doesn't mention any characters from the Rima story at all.
To sum up, it's New Years Day


Teenage Dream
Chapter 7: New Beginnings

Heidi woke up in a strange place. The bed was comfier, the walls were trimmed, and the floor was hardwood. Not to mention that the room was fancier than her own. Upon looking at herself, she realized that she was still wearing her day clothes.
This was definitely not her bedroom.
She began to think over the events of the night before. She was at the New Years Eve Party; she was watching her friends dance and decided to go to the bathroom. After an awkward encounter with Zack and Ebony, she finally found the bathroom. When she got back, she took a big sip of her drink, which tasted kind of funny, and began to have fun again. After that, she didn’t remember anything. Not even the countdown to the New Year, which was the main focus of the night.
She had thought of kissing a certain special someone at the New Year, but she knew better. Something like that would be very embarrassing for that guy she had thought of. Obviously, this special someone of hers is Shane. Shane is too dense to realize her feelings for him. That’s why she had decided that the worst thing that she could do at the party was to kiss him.
She took her attention back to where she was. Where in the world was she? She didn’t recognize this place at all! Man, the party seemed really fun. How can she not remember the rest of it? She sat up and studied the room. She was about to get up and move the curtains so she could look out the window and survey the place she was. She could probably figure it out if she saw the outside of the house. Suddenly, the door next to the large wardrobe was opened. A slender face with a mat of red hair appeared from behind the door.
“Oh, Heidi. You’re awake finally.” The boy stated. Heidi then realized exactly where she was. Shane’s bedroom.
“Wh-wh-what happened l-l-last n-n-night!?” She squeaked after hiding herself under the covers, blushing like mad.
“No, you’re misunderstanding the situation!” Shane exclaimed, his cheeks lightly turning pink. “Um, long story short, you passed out on the couch and you had to stay here for the night. You couldn’t stay in the guest bedroom and Cerelia was really tired, so I moved you in here and I slept on the couch.” He stepped outside of the bathroom, grabbing the shirt that was laid on the counter. He began to slide the fabric onto his only half-clothed body.
“O-Okay, I get it now…” She mumbled and pulled the covers down again and rubbed her eyes. “What time is it anyway?”
“Uh… almost twelve. You slept a long time.” He commented after checking the clock on the wall. Flushing an even darker red then before, he mumbled embarrassingly, “You should probably fix your shirt… You must move a lot in your sleep.”
Heidi looked down to see most of her cleavage and her undergarments were showing, which is what Shane was referring to when he advised her to fix her shirt. She let out an “eep” and hastily adjusted her shirt so she came off as the innocent girl that she was. “Oh… Thanks for pointing that out.”
“It’s alright.” He swallowed hard and tried to change the subject. “Michèle has prepared some breakfast for you, so you can head downstairs when you are ready.”
“Okay, I will. But first, can you tell me what happened last night? I don’t remember most of it. Not even the countdown.” Shane quickly turned to hide the third blush from her, not wanting to admit what she did to him the night before.
“If you ask Cerelia, she will tell you later. I would rather not tell you myself.” He grumbled, almost inaudible to her. She nodded and began to head downstairs. Before she stopped in the kitchen to get her breakfast, she took a quick glance out the window, which then turned into a double-take when she saw white stuff falling from the sky. She ran towards the window and pressed herself against it, excited for the sight of winter at its fullest. Then she noticed how much of the snow there was, at least a foot.
“Why do you look so fascinated? We live in Massachusetts after all.” Cerelia snuck up on her. “It’s been snowing since the party last night. You probably won’t be able to get home until they plow the streets, which won’t be until the snow stops tonight.”
“Really?” Heidi asked, astonished. Why was there suddenly a lot of snow? She was excited to spend the day with her best friend and her long-time crush, though.
“Yes, and come on. Your breakfast is getting cold.” Cerelia rushed her away from the window and towards the kitchen, where their maid was waiting.
“Bonjour, mademoiselle Timofeeva. Here is your le petit déjeuner.” Michèle smiled and placed down a plate with a croissant, a slice of a baguette with jam, and the main dish, Belgian waffles, resting on top of it. There was also a mug filled with cafe au lait. Heidi never felt more overwhelmed by food. She just couldn’t help but stare at the fancy breakfast, not wanting to touch or eat it. The smell was great.
“Oh mon, are you not hungry? Je suis vraiment desolee!” The chef exclaimed and began to take away the plate.
“Oh, no, I just couldn’t decide what to eat first!” Heidi reassured her. Michèle gently pulled away again. “D'accord. Well, bon appétit!” She smiled and walked away. Heidi slowly cut a piece out of the waffles and sighed.
“These are the best waffles I have ever tasted!” She said to herself and eagerly ate another bite.
“Michèle really knows how to cook.” A voice from behind her commented. She spun around to see Shane standing there, eating a weird, white, cube looking food.
“What is that?” She asked out of curiosity. “Is that tofu?” He shook his head.
“Nope, it’s Haupia. Back in Hawaii we always had this at luaus. I usually add chocolate into it as well, but sometimes plain is just as good.” He smiled and sat across from her at the small kitchen table. “There is coconut in it, which gives it its white appearance. Do you want to try some?” He stuck out a little bit of the pudding-like desert towards her.
“Sure!” She gladly took the bite, not registering at first that it was his spoon she had taken the food from. After smiling and taking a sip of her cafe au lait, she realized what she did. He didn’t seem fazed at all, however.
I just ate something from his fork! It’s like we are newlyweds! She got all giddy and tried her best to hide it. Wait, if I just eat something off of the fork he used… That’s an indirect kiss! An indirect kiss with Shane!
I just [indirectly] kissed Shane! And he doesn’t seem bothered by it! This has got to mean something!
She looked anxiously towards Shane, who was watching her eat the remainder of her breakfast.
“Did you like it?” He asked, impatient for her answer. She almost spit out the strawberry she just stuck in her mouth.
Now he’s asking if I liked it! This is like a dream come true! Calm down, Heidi. He’s just asking if you liked the food. Play it cool. Make it seem like it’s no big deal.
“It was good. Tasted sweet.” She commented, nodding her head. He grinned and began eating the pudding-like food again.

“So, Shane told me to ask you about what happened last night.” Heidi implied as she sat on Cerelia’s couch in her room as she searched through her closet for a warm sweatshirt; she was cold after playing in the snow for two hours with her brother and her friend.
“Why would he tell you that I would explain it?” Cerelia asked, confused, removing her snow boots and placed them inside of her closet.
“I don’t know. He said he would rather not say it.” She shrugged and began putting on the sweater Cerelia had given her.
“Okay… I get what he means,” Cerelia sighed, “I’ll tell you then.” The two sat on the sofa again. “At some point during the night, most likely when you weren’t paying attention, some boys put alcohol tablets, or some other kind of drug, in your drink, and a lot of them at that. This caused you to become… well… a little… drunk, I guess. Shane was uncomfortable in telling you what happened because at the countdown you kissed him.”
Heidi didn’t know what to say. First of all, why would someone want to spike her drink like that? Second of all, she had her first kiss with Shane, and she MISSED it. It’s almost as if she didn’t even kiss him in the first place! Here, she was freaking out about the indirect kiss she had with Shane, and she kissed him the night before and didn’t even know it. This is so unfair!
“I’m kind of regretting asking you now…” Heidi gulped. Now it all made sense, her not remembering the events of last night, the soda tasting funny, and Shane acting all awkward around her.
“Yup, I thought you would.” Cerelia nodded. She stood back up and walked over to the closet. “We should head on out now, everyone is waiting.”
“What are we having?” Heidi asked as the friends stepped outside and began walking down the stairs.
“I think we’re having boeuf bourguignon.” Cerelia thought out loud. Heidi nodded.
“What’s in it?”
“Steak, carrots, onions… I don’t really know, actually, but it tastes really good.” Cerelia smiled. “But, then again, anything Michèle cooks is delicious.”
“I agree. My breakfast was great!” Heidi felt her mouth water a little, remembering the tasty breakfast she had that morning.
The girls finally reached the dining room to find Shane and the Halo parents sitting with their meals in front of them, waiting for Cerelia and Heidi. Heidi sat next to Shane, while Cerelia sat opposite him and their parents sat at opposite ends of the table, smiling at each other.
“So you must be this Heidi that we have heard so much about.” Mr. Halo commented and leaned in towards Heidi. She grinned.
“Nice to meet you, Mr. Halo.” She turned towards the woman. “And you too, Mrs. Halo.”
“I have been looking forward to meeting you as well, dear. Shane and Cerelia never stop talking about you. It’s about time that we actually speak directly with you and get to know you the normal way.” The regal, Hawaiian-born woman spoke. “And also, you can just call me Heiki. Funny how our names are similar, isn’t it?”
“And you can call me Kane. It’s weird to think that we know so much of you, yet this is our first time meeting. Shane talks about you so much.” The father teased his son.
Father, don’t you think it’s time we begin eating?” Shane implied, trying to get off the embarrassing subject.
“Yes, yes. We shouldn’t let this wonderful meal go to waste!” Kane clasped his hands together. There was a mutual agreement and they all began to eat.
Heidi slowly, discreetly looked around as everyone talked of nothing that important. Although the high-class family had a stately and prestigious air to them, she felt comfortable eating dinner with the small family. Kane and Heiki were very accepting to her, and she wished that her parents were the same. Heck, she just met them and she already felt they loved her more than her real parents. Her real parents sent her and Xavier away to a mental institute. She bet that Mr. and Mrs. Halo would never do that to their children.
Heidi felt that she should come to their house more often.


There is exactly 2,000 words in this chapter!
I dunno, I just felt like celebrating.
I don't know what else to comment on, so...
Hope you enjoyed the new chapter!
The next will be Rima-centric again.
I just remembered that I wanted to tell you the story that actually inspired this one.
It was Teenage Dream, but not the version by Katy Perry.
The one that inspired it is by Boyce Avenue, and it sounds beautiful ^^
I would think that the girls would be singing Katy Perry's version to this instrumental and tempo while the boys sing this song.
That would be awesome ^^
I kind of want to do my own theme songs for some of the characters in this version... I already have an idea from Zack XD What do you guys think?

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And, as promised, the extra-special New Years chapter!
This is probably the funniest one so far (in my opinion), and the most enjoyable to write.
The characters seemed a little OOC, but it's not that bad.


Teenage Dream
Chapter 6: A Weird Way to Start

The scene was set, and all seemed right. Just like with the Holiday Party, almost everyone in the school had come to the Halo Mansion to celebrate the coming of the New Year. Everyone began counting down. 3, 2, 1- And the crowd erupted in cheers. Couples were kissing, including Cerelia and Yuuki, Ben and Ivy, Heidi and Shane- wait, what? Why were they kissing? And, weirder than that, Heidi didn’t seem embarrassed at all! Okay, let’s go back a few hours to understand what had happened.
“Shane! Hurry up, geez! I told you to get ready sooner!” Cerelia screamed from the other side of the bathroom door.
“Calm down, I just need to brush my hair and my teeth.” He rolled his eyes and took out the brush from the drawer next to him. She angrily stomped downstairs. Her brother can be such a girl sometimes! Cerelia sat down on a couch that overlooked the front lawn and driveway of their house. After a few people started arriving, she pulled Heidi over.
“Can you go and check on Shane? He has been ‘brushing his teeth’ for the past ten minutes.” Cerelia asked of her friend and continued greeting guests, signaling she wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. Heidi sped up the steps quickly, feeling Cerelia’s eyes bore holes through her back. She had gotten nature’s little “gift” for Christmas that year, and it was putting a large damper on her usually happy mood. Heidi finally reached Shane’s bathroom and started opening the door.
“Cerelia, I told you I’d be down in a minute!” He answered, aggravated at his “sister” coming to check on him again. He swung the door open and it was revealed that it was not Cerelia, but Heidi. “Oh, I’m sorry…” It took a second for both of them to contemplate the situation. It took Heidi a few seconds to realize that she walked in on her crush, clad only in a towel that was wrapped around his waist, showing he recently got out of the shower.
“I’ll just be leaving…” Heidi said once she realized what happened, and then sprinted downstairs. Cerelia turned to her friend, confused on why she had just ran down a whole staircase.
“Wha… You know what, I don’t want to know.” She then turned and greeted more people. Two of those people were Palika and James, who arrived simultaneously. “Are you going to be okay?” Cerelia turned towards her friend and comforted her. James looked at them curiously.
“Yes, I supposed. It’s been over a month, so I should be fine.” Palika responded and began walking away fast.
“Hey, hey!” James grabbed her shoulder and spun her around. “Wait, I don’t get it, what would you be upset about?”
“Nothing; Cerelia was just being weird.” Palika lied to her friend. He rolled his eyes.
“I can tell when you are lying. Just tell me.” He prodded.
“Fine. You can say that I am still getting over Shane and me breaking up.” She mumbled most of what she said to hide her feelings from those who surrounded her. She didn’t want to impose her worries on to others, especially if they were worthless feelings like the ones she was feeling at the moment. Love wasn’t something that she needed to worry about; it wasn’t something she ever had to or ever will have to worry about. Love would never please her parents, which was her only purpose in living.
“But wasn’t it a mutual breakup between the two of you? I mean, that’s what Shane was telling everyone.” He responded and poured himself a cup of soda. Palika took a sip of the water she was holding and they headed for the couches.
“It was; but I only realized I didn’t want to break up with him a few days later. And, by that time, everyone knew and Shane was happier than ever. I don’t know what happened. I was fine until I didn’t feel his comforting arm around me and him talking to me in such a sweet way. I don’t get it.” She rested her chin in the palm of her hand. “It just doesn’t make any sense.”
“I know what the problem is.” James stated and fiddled with his cup awkwardly.
“What is it, then?”
“You’re lonely without someone around to care for you.” He explained. She thought it over, and realized that he was exactly right. “You miss the feeling of someone wanting to please you and only you, just like you have to do with your parents all the time. You don’t miss Shane, per se.”
“You’re right… That’s exactly what I feel right now. And, now that I know that’s the problem, I don’t feel sad anymore!” She smiled brightly. She gave him a hug. “Thanks.”
She turned to go talk to her friends, and then saw that James just sat there alone. She giggled at him. “Do you want to dance?”
“Oh, I, um, I don’t know how to dance.” He mumbled awkwardly and stared at her hand.
“Heh, neither do I!” She laughed and pulled him up out of the seat.

Ivy, upon arriving, noticed a group of boys gathered around something. Once her curiosity got the best of her, she snuck up on them. “What are you guys doing?”
“YOU’RE MOM!” The boy that she was behind yelled and the rest of the immature boys laughed along with him. Ivy became terrified.
“What are you doing to my mom!?” She exclaimed and became very anxious.
“Uh…” Was the only response she got from the crowd. She stayed, waiting for an answer.
“Answer me!”
“Do you know what ‘doing it’ means?” A boy finally picked up the courage to speak to her.
“Yes, of course. But I want to know what ‘it’ is!” She poked further. The boys looked around at each other, wondering what they were going to do next. They sighed in defeat, knowing they had no choice but to tell her what they were referring to.
Ivy ran up to her boyfriend and tapped him on his shoulder. He had been talking to Zack and Ebony while drinking some soda. The two turned around when they saw that Ben and Ivy wanted to talk on their own.
“What is ‘sex’?”
Of course, Ivy just had to have timed it to ask the question as Ben took a sip of his drink. He was so surprised by her question that the soda he could have been swallowing sprayed out of his mouth- right on the back of Zack’s head. He turned around, about to beat him to pulp, as Ebony just stood there, laughing her butt off. Zack fumed up and was about to punch Ben right in the face until Ebony pulled him away from her cousin.
“Now, now. Don’t go off killing people. You might go to jail and become an ex-convict, and only idiots go to jail and manage to escape. You don’t want that to happen to you.” She said, still laughing. “I’ll get the soda out of your hair. Now, where’s a bathroom?”
“Wh-wh-wh-wh-why would y-y-y-y-you suddenly ask th-th-that!?” He stuttered as he was wiping his mouth on his sleeve.
“The boys over there were talking about it with me!” She smiled and pointed to the large group of boys she just finished talking to. “Apparently, ‘doing it’ means ‘having sex’, and I want to know what ‘sex’ means!” She just smiled stupidly.
“Have you ever been on the internet?” Ben asked, not really trying to be funny.
“My parents don’t let me on the internet. They said it could poison my mind!” She nodded.
“And they never had ’the talk’ with you?”
“What’s ’the talk’?” Ivy wondered out loud. Ben sighed.
“Well, when a man and a woman love each other very much…” Ben then went on, uncomfortably, and told her all the ‘wonders’ about “where babies come from” and such.
“And everyone does this!?” Ivy exclaimed, mentally scarred.
“Well, only if they choose to. And some people don’t like it, so they don’t either. Those people are called asexual.” He began to twitch. This was utterly uncomfortable. Especially because she was his age and his girlfriend.
“Are you asexual?” She asked.
“Um, yes… Why?”
“Just making sure. That sounds painful!” She laughed. “Also, now that you told me that, I wonder this; how does the baby get out of the mommy’s tummy?”

Heidi set down her cup on the coffee table and watched the party go on. It had only been about an hour in, and her friends started dancing with their boyfriends to a slow song that came on. She took this as an opportunity to go to the bathroom. She had been avoiding it for almost the entire party, not wanting to miss anything going on with her friends. But she couldn’t hold it in much longer. She sprinted to the downstairs bathroom, and just as she was about to swing open the door, she heard something strange coming from behind the door.
“C’mon, it’s not that bad. Be a man!” A girl’s voice was cheering. There was a whimpering coming from a boy, too.
“But- ow, OW!” He yelped.
“Um… Ebony, Zack, what are you two doing in there?” Heidi questioned, confused, but not wanting to assume anything. After all, they were just friends.
“Heidi? Oh, sorry.” The door opened and Zack was cowering over the sink. If there was one thing you never do, is mess with a McFann brother’s hair. “It’s a long story, but he got soda in his hair and now it’s all tangled. I have to wash and brush it all out for him. I don’t trust him not to put something in Shane’s shampoo and stuff.” Heidi looked down to see the brand of shampoo he used.
I should buy this brand for Xavier, and then his hair will be as soft as Shane’s is! But does Shane use anything else with his hair? OKAY, stop being a creeper, Heidi! Focus! You need to use the bathroom! She quickly left the two to deal with his hair issues. She eventually found a bathroom and came back and took a big sip from her drink, her mouth dry from running around, trying to find Cerelia. When she took the sip, though, it tasted different. More bitter and saltier. Oh well, I guess I left it out to long or something.

“Is it just me or is Heidi acting strangely?” Kanani mumbled to her boyfriend as they sat at the island, eating away at the snacks that were left out. Troy shrugged his shoulders.
“Maybe she’s just in the mood to party.” He guessed. Heidi then came stumbling over to them. She swung her arms around both of their shoulders and started leaning on Kanani, who started falling over.
“Hey guysss… Some pa’ty, ‘uh? Pre-tty awesome!” She then started laughing hysterically. Troy and Kanani could barely understand what she was saying. “Ya know wha? I’ve neva seen ya guys kiss! That’s weir’righ’?” She began laughing again. “Ya know wha? I’m gonna find Shane and kiss ‘im! That woul’ be fun, won’t it?” Then she starting chuckling at herself and stumbling towards where she thought Shane would be.
“That was… weird.” Troy mumbled and fixed his shirt, which Heidi messed up when she was leaning on him.
“Tell me about it.” Kanani began to ponder what happened to her friend. “Did you see her eyes? They were completely bloodshot!”
“Yeah, and her breath smelt really weird.” Troy nodded, analyzing what the girl was doing. She was laughing away with a large group of boys. “She smelled like… alcohol.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, positive. I used to perform in bars all the time, so I know what the smell is like.” He laughed at this memory. “Drunks can be really weird.”
“Wait, Heidi said that she was going to kiss Shane…” Kanani remembered. They looked at each other and said, “Uh oh.”
The two split up, frantically trying to find their drunk friend. Everyone was getting really excited and was crowding in the TV room because it was only ten minutes until the ball dropped in New York City. Heidi must have been in the crowd somewhere. They only stopped when it was the countdown to the New Year. On the “one” they shared a kiss and then quickly resumed their hunt. It wasn’t long, only a few seconds, until they found Shane and Heidi. They were kissing. Shane looked extremely surprised.
“H-H-H-H-Heidi!?” He stuttered, embarrassed and happy at the same time. He was blushing furiously.
“Heidi!” Kanani exclaimed. She tried to hold back her excitement.
“Shane, you’re’a pretty goo’ kissa, ya kno’!” Heidi began laughing again and then walked away. Shane just stared as she left the room.
“Do you have any alcohol in the house, Shane?” Troy asked.
“No, my parents made sure there would be nothing here. And no one brought any drinks either, I saw.” He answered.
“Her drink must’ve been spiked with alcohol tablets, then. I saw her drink sitting out here next to a bunch of boys when she was going to the bathroom.” Kanani stated.
“She can’t drive home, and I don’t trust her even leaving this house with anyone. She’ll sleep here tonight.” Shane looked around. “First, I have to find her.” He began searching the house yet again. He was searching for a half hour until everyone started to go home. He then found her, passed out, on the couch. He lightly tapped her and she didn’t move. He sighed. He picked her up bridal style and carried her to his room. She would have stayed in the guest bedroom, but that was being remodeled and he didn’t want to kick Cerelia out of her room, either. He turned the light on with his shoulder and gently laid her down. He moved the blanket on top of her and got out a spare blanket and pillow from the closet. He made his way downstairs to find that everyone left.
“Is she asleep?” Cerelia asked and picked up the phone to call Xavier so he knows his sister is alright.
“Yeah.” He replied and set the pillow down on the arm of the couch. He laid down on it and curled up in the blanket. He quickly fell asleep, really tired from the night’s events. Once Cerelia finished her talk with Xavier she walked over and crouched down next to her brother.
“Man, Shane. You’re so sweet. But, why can’t you see that you love her, and that she loves you?” She mumbled into the darkness before patting her brother’s head and going off to her own bed. Little did she know, was that her brother was not completely asleep yet and heard every word she had just spoken.
Heidi… Loves me?


Awkward and disturbing chapter is awkward and disturbing.
But luckily, I am comfortable with writing these things~
(Hopefully you are not uncomfortable with reading them)

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Dec 30, 10 10:19pm

As I promised, here are the birthdays of all the characters from Teenage Dream.
If you have a character in this story, please correct me if you do not like the birthday you set for them.

Shane – Leo (August 12th) Aged 17
Ebony – Aquarius (February 14th) Aged 17
Heidi – Scorpio (October 31st) Aged 15
Zack – Aries (April 7th) Aged 17
Palika – Virgo (September 5th) Aged 16
James – Libra (September 29th) Aged 17
Ivy – Capricorn (January 16th) Aged 14
Ben – Gemini (June 4th) Aged 14
Cerelia – Cancer (July 19th) Aged 15
Kanani – Scorpio (November 13th) Aged 14
Yuuki – Sagittarius (November 23rd) Aged 15
Troy – Gemini (June 17th) Aged 15
Scott – Capricorn (January 6th) Aged 15
Drake – Aries (April 7th) Aged 17
Delilah – Cancer (June 22nd) Aged 17
Jet – Pisces (March 15th) Aged 16
Marth – Taurus (May 8th) Aged 16

Yes, Ebony's birthday is on Valentine's Day.
I didn't realize it until I saw that Aquarius birthdays were from January 20th to February 18th.
Then I remembered what I planned for Valentine's Day, and thought it would make more sense if that day was her birthday.
And birthdays will probably be mentioned sometimes in the story, but only have a whole chapter dedicated to it if I have some sort of plot line around it.
And for those who didn't see, I put all of the pictures for the characters in my Gallery.
And if you want to see why I choose which signs for each characters, you can check out this website.
Hey, do any of the characters have the same birthday/sign as you? ^^
(I just realized I have no December birthdays... Whoops XD)

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Happy [late] holidays everyone~
Except for those who celebrate Kwanza, which is today!
I planned on posting this last night, but I became obsessed with the app "Surviving High School" for my new iTouch I got yesterday ^^
I played it for so long yesterday, since like 7 to 1 in the morning.
Ahem, anyway, on with the story~


Teenage Dream
Chapter 5: Oh, the Holidays

The next two weeks of school were the most awkward days of the school year so far. With Ebony having amnesia and Scott recently dying, many people couldn’t help but be much more quiet, especially when Ebony passed by them in the hallways. She found this extremely aggravating. Not only could she not remember what classes she had to go to, who people were, lessons that were recently taught, and almost everything, but people were pointing and whispering whenever she walked by. She looked like a mess too. Her face and arms were all scarred and her hair was messy. She couldn’t remember how she was able to keep it neat, and she didn’t even know the difference between shampoo and conditioner anymore.
The worst thing was the first person that she remembered ‘meeting’, Zack. She had assumed that he was her boyfriend, but he got embarrassed and indirectly answered her questions about it. Whenever she asked someone else, they got really awkward, laughed, didn’t know, or ignored her. She just wanted a direct answer from someone, anyone. Especially her family. Whenever she mentioned Zack they all burst into a fit of laughter and giggles. It was really troublesome.
On the last Wednesday before Christmas, packages were delivered to her house. The man that delivered them said that they were found in the back of the car. Ebony had no idea how these packages that were supposedly hers got in the back of the car. She didn’t even know what the car was. There were multiple different shapes, mostly boxes, wrapped up with colorful paper and had labels with names on them. She didn’t know who most of the names were of, like “Jade” and “Joy” and “Amber”, but she recognized a few. These included “Zack” and “Ben”. There was one, however, that she seemed to believe that she should know but just couldn’t figure out who it could’ve been. The name was “Scott”. When she asked her family, they got quiet and didn’t even respond with an ‘I don’t know’ or anything. They stopped what they were doing and bowed their heads a little for a few minutes.
The next day was the first day of vacation, and apparently Ebony had planned to have a bunch of her friends over that day to give each other presents. She had no idea. She was still in her pajamas when Ben told her that she should change quickly because they were going to be there in a few minutes. She sprinted into her room and got changed as fast as possible, which still didn’t seem fast enough because she heard Ben and all of them talking with each other downstairs when she was still putting on her shirt. The rushed downstairs and threw the presents underneath the tree set up in their living room. Everyone else did the same. Everyone took turns opening presents, and then it got to Zack’s turn to open the gift from Ebony.
She looked at him, not knowing herself what was wrapped up in the paper designed with cartoon stockings and bells. He slowly unwrapped it at first, and then tore off the rest of the paper. It was a “Zombieland” DVD. Ebony smiled when she saw that.
“I thought you might like it because we saw it 3 times the month it came out in theaters because you liked it so much. And I know that your cable isn’t working so you can just watch this whenever you want to!” She giggled a bit. Then she paused, and so did everyone else.
“What did you just say?” Zack mumbled, confused that she remembered something.
“I-I don’t know…” She bowed her head and thought to herself. “How did I remember that stuff?” She looked around and saw the presents that she had given everyone was unwrapped. Now, for some reason, she knew why she gave everyone these presents. “I gave Ivy that garden statue because I know she loves nature and collects statues. I gave Heidi that drawing pad because she loves to draw. I gave Palika those Hawaiian jewelry pieces because she’s been feeling homesick!” She named off why she got each present for every person there, and became happier than ever now that she can remember everything.
It was truly a Christmas miracle.

Shane began setting up his house for the party they were having that night, which was Christmas Eve. Almost everyone in the school was going to be there, the only ones not coming couldn’t make it or simply didn’t want to. He was also planning another party for New Years. He was able to convince his parents to allow them to have two parties in such a short time by saying it was practice to see if Cerelia had really given up on alcohol for good. That was enough to convince them, thus he found himself and a bunch of his friends there helping setting up. Ebony had been the first to arrive to help, with Ben coming shortly after her. After all, they lived up the street from him. The line-up then went Kanani, Ivy, Heidi, James, Palika, Troy, Yuuki, and lastly Zack and Drake. His closest friends had come early and everyone else was coming at the regular time, 6:30pm.
Everyone got excited when they saw Drake, most of them not seeing him since the last few days of the last year. But they got even more excited when they heard Ebony had regained her memory. Everyone seemed to be happy, and even Zack didn’t mind being around Shane and his family and friends for a few hours, as long as he saw Ebony was happy. She had been depressed the whole day after Scott dying and her traumatic accident. But, now, seeing all of her closest friends around her at once, all happy, she felt much better.
It wasn’t much longer until guests started arriving. There was one guest that surprised many, Ebony and Drake especially.
“Delilah, is that you?” Ebony mumbled and moved towards the girl with the long red hair tucked under a Santa hat.
“Ebony! I haven’t seen you since the summer after sophomore year! How is Roosevelt? Has it been good?” Her old friend hugged and asked her. She glanced awkwardly towards Drake.
“Yes, it’s been great. What about Kennedy? Is it as amazing as we had imagined it to be?” Ebony laughed, remembering what the two had thought of the rival school in their first two years.
“Not really. It’s pretty boring. And I miss all of my old friends, like you!” Delilah giggled with her. Drake listened in. He didn’t know why, but he felt that he was part of the reason she had switched schools. “I have a question about something…”
“Okay, you can ask me anything.”
“Are you and Drake still dating?” She said in a low voice. Ebony became surprised. Why would it matter to her about what had happened between them?
“Uh, no… I broke up with him at the end of last year. I felt like the relationship wasn’t going anywhere and he didn’t even know what he was going to do with his life after High School.” She paused to remember what had happened exactly. “Ironically, less than a week later he told me that he was going to be practicing at a football camp for half of this school year so he can get closer to earning a scholarship.”
“Really?” Delilah tried to hide her slight excitement yet slight depression.
“Yeah, I wouldn’t make that whole thing up, you know.” Ebony laughed for a few seconds. “Why do you ask anyway?”
“Just… wondering…” She mumbled in return. She didn’t want to reveal her crush she had on Drake to her friend just yet.
What was that about? Drake thought after walking away from the two girls, who had gone on to a topic he didn’t care much about.
After a while, Ebony and Delilah broke up, Ebony wanting to talk to Zack and Delilah wanting to catch up with other friends from Roosevelt that she hadn’t seen in a while.
“So, are you enjoying yourself?” Ebony smiled as Zack fiddled with the cup he was holding. He was making shapes with the perspired water on the walls of it; he had grown bored waiting around and watching people just talking and dancing and enjoying themselves.
“Sure, I guess. I would have preferred to stay home, but as long as you’re happy I’m fine.” He shrugged and replied. She lit up.
“Good, I was worried you would get bored after a few seconds and leave immediately. It’s been at least 30 minutes, so at least you don’t have that bad of an attention span.” She began to laugh again. Suddenly, a voice was screaming.
“Ooooh, look who’s under the mistletoe!” They turned to see Ivy, holding a fishing pole with the kissing-plant hanging from the hook of it. And it just so happened to be hanging above the pair’s heads. There were a bunch of “Oooo”’s and laughter coming from the crowd as Ebony and Zack’s cheeks were glowing bright.
“C-C’mon, w-we’re just fr-friends!” Zack defended himself and Ebony.
“Must you do this, Ivy?” She glared at her friend with as much hatred as she could gather.
“Man, you guys are such scaredy cats. What’s one kiss on the lips gonna do?” She laughed, signifying that she won’t let them off the hook for this one.
“Just a small peck and it should be fine. Is that alright?” Ebony whispered to her best friend, not trying to make eye contact with him. He silently nodded. They both paused and she looked at him, as if to say that he should kiss her and not the other way around.
When he had finally joined their lips together, she almost felt as if she were kissing Drake again, but Zack was different. She felt her heart flutter and became enlightened; much different than what she remembered with his more girl-friendly brother. She didn’t have much time to compare the two as he pulled away in a second.
Though the kiss was brief, it was enough to satisfy Ivy’s evil needs as she turned to find more victims. It was also enough to make the atmosphere between the two friends even more tense. Already the two had mixed up feelings for one another, even when Ebony was dating Scott, so adding a kiss into the equation just made it ten times worse. Ebony was going to murder Ivy later.
“Where did she get that piece of mistletoe?” Shane asked his sister after the two watched the awkward scene take place.
“Better yet- where did she get the fishing pole?” Cerelia asked him back. He shrugged and took a sip from his cup when Heidi came between the two.
“I always thought they would be a cute couple!” She giggled at the event that just happened. Cerelia turned slightly to pick up her cup and just saw Ivy’s signature green hair peak out from behind a couch. She quietly walked away and crouched next to her.
“So, who are your next victims?” She asked evilly. Ivy searched the room and hatched an evil plan. She pointed towards her peach-haired friend and the boy standing next to her. Cerelia gasped. “You don’t plan on doing it to them, do you!?” She began to freak out. Shane would probably have a mental break down and Heidi would either explode from excitement, embarrassment, or a combination of the two.
“Why not? We have been hatching a scheme to get them together.” She whispered back. Cerelia sighed. There was a tap on both of their shoulders.
“Don’t worry; it’s just me.” Kanani reassured them when they both jumped. “I agree with Cerelia, doing that is way too forward. It was fine with Ebony and Zack, but Shane and Heidi are completely different. For them we secretly set them up on dates and romantic situations. It is much more fun that way!”
“Fine, I won’t do it to them. But, now that I am not allowed to do it to them, who should I?” She stood up and leaned the fishing pole against her chest. “I can’t think of anyone else that would be fun.”
Suddenly there was a roar of laughter coming from behind them almost immediately after Ivy stood up. The three turned around quickly to find that the string had gotten loose and was dangling over two un-expecting heads. It was easy to tell who the heads belonged to. Delilah Johnson and Drake McFann. Perhaps the loudest laughter was coming from the other McFann brother, knowing the two’s history together. When she still went to Roosevelt, they had sat next to each other in every class and worked on every project together. This wasn’t at either of their free wills, mind you. Delilah would always criticize him for slacking off and teasing her, while he got annoyed that she always told the teacher when he was acting up when his or her back was turned. It was definitely a way to bring back the joy to Zack’s experience at the party.
Before Ivy could explain that it had been a mistake and they didn’t have to kiss if they didn’t want to, Drake placed his hands on her cheeks and pressed his lips on hers. When he pulled away, he began laughing and she was blushing harder than she had ever had.
“What a great welcome back present!” He laughed heartily.


Sorry about the suck-y ending XD
I didn't know how else to end it with being funny.
This chapter is supposed to be more of a light-hearted and non-drama couple-based chapter.
I ended up liking it, too ^^
I need to figure out the birthdays of these people!
I will probably figure it out sometime before the next chapter (New Years) and post a lit of all of the characters' birthdays.
Maybe I'll even celebrate them once in a while ^^

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