My Biography: Nothing to put here yet.

My Neofriends:
Alex/Zoom is one of my best friends. Even though can be a little insane and random.X3

Rose is my Neo-Wife here. She is sweet, kind, and just the perfect girl to be with. I will never regret asking her out and hope to be with her for a long time.^^

Angel is a good friend. And she can bring a smile to any one's face.

Inu is also one of my best friends. One of the nicest people I have ever met. We could talk just about anything that's if we had something to talk about.XD It makes me really sad the she left Neo.

One of my newer friends. I did not meet her on this site I met her on another which one I'm not telling.;P But Hannah is funny, and really random...but she scares me sometimes. >_> I need to make it scroll...If you know how to make a page scroll please PM me

My Art Work:

Well be made when I get around to it.