Hello GameTester113! Just wanted to drop by and say Merry Christmas! Thanks again for teaching me how to make graphics on paint. I hope that all your Christmas wishes come true!

From, Antarctic
Hey I just wanted to sign my seconed best neofriend's guestbook. Sorry your not number one. See ya' in the Sa2B forum!

*insert awesome stamp here*
I don't have a stamp...
Hey Game! So, I'm basically on a stamping spree, and I've decided to stop by. You're a great friend!

I'm glad that I met you, Game!


I just thought I'd let Mr. Kitty pop in and say hello. He's seen you around the forum and thinks you're pretty cool.
Hi! ^__^
You are a really good spriter! Hope we can talk later !
Hello Game Tester,I just wanted to say-

Oh and here's some random text that you don't need.
well you wanted me to sign agin and I did. sorry it took so long. I thought I already did... oh well, I need a stamp. but oh well right? see yeah around
Hey Game, thanks so much for being such a great friend. Yup, I'm one of those addictive guestbook signers.

Game, I jope you do find happiness, in real life and on Neo. Thank you for being awesome!

Hi there GameTester113!

you have been Stamped by Cloud me
Hey game its just ku-Ku coming to stamp you!
I just got this stamp!

Hope you like it!
Hi GT, just dropping by to sign people's guestbooks. See ya around the RF forum. Also, don't forget....RED SONIC! Bye!

Hey uncle game this is Ku-ku just coming to stamp you!Also i just wanted to thank you for always playing soccer with me!ANyway heres my stamps!
Hi Game,

Yup, stamping you again... still, I really like this new stamp.

Hey GT! ^^ Goin' on a S.S! XD

Howl says: "Love is the greatest Remedy for any curse and pain. Use it well in your life..."

You've been granted the ability to heal the ones you love and care for in every which way possible. Use it wisely in your life; Both here on Neo and in your other life.

Hi the Game! I feel I should sig your guestbook. I made a special stamp for you!

Hi Game! I thought about signing my friends Guestbooks so now it's your turn!
Can you read this? You may not see it because Celes couldn't see it but maybe you can! ラクチンラ キナツチンモナト。

I don't have a stamp, lol.

Just thought I'd sign here because I've obviously seen you around and I think you're a cool guy. Good luck with your comic and I'll see you around.
Any time you want me too teach you stuff by the brainful let me know...also do you keep deleting entrys?
P.s your getting better.
I'm bored and I thought of signing your GB.Hopefully the picture I'm trying to give you will work. (I don't think it will & it doesn't :l) Oh well.But TY if you sign back.If you wanted to have the picture go to this URL- http://www.sonicstadium.org/imagebin/games/artwork/sa2battle/Logos%20&%20Promotional%20Artwork/02.jpg Tootles!

[size=1]ya i've been meaning to do this for a while now but here ya go i'ma signing you guestbook....and a desktop backround that i like to use here ya go

Yo, it's me InvivnI. Saw you around in the Sonic forums so I thought I would sign your guestbook and I'll stamp while I'm at it.

Hey, wassup? I like your comic alot, and I've decided to make my own comic, but I have a question, where do you find the foregroung and backgrounds for your comic? Do you just search google or something?
weve pmed over a hundred times i guess i should sign you guestbook now thatwould sound logical eh?
You rock and thanks again for thjat banner and as you can see i did edit it to qusay quarxyz instead of quarxys
but heck to that problem!
just thought I'd sign your GB, and asking other's to sign my GB too over hereif so thanks if not, then...
The reason I'm doing this is you told me to, so here it is But anyway, thanks for the avatar, Game Tester, it rocks!