I'm going to be changing my username soon...
Time to edit wikis again!

I'm not sure what I can offer in return. Possibly some shiny, or event Pokemon? Just say what you want here, and i'l

I might be going on a "Neo Break" soon
It's taking me longer to go through Hoshizora no Memoria than I thought. :o
8 PMs, and 12 Notifs. Wow

Could someone make the white background for the picture in my sig be taken away? Thank you.

I was going to post this in the Gaming Lounge, but w/e. Hi everyone, I was just wondering what is your opinion on VNs. It&

Working on my first FAQ.

Since Dark Souls II has been out more than enough time to complete the game, what made you leave? It's hard to admit, bu

I can now play Little Busters!

What are some fears that you have? It could be a snaske, spider, bear, etc. Mine are probably Mice/Rats, and Moths. We ge

Does anybody know where I can download a reliable (and possibly, free) screen recorder for my computer? It's kinda hard

Yup. http://i1293.photobucket.com/albums/b595/PikaPowerOnNeo/fg_zps4958a91a.png Let's discuss on how successful this

Got my report card. A in JROTC. A in PE/Health. B in Math. and a C+ in Honors English.

I've noticed that the forum hasn't been too active lately. So I think we all should plan a group Fight Club or someth

News Link Do you guys know how amazing it would be if this was online? :o If it is... I call a game with @Gotenks@, @Rand

Hi everyone, i've decided to start a thing that will showcase members and what they've done for Neo on a weekly basis

Downloading the OR/AS demo right now!

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