Since the forum for that game is dead. I decided I wanted to discuss the game here. I have to say, Masahiro Sakurai is start

I am the proud owner of Kirby: Triple Deluxe!

@Midnight Ha, thanks to you, I found a shiny Pokemon. Since this was during the Hoenn Grand Prix, I have decided to name it

GameGrep, join in on the fun!
I am 68 on the neoraffle list for points! ... Rayce is 69. :}

We all love making our haracter look good. Especially while it is still able to kick some butt. What are some sets that you g

""We ruin our bodies to save our souls, and for some reason that makes perfect sense." _Things were the sam

Hi everyone, i'm thinking to make a story about an undead and his adventure in Drangleic. It's going to be like somet

Almost finished with my Bravely Default review! Time for some more Neopoints!

I love video games. But MH3U was a game I could not finish, or even really start, I bought the game back when Animal Crossing

When writing, which hand do you use usually use? Or prefer to use in everyday life?

Completed Bravely Default! The True and False endings!

Hi everyone. I'm not much of a Vivillon collector. So I was wondering if someone wanted to do a fair event trade with me.

Post your FC, IGN, and a number from 1-25. 1st Place: Shiny, Egg Moves, Female, Hidden Ability, UT, Eevee 2nd Place: Shin

All right. I can get to cloning some of your guy's Pokemon. I do ask that you limit on what you want cloned. Since it tak

Goodbye, Neoseeker+... The Ads are back. >_

Hi everyone, I used to trade back here as PikaPower and I have decided to make a return. Since the cloning method in X/Y is a

If I break one of the crystals and I defeat the final boss. Will the game plop me back before I broke one of them? So I can

Summer Vacation



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