I was thinking, maybe me and two other members here could have a little playthrough speedrun, maybe finishing the game in one

Do you want to build a Snover?

Like doing a nuzlocke in a Pokemon game, what self-imposed challenges do you guys do in a Dark Souls game? In my NG+ playt

I am currently about to start my second journey in Drangleic. The ending to the game was amazing. I am never putting this gam


Hi everyone, I really want some more Pokemon I can battle competively with. I can offer Shiny, Event, and DW/DWF Pokemon.

I'm close to beating Dark Souls II (Dragon Aerie)

How do you add the additional effect to your weapons?

I used a Souls Vessel and i'm level 123 and I have about 26 in each stat (except in Str, and Dex) I do have a Pyromancy

I am in the Undead Crypt and I am lvl.131 I want to try a magic-based build, but i'm not sure. Do I need more info?

Only two things really bad have ever happened to me. The first one was when me and my family went to a Hardees (Carl's Jr

All I have to do is find Vendrick now and kill him. ^_^ This game is so much fun.

Does anybody want to brag about theirs? I don't usually do this. But I love mine now. I have my actually player from my P

I love my avatar! ^_^ (Made by me)
PM me if you want to play Dark Souls II! (PS3)
I am having so much trouble setting my watch. >_
I got an 85% on my science project! ^_^

I only have 232,333. >_< I do know that some players have over 1,000,000.

So, I found this boss battle incredibly easy after I dies once. I killed the nine rate required, then I went and killed him e



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