Oh, my damn, I'm actually going to do this. I'm just too lazy. Well, I like food. Food is good. I like to play video games and maybe one day, I hope to program them. I don't like T.V. It's all the same crap nowadays. Like most people, I enjoy music. I like all types of music. It just has to be well...good. I came up with the name Gamefreak101 because I like games, original, huh? Although, now I wouldn't in my right mind have created such a generic name, but hey, I made it when I was 11 years old... O.K. I'm sure I'm boring you. (That's if you are even reading this) So I'm pressing the "finish" button now.


My interests include very generic things that are not worth mentioning.

Games I currently want:
Alan Wake

Currently playing:
Persona 3
Persona 4

I play A lot of wi-fi. If you want my code for any wi-fi or Wii game just PM me. Same thing for my Gamertag and PSN.

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Review: Tetris DS - Good for some, bad for others

May 1, 2006

Tetris is quite simple. You bring down different blocks of four cubes and try to form a straight line. It will then break. It's a simple, yet extremely addicting game. The wi-fi runs smoothly and one can almost never except to see errors,...

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