You've been pretty nice in the past,

And I hope to know you better in the future!


Thanks for joining the clan!

Sign back or Girafarig will eat your soul.
Thanks for being such a great friend! ^^ see you later!

~Stamped By CardCaptor Sakura~
Alright! Summer is here at last! I hope you great one. See ya later!

Well I am signing your GB! I don't know if I signed when I was ShibaInuLuver or not but please sign back! Thank you! >=)

Whats up man, figured I'd sign!! I need to get some better Pokemon so I can battle you and kick your azz, haha. Anyways, cya around the forums!! -Deadshot-
Well look who it is that is signing your guestbook today.Hope you are having a nice time around here as I am.So anyways how about we be friends?Be sure to sign back so I know you got this. Later,dude^^
Just signing your guestbook!
I never wouldve gotten that riddle
I would stamp you, but I don't have a stamp

See you around!
Hey there! Just a random guestbook signing spree. Make sure you sign back

Thanks for signing my GB!

I need to make a new stamp.
hi! yep it's me! i just want to say you seem to be good in remembering pokemon names! that's great!

i hope we can be friends! well.. wow this is a quesbook signing. heh.

My talking pokemon: HI!

.. oh shoot.. heh sorry, i have talking pokemon, but they are really annoying.

~ Ame

HI! ^w^
hi gameace if u have anymore graphic request plz contact me

Hi, I figured I'd go ahead and sign you a bit early beacause I'm sure that I will probably be busy on Chrismas Day and I'm sure you will too. So anyways, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. Have Fun and sign back when you can plz. =D Enjoy some holiday stamps.

Sorry for the late sign! If you need any help with sprites or a sprite request, tell me!
alrite, signing back, and i want that Million dollors! lol, alrite, heres my stamp (been gettin into Zelda lately)

I'm Randomly signing peoples guestbooks so they will sign back...

Please sign back!

Where have you been... anyway, stick around and have a nice Christmas:

Totally random signing! Dont forget to sign back...!

Signing spree weee XD

Just stopped by to say hewwo XD

Sign back when you have the time


I've seen you around the Tenkaichi forum, and I think you're cool! See ya.
I'm returning the favor. You sign my guest book, I sign yours. Capeech?

Just returning the favor andc stamping your book.!!

See you around the XD and Emerald Forums.
Hey, GameAce. I'm signing your Guestbook just like I said I would.

You only got one signing from a friend of mine! lol Are you even popular!? Nah I`m kidding, well anyway Here`s a stamp!