Manaphee GameAce
Aug 25, 07 4:00pm
You've been pretty nice in the past,

And I hope to know you better in the future!


Thanks for joining the clan!
ChocoChocoTime GameAce
Aug 25, 07 4:07am

Sign back or Girafarig will eat your soul.
CardCaptor Sakura GameAce
Jul 13, 07 8:19pm
Thanks for being such a great friend! ^^ see you later!

~Stamped By CardCaptor Sakura~
Kilik 64 GameAce
Jun 5, 07 6:18am
Alright! Summer is here at last! I hope you great one. See ya later!

Luxray GameAce
May 13, 07 7:11pm
Well I am signing your GB! I don't know if I signed when I was ShibaInuLuver or not but please sign back! Thank you! >=)

Deadshot90 GameAce
May 13, 07 7:10am
Whats up man, figured I'd sign!! I need to get some better Pokemon so I can battle you and kick your azz, haha. Anyways, cya around the forums!! -Deadshot-
Chronoboy GameAce
Apr 12, 07 8:21pm
Well look who it is that is signing your guestbook today.Hope you are having a nice time around here as I am.So anyways how about we be friends?Be sure to sign back so I know you got this. Later,dude^^
Gelatin_Rhino GameAce
Mar 17, 07 1:50am
Just signing your guestbook!
I never wouldve gotten that riddle
I would stamp you, but I don't have a stamp

See you around!
Kilik 64 GameAce
Feb 25, 07 3:19pm
Hey there! Just a random guestbook signing spree. Make sure you sign back

Taillow GameAce
Feb 12, 07 6:00am

Taillow GameAce
Jan 21, 07 10:02am
Thanks for signing my GB!

I need to make a new stamp.
Celia Fan GameAce
Jan 19, 07 1:35am
hi! yep it's me! i just want to say you seem to be good in remembering pokemon names! that's great!

i hope we can be friends! well.. wow this is a quesbook signing. heh.

My talking pokemon: HI!

.. oh shoot.. heh sorry, i have talking pokemon, but they are really annoying.

~ Ame

HI! ^w^
addyroo GameAce
Dec 29, 06 9:59pm
hi gameace if u have anymore graphic request plz contact me

Tenshi GameAce
Dec 23, 06 11:46am
Hi, I figured I'd go ahead and sign you a bit early beacause I'm sure that I will probably be busy on Chrismas Day and I'm sure you will too. So anyways, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. Have Fun and sign back when you can plz. =D Enjoy some holiday stamps.

CrystalLaser GameAce
Dec 9, 06 6:23am

Sorry for the late sign! If you need any help with sprites or a sprite request, tell me!
Tenshi GameAce
Dec 8, 06 2:50am
alrite, signing back, and i want that Million dollors! lol, alrite, heres my stamp (been gettin into Zelda lately)

Azn_Applecake GameAce
Aug 14, 06 2:16am
I'm Randomly signing peoples guestbooks so they will sign back...

Please sign back!

supreme kai GameAce
Dec 18, 05 5:51pm
Where have you been... anyway, stick around and have a nice Christmas:

Akiva GameAce
Dec 15, 05 2:03am
Totally random signing! Dont forget to sign back...!

DenniseA GameAce
Jul 21, 05 1:54am
Signing spree weee XD

Just stopped by to say hewwo XD

Sign back when you have the time

Janembuu GameAce
Jul 18, 05 10:32pm

I've seen you around the Tenkaichi forum, and I think you're cool! See ya.
BassDeluxe GameAce
Jul 18, 05 3:02am
I'm returning the favor. You sign my guest book, I sign yours. Capeech?

tyranitar24 GameAce
Jul 12, 05 2:30am
Just returning the favor andc stamping your book.!!

See you around the XD and Emerald Forums.
Taillow GameAce
Jul 9, 05 7:25pm
Hey, GameAce. I'm signing your Guestbook just like I said I would.

SunnyDelight GameAce
Jul 9, 05 6:48pm
You only got one signing from a friend of mine! lol Are you even popular!? Nah I`m kidding, well anyway Here`s a stamp!