I'm sick, and I still have to take my exams. >_
I'm getting closer and closer to having my own Youtube series up! (Especially for Dark Souls fans!)
So...how do I get my avatar to be huge and all that?

Hey all, can you guys suggest to me reasonable headsets that are around $40 USD for the PC? Everything is hopefully coming f

I was Neoseeker's 400th Steam Community Member. :o

For those of you who PC game, I was wondering how Steam actually works. I want to start playing on my PC and making Let's

Are you the type of person that has to use a Mega Pokemon on a team just because it's there? Like, instead of just ising

Whoa! Thanks to the person who gave me Neoseeker+! :)
Got me the space!

What would you call your company? Imo, something like From Software is just funny in terms of the 'From' in font of

Hey, is there anyone who can help me if they have a Youtube channel?
Woohoo! 1 subscriber on Youtube!

Were/Are you the type of person to become angry easily? I mean, is a "time-out" necassary for you at times? ..

C'mon GO, edit the wikis! >+
Keyboard fixed! :D
Pokemon Y review: COMPLETED! Working on Dark Souls II now.
So....Chirstmas is coming!

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