I have to say, I'm really enjoying SomecallmeJohnny because I love the way he reviews games in the fact that he isn't

Welp. The snow already melted. xD Now the matter is making up a week worth of schoolwork. :o
IT'S SNOWING! I also feel better too! ^_^

Come back bro! Who do we have to lead us now?

Looks like I have Pneumonia...

From the looks of the teaser trailer, the Avatar/MU won't be returning. Then again, it is ectremely early for informatio

Does anybody else enjoy the way battles are initiated now? It looks like we could have a quite diverse number of areas.

Man, this cough. >_
Every other day I see your profile you always have a new avatar. Is this some way to keep your identity a secret? o:

I couldn't think of another way to put the title but w/e. Are there any video game characters that you've liked for

Hey guys, I can't remember if you can trade Mega Stones, but I'm looking for a Beedrilite. I can trade an UT Shiny P

Well, it just seems that I only have a fever and to get an X-Ray and some blood taken. But everything looks fine and thanks for the concern!
Going to the hospital. The giveaway results will be up tomorrow. Love you guys.

Hey everyone, since I don't use Club Nintendo anymore and you guys are the community most likely to have a Wii U or 3DS/2

If you know me, then you know that I love to write. Seriously, I always keep my two notebooks with me during and write in my

SEAHAWKS WIN!!! We're off to the Super Bowl!

Hey guys, I really want a good bulk of competitive Pokemon but I don't want to breed... at all. Personally, I can trade

WARNING: Do not trade Pokemon or Items (of any kind) in a PM! You will most likely lose your Pokemon! (This also applies to

I beat Dark Souls!

Hey guys, this is my Lunatic+ Grand playthrough and I need help with pairings. Currently: MU x Nowi (Set in stone) Chrom

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