My 3rd Christmas on Neo!

Hey everyone! Since it's probably Christmas where you live, give us a post on what you got from your friends and family!

Alright, my family just did the Chirstmas haul because of the way their wrok scheduals are and I now own AS and Ultimate NES

I now own Alpha Sapphire, and Ultimate NES Remix!
Which of you guys would like to actually see a picture of me?

Seriously, we're all going to drown soon. :laugh: I think mine would probably be Larvesta/Volcarona, and, recently, Came

Ha, for those of us who missed out on not having any money in November, are you taking the opportunity now to be OR/AS for Ch

Was there any monster/boss design that legitimately scared you in DS II? I have to say, the Covetous Demon scared the hell

Do you guys think that 2014 was _fun_ year for video games? Let's ignore all of the hypes, disappointments, and other stu

Another milestone...I won the Best Username in category in the Pokemon Forum Awards!

I wanted to make this topic before anyone else and talk about what you guys want for Christmas, and then compare on Christmas

A Milestone has been reached... 4,000 posts!

Do you guys list parrying as a viable option in PvP? (For yourself, anyway.) Or are you too nervous to attempt it or try too

What's the video game you used to own but somehow never got it back? Or rather, what's the video game you loved but

Chirstmas break!

Sorry that i'm riddling the forum with Steam questions, but I don't want to waste $200 for something that ends up bei

I really wish Neo supported bigger sigs. Some sites support unlimited ones.

Hey all, I was thinking that since it's possible to have your Twitter, Facebook, and own website/blog on your profile, wo

I'm sick, and I still have to take my exams. >_

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