Jeez, it's like the Ice Age in my house. >>

What are your first impressions when you see a member's username? Do they affect if you talk to someone or not, etc..? T

Darn it! I didn't want those words to fall out! Now help me pick them back up!! ...... :salty:
A classmate passed away. RIP

If you ever have kids in the future, what would you name them? I've only really set up girl names like Lily, Amber, and

Spring cleaning!
I cannot make up my mind when it comes to avatars and signatures.
Probably worth it

What are your opinions on this game? I guess this could apply to the original as well. Personally, I'm having a boring t

Alright, my internet is finally good right now and I want to give just a bit more back to the forum. This cloning service wi

Yup, just a regular Gallade. Personally, I would like it to know Egg Moves, but it isn't required. I can offer a shiny

Hey everyone! I've decided that even though I love to trade, I need to clear my collection out. So I am going to be giv

Original Reddit Post --Quote-- Here's how it goes: you start out Deprived. Then you roll 1d9 and 1d10 (you can use rando

_A Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Roleplay by Pikale_ _PLOTSUMMARY:_ First, there was just an ocean. No life, just flat water

I fully embraced that I love anime.
Finished Sakura Trick, and I'm really enjoying Maid Sama!
I beat Tales of Xillia! I can't wait to buy the sequel!

What are your experiences with the games in this genre? Be it the Tales of series or Final Fantasy[/i, what are some things t

No school tomorrow! Time for me to play some more Tales of Xillia!


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