Chrome Game Hawk
Jun 8, 08 11:19am
Ah, cool! Your welcome man, anytime

Helping people is one of the things I love to do most. I'm actually having the same problem with my router right now, so if I manage to fix it I'll let you know ^^

Darkking Game Hawk
Jun 5, 08 6:36pm

I'm bored, so I'm signing you guestbook.

Punk100 Game Hawk
Feb 10, 08 3:55am
Thanks for signing my guest book and Added you to my friend list too
Jo Einstein McGregor Game Hawk
Jan 29, 08 9:40pm
yo its jo
we are the rp bothers
here is my master stamp

no i need to spam a bit so this message will post
advent kid Game Hawk
Jan 27, 08 2:47pm
well I've seen you around some forums i've been in lately so:

Elcheezo Game Hawk
Jan 27, 08 8:14am
you make me laugh ,..

nice avvie

i think you are exploiting my services

but wth .. i sign any way

PSP Junky Game Hawk
Jan 15, 08 4:37am

like it