Born and raised in the siltry atmosphere of Dubai, Moath , better known as Gambit, soon learned the tricks of the trade.

He is the leader of the Shadow Legion guild of Neoseeker, his natural athletic abilities and his mutant power to charge any object with kinetic energy and throw it like a projectile with devastating effect, made him one of the best thieves around.

Gambit hates the neoseeker tournament, but still fights among the Neoseeker challengers. He fights with the style of violence. Gambit has an unmatched style of anger and insanity.

Gambit is currently wanted in 32 countries for numerous criminal activity. He is the brother of Noctunal_wolf , who uses a style much like his brother's, although Gambit taught him a lot about fighting, there is a small rivalry between them. He was the first to join the Shadow Legion.

Gambit's current goal is to build the most powerful military nation. He realizes he needs powerful allies to strengthen his cause. He remembers a man named Kyo Daikun, a fighter who was once his enemy. Gambit only recruits the best for his army and intends to make his country the strongest.

Gambit recurited Saint Jaycee, who is known as the "Suicidal Dreamer." The scar upon his chest is a proof that he doesn't fear death. He fights for vengeance alone... But, he's begun to realize that the power of hatred is limited.

The man known as Riot76AD had once worked as a secret agent for the Canadian government but refused to follow their protocol. He severed his ties with the Canadian government and recently joined the Shadow Legion.

De Rol learned Chinese martial arts from his grandfather. He is taught to wear down opponents with lighting-fast combos. De Rol is entering the Neoseeker to show off his fighting skills. He seems annoying and childish but he is very respected by the leader of the Shadow Legion guild.

Rock is a gigantic pro-wrestler who is 7' 2" and weights in at 445 lbs. His powerful muscles and huge body crush opponents. Rock hears about the neoseeker tournament. He joins the Neoseeker Tournament, to prove to the world he is a worthy fighter...his great skills were recognized by Gambit and was very quickly he has joined the Shadow legion. Rock is inspired by the great "Hugo Andore" of Street Fighter III.


2D fighting/ Classic games/ RPGS/ MSN/ Listening to Rock/metal/Going to cinema


!|!|!|.unzip your own flesh

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Review: Capcom vs. SNK - Capcom vs Snk

Dec 5, 2001

This game is brilliant, the graphics are okay, but the gameplay is great, this is definatley something for every 2d fighting fan.

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