Calling you the only person good enough on here to be worth being known as a rival would sound braggy (and possibly be untrue) but it stands. Consider me a worthy opponent if you wish.

I am on a mission to sign everyone on neo's guestbook. I am doing this in hopes you will sign back.

You are sign #11 in the mission
idk really, you just do.
do you honestly have so little to do that you spend time browsing other peoples' profiles and guestbooks? weird dude, just weird.

but really, gotta get those scores up. seriously.


so yeah, pip pip, cheerio.... all that other crap.

wassup u GHIII playing animal i wish i had a stamp to give ya but i dont..... nice Same Old Song and Dance FC!!! cant wait to see more SIGN ME BACK

Congratulations, you single-handedly destroyed the High Score Thread D:

This earns you a special stamp that I don't give out very often.

See ya around,


*does a dance for you!*

you asked nicely in your sig so I signed your guestbook

sign back if you want
Im signing your guest book again because i just got this cool new stamp! and guess who made it! you did!! thanks a lot dude..

Since you joined the Sakura fanclub, you get an honorary cookie as a free gift! Sorry about the fact that it's evil though, and it likes to talk using l33t...oh well. xD

Your a good freind especially to devil link.....wait a sec...i am devil signing cuz your my neo-freind,and neo-freinds always look out for each other lol .
heres a little something to remeber your pal

Remember that lol?
Hey i thought this stamp would look cool.
Here ya go!

Cya around the forums!
you heard me im signing you along with the rest of my friends list
yay your number 12


yeah you wanted me to sign your GB so here I am. Are yuo happy? How was christmas? And I ask everyone this so don'tcall me a "over religeous person"
I see you in almost every thread i go too so here my stamp..

Seen you in the SSB:Brawl forumns quite often, so here is my special SSB:Brawl Stamp!

Your banner said sign, therefore I must obey....


Ya I'm signing back,you seem cool as well,just PM me if you want to be on my neofriend list on my profile,peace out.

CNC aka Tha hustla aka BIG-C

Well, since we're neofriends now and you signed mine, it'd be a good deed for me to return the favor. Here's Stimpson. See ya in the forums and talk to you via PM!
Just saw you in the Soul Calibut III forum and decided to sign your guestbook. Tell me about your interests if you have time. For example what consoles you have.

Well... not so much to say so seeya