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About Me

Name: Edwin V.
Neoname: Galodos Age: 12
Sex: Male
Birthday: March 9
Starsign: Pisces
Location: Maryland, USA
AIM: ShadowSoul309

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More About Me

Neo-History I first found Neoseeker looking for tips on Metal Gear Solid 3. I somehow stumbled across the forums and found people who needed help. I knew the answers so I made a new account under the name WingedAsian. I joined Neoseeker in January 2005. I then made a new account and joined as Galodos in April 2006.

Back in February of '06, I was browsing the Internet looking for Dragon Quest VIII cheats when I stumbled across Neoseeker. I later found the forums, posting here and there trying to help as many people as I possibly could. Before I knew it, I became obsessed and joined on the 25th.

Things were going great the first few months. I learned how to use the Neo PM feature and I met many new people. I also found a few new forums, which I quickly became attached to. My favorite forum at the moment is the Gangs/WiFi Forum. Thats the place where I met ALOT of friends.

In the ACWW, WiFi, and Gangs forum, me and my friend made the Naruto Peeps gang. In the past, I only joined 2 gangs, the Kingdom Hearts and the FreeMasons. Today, I am still with the Kingdom Hearts, but no longer with the FreeMasons. I then made a new gang with my good friend, mew king. It was a huge success. But then, it went downhill. Its starting to become inactive.

I am currently on 2 NeoPortals. The Mario one and the Xenosaga one. I am currently trying to become a mod. MY friend Sakura has been helping me trying to become a mod for that forum. I hope it gets more active. Please visit and post in the forum. The link to it is at the top of my NeoHome!

Well. That's it. I might edit this more soon. Thanks for visiting my NeoHome! Have a nice day!