Name: Edwin
Age: 15
Favorite Food: Anything Potatoe
Favorite Color: Anything Blue
Favorite Animal: Gorilla/Black Bear


I first joined Neoseeker under the name of WingedAsian in January 2005. I got tired of that name so I just made a new account as Galodos.


I'm 100% Filipino. I was born in Maryland. I am 15 years old. LOL Filipinos don't go to preschool. So I didn't.



Name: Edwin
Town: Maryland
Friend Code: 4123-9092-6814


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Let's see what people said about me...

tomboyk003 - I met Galodos in the GFX request in the Kingdom Hearts forum. He is funny, kind, and he doesn't back out on bets. I like how he did what was best for the Kingdom Hearts of ACWW gang a while back and the nickname he gave me. He is now my penpal and we chat alot.

KingofKings - I'm not sure where exactly I met Eddie, it seems like he and I were in every room together. So after a while I PMed him and when I was on his profile i found out that he lived really close to where I did. I PMed him and the rest is history!

mcr fan321 - I met Galodos in the ACWW forums. What I like about him is that he is funny, nice, and he always has something interesting to talk about. He's someone who you can count on if you need help with something. We are both involved in the Kingdom Hearts gang.

Sakura - Eddie is a pretty cool guy. He is fun to be around, and I like talking to him. He is one of the more mature members on Neoseeker for his age.


Soul Silver F/C: 2364 7928 6937

Credit: Eridor

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