I am looking for 4 egg move pokemon as you see but to be more specific I want these pokes with egg moves Clefairy Jigglypuf

Hey guys as you can see by the title I am looking for so,done with a creative mind to create me a shop layout. I know what yo

I am looking for Pokemon with 3-4 egg moves. I have a list which I will be posting later in the mean time you could ask if I

They must be Legit Untouched and you must list all the details when posting I have a couple events myself and over 150 KB Sh

I am looking for a shiny Chimchar with iron fist and adamant nature and with the egg moves fire punch thunder punch focus pun

As you can see in the Title i am collecting the Eevees (Or Eevei whatever the plural form of Eevee) that you obtain from the

So in Honor of the new Hoenn remakes I decided to host a giveaway. Cause we all know that Hoenn is the best region. Rules

I will offer pretty much anything for a tri attack togepi just ask me what you want and nine time out of ten I will have it

Hi I am looking for a free CoC account please. Now I know what you are think why don't you start out a like a regular per

I just realized since you could only get seismic toss on kangaskhan in hoenn what will happen to competetive battling in this

Well, hello.. Please take a sit while our CEO makes his presentation. Here's how this little world of fun works:

My reaction every time I see a mega kangaskhan http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wRnSnfiUI54

Well, hello. Welcome to Team Rocket Labs. Please take a sit while our CEO makes his presentation. Here's how this li

I am looking for egg move pokemon. I would do them myself but I am to lazy to do it. I can offer many shinies and many egg mo

I need a Genner to gen these pokemon for me and I can offer numerous KB shinies and items Sableye Ability: Prankster EV

As you can I see I am looking for a tri attack softboiled tog eps I will offer almost anything from items to shinies to power

Hey guys i need your help. I want to trade some "rare" egg move pokemon soon but exactly what would be considered r

Hey as you can see by the title I am looking for 5/6iv pokemon and can offer multiple services. All 5/6iv pokemon that you t

I recently got a 3ds Powersave Pro and im looking for any offfers but specificly the ones below Do not ask me to trade i

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