Galacticdramon blogged
Mar 23, 09 10:42pm

New review up for Advance Wars: Dark Conflict. Bloody Roar was delayed due to a hitch getting it ready. But hopefully this one'll be at least as good. It even has screenshots.

(Yeah, well I thought the title was quite clever)

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Galacticdramon blogged
Mar 19, 09 2:32am

An announcement for all you readers who bother with these blog updates (yep, all three of you): I'm smegging off.

Now that doesn't mean I won't be active on the site; I already have plans for several reviews (one of which is scheduled for release this week, see the previous update) and FAQs, and I'll participate in review and FAQ critiques. The blog might even see action again. What it does mean is that I'm pulling out of forum posts in general, as well as the wikis and CRS.

Galacticdramon blogged
Mar 12, 09 5:27am

I've finally got round to writing my review of Shadow the Hedgehog. There's a review of GameCube fighter Bloody Roar: Primal Fury due for release next week, and possibly one for Dangerous Waters (but, and pun not intended, don't hold your breath) Meanwhile, any comments on any of the reviews listed in my imaginatively titled Review Thread would be appreciated.

I've also recently finished my first text guide in a while. Super Mario Advance 2 Boss Guide. And, again, there's a thread for them.

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