Merry Christmas mate, hope you have a good one and a great New Year. Let's hope Santa is good to you. Take it easy mate.
Merry Xmas boyo. I hope you get totally and utterly shit-faced these holidays. Cheers for being one of the greatest guys I've met on here.
Alright Gaf! I'm here because i've seen you in both the PES boards and you're a good poster. Hope you keep it up and please sign back

Yo, i think you are well funny on the forums i see you on. I think that alone deserves a guestbook posting. Keep up the banter dogg.
Yo Gaff.
Whats up son?
Thought i'd sign your guestbook.
See you around alot and we're both fully fledged PES4 fans.
Keep up the one liners mate, and sign back!