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dafuq is dat read more

I like Blastoise and Zigzagoon (dont ask me why I LOVE this Pokemon). I was a huge Pokemon fan back in the time xD read more

Keep Calm and VAI SÃO PAULO.

So you like Pokemon? I'm a huge Pokemon fan too. Pokemon >>>>> Digimon. read more

Nop, heh, there's a Brazil game today and Lucas, São Paulo's key player is playing for the national team, so he... read more

Heh. Well, gotta go, I need to edit some pages at PES Wiki. Since Whelan promoted me to Moderator I spend the whole... read more

Haha, let me explain. São Paulo Futebol Clube is the most succesfull brazilian and south american soccer club. They... read more

Heh. Brazilian League is a nice championship to watch, a lot of dribbling, beautiful long range goals and all. In my... read more

Maybe because MLS is not a good championship. In Brazil everybody loves soccer, there's kids playing on the streets... read more

Oh, yes I love it. Maybe because i'm Brazilian read more

Haha, no prob, just relax. read more

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