Hey Gabbzy, just stopping by with a stamp to say thanks for my Kurt Angle RPing header, it came out just as I wanted.

So yeah, thanks a lot man.

Take care,
I'm a stubborn guy, so I naturally said no to myself when you told me that nothing was needed in return for the Division Disaster header, so here is a stamping from me. Thanks a lot for the header from all at TWG. =]

Take care,
Not sure if it was you or someone else talking about the stamps way back when, but either way enjoy lol

Hey man, thanks for the first GB signing in a year. <3 I do like to think of myself as being quite sexy too.

Yeah, good mafia times eh? Shame your already dead in this one.

Anyway, thanks for the signing, and you take care of yourself mate.


Hey Gabbo its Rokmark lol just stopin' by

~The one and only Rokmark~


Your name is Gabbo.

You are better than awesome.

You are from the UK.

You like Godfather Ho # 2 Ashley Massaro

You aren't a respected member or the Neo community ... not enough anyway.

Your guestbook has been signed by greatness me.


<3 Gabbs!!

Hope Santa brings you sumthin' special this year.


Your name is Gabbo.

You are awesome.

You are from the UK

You like Godfather Ho # 2 Ashley Massaro

You are a respected member or the Neo community

Your guestbook has been signed by greatness


Just stoppin by to say sup. awesome guy, cool friend and funny as hell. Seeya round bro.

Hey. Just thought I should drop by and sign your Gbook.

See you in the wrestling mate!
lol your a funny mofo. haha, speaking to you right now......while your drunk lol. mmmmmmm....mmmmmm....Donuts? Yes....Alchy lol.
sup mofo, I'm signing your guestbook cause I haven't signed it yet (what a coincedence, eh?) and if you don't sign mine, then I'll be very mad. and if you ever do, sign it while drunk please


thought id sign your guestbook seen as i talk to you on msn a fair bit.sign mine if you want.......good luck with the shef wed season
Change your team mate

Man U are


Seen ya around the footie forums so thought i would pop by and sign ya guestbook^_^

Keep posting,

speak to ya soon

Hey talk to you on msn a lot and your a really tidy mate, just wanna sign your guest book, anyone feel free to sign mine i only have on on there
Yo, your a cool guy but not as cool as this fella i'm afraid...

Take Care
Fine fine,a promise is a promise

Merry Xmas!

hi! sorry i havent signed.ive seen you in Fifa 2004 so i needed to sign (well i didnt have to but im a friendly guy )well heres my stamp.seeya!

I clicked the link in your sig, and it brought me to your guestbook, so I thought I would sign, seeing as how you don't have to many

See you around!~
[origiantor=Me]WALES AREN'T GOING TO EURO 2004
Like DW said

Wales aren't going to Euro 2004!!!

But scotland are
I don't think OOTER needs an assistant, but I do.
Hello GabboUk, thought i would be the first person to sign your Guestbook

In response to your current signature, your right, David Gest's face is funny

Keep posting well and you will be a respected member of the forums