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I need some help on my homework. I've been procrastinating on it. Yeah, my fault and all that. Still stands that I'm on the clock and I have a lot to do.

I would appreciate some help on these questions. I will edit and post what I do know, but I would love some extra help, and I like to elaborate on my answers. I know, I know, I should be doing my own work and blah, blah, blah, but I'll be putting it in my own words anyway.

I don't expect you to help me, but I figured I may as well ask. I would appreciate any and all help on my homework, including help on where to find help. I'll post the finished product if you like, as well. All advise or information, no matter how little, is welcome. Thank you for your time.

1. What impact did the Russian Revolution have on the United States?
2. Explain how the Red Scare, the Sacco and Vanzetti case, and the rise of the Ku Klux Klan reflected concerns held by many Americans.
3. What evidence suggests that strikes were a risky activity for workers during the 1920's?
4. What did Harding want to do to return America to "normalcy"?
5. What evidence shows that the United States was interested in an isolationist foreign policy?
6. Describe the primary goal of the immigration quota system established in 1921 and amended in 1921.
7. Summarize the Teapot Dome Scandal.
8. How did changes in technology in the 1920's influence American life?
9. Describe the new methods used by advertisers beginning in the 1920's.
10. What evidence suggests that prosperity of the 1920's was not on a firm foundation?
11. Explain the shift from rural living to city living.
12. Why was the heavy funding needed to enforce the Volstead Act?
13. Discuss some causes of the prohibition and their effects.
14. Explain the circumstances and outcome of biogy teacher John Scope's trial.
15. Describe the appearence of the typical flapper, including her hairstyle, clothing, and fashion accessories.
16. What were the key social, economic, and technological changes of the 1920's that affected women's marriges and their family life?
17. How did high schools change during the 1920's?
18. Discuss the growth of mass media in the 1920's.
19. What fads gained popularity during the 1920's?
20. Cite examples of the flaws in American society that some famous 1920's authors attacked in their writing.
21. What do the Great Migration and the growth of the NAACP and UNIA reveal about African-American experience in this period?
22. What were some of the important themes dealt with by African-American writers in the Harlem Renaissance?
23. what were some of the important African-American achievements in the arts during this period?

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Also, any information about the events:


* Bubonic Plague in India
* First Commercial Radio Broadcast Aired
* Harlem Renaissance Begins
* League of Nations Established
* Prohibition Begins in the U.S.
* Pancho Villa Retires
* Women Granted the Right to Vote in U.S.


* "Fatty" Arbuckle Scandal
* Extreme Inflation in Germany
* Irish Free State Proclaimed
* Lie Detector Invented


* Insulin Discovered
* Kemal Atatürk Founds Modern Turkey
* Tomb of King Tut Discovered
* Michael Collins Killed in Ambush
* Mussolini Marches on Rome
* The Reader's Digest Published


* Charleston Dance Becomes Popular
* Hitler Jailed After Failed Coup
* Ruhr Occupied by French and Belgian Forces
* Talking Movies Invented
* Teapot Dome Scandal
* Time Magazine Founded


* First Olympic Winter Games
* J. Edgar Hoover Appointed FBI Director
* Leopold and Loeb Murder a Neighbor Out of Boredom
* V.I. Lenin Dies


* Flapper Dresses in Style
* Hitler Publishes Mein Kampf
* The Scopes (Monkey) Trial


* A.A. Milne Publishes Winnie-the-Pooh
* Houdini Dies After Being Punched
* Robert Goddard Fires His First Liquid-Fuel Rocket
* A Woman Swims the English Channel


* Babe Ruth Makes Home-Run Record
* BBC Founded
* The First Talking Movie, The Jazz Singer
* Lindbergh Flies Solo Across the Atlantic
* Sacco and Venzetti Executed


* Bubble Gum Invented
* First Mickey Mouse Cartoon
* First Oxford English Dictionary Published
* Kellogg-Briand Treaty Outlaws War
* Penicillin Discovered
* Sliced Bread Invented


* Byrd and Bennett Fly Over South Pole
* Car Radio Invented
* First Academy Awards
* Stock Market Crashes
* St. Valentine's Day Massacre


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