Moved on to some more hard core gaming
For my bday I got Lego POTC, its finished now, not bad but easy
I love my ds but the damn screen is annoying me!
Evert game in annoying me today
Beats on Ds isnt bad
Nothing to do so just finding nice pics of helena!
My ds top screen is broken :(
A wasted youth is better by far than a wise and productive old age!
Im bored but beautiful in my way cause god makes no mistakes i was BORN THIS WAY!
Sat: Completed Call of Duty 3, it was easy!
Just finished, well that was really easy. Not bad game though CallOfDuty3 X360
Will people please trade me back about trades!!!!
You know that I love you boy! <3
Trading tonight!!!
Trading tomorrow at 8, so be on everyone
Cant trade with anyone tonight, too much homework!
Looking for a cacnea



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