Just noticed @Metallica has been demoted after months of inactivity. Whilst I didn't get on with him a lot of the tim

Where does anyone see this storyline going? I actually don't mind the Adam Rose gimmick, you need a "fun" gimmi

Our main event for Survivor Series is the traditional elimination match where if Team Authority loses, they will no longer be

I know the year isn't over yet but since the start of 2014 (or from whenever the wrester first appeared) who has your opi

Was it the number of title reigns? Matches? Whatever the reason, who was/is your favourite tag team? Mine were _The Brothe

- his entrance is the same as it was in WWE '12, which was how he came out in his first run 02-04. - he's wearing

Cats obviously are better, and funnier.

Been a while since Del Rio left, and whilst I thought the man could put on really good mac he's, I almost forgot he had b

AJ Lee Alberto Del Rio Bad News Barrett Batista _Big E_ Big Show _Booker T_ _Bray Wyatt_ _Brie Bella_ Brock Lesnar

Just like to see how others feel about it. I just find it Wayy to much to take in, especially when they put on lower midca

It's the main event of SummerSlam but who will you want to win? I'm firmly on #TeamCena - guy gets so much unfair

Thought I'd make this thread since TNA is on it's deathbed. Granted, not all on the poll are rejects but they are

Did many people watch the matches on SmackDown? We're both really good. Ambrose is a really good face since he's p

Got the idea for this thread when I came across this; quote=Fifth Column|message:37062361] --Quote team groin-- hope he d

I'm going for Sheamus - guy constantly puts on really good matches and can match against the biggest and smallest guys. H

They're all loved and adored, hyped to the moon and it appears nothing bad may be said about them. They had a bad match?

Well, it's been debated. And since I'm clearly under strict instruction from the supers to create threads to generate

What's your experience of them? Mine was quite bad. My high school was abit on the rough side, so we had this guy fro

Let's face it, WWE has been terrible in the year 2014. But what for you has been the "worst of the worst"?

Who's "team" were you on? I wouldn't call myself a friend of his but I tended to get on a lot more with

I really just can't find the effort to watch it anymore. It's so just so stale from even 10 years ago. Or have I just

http://www.wwe.com/f/widget/itout/2014/04/20140425_RawPreviewTag_TOUT.jpg In the wake of an action-packed edition of Smack

First of all, I'll start this thread by saying the following (and I'll even bold it so no-one gets confused on my sta

I'm going for the main event, was amazing. Up there with any of the great matches.

So, Undertaker is 21-1 after a poor match with Brock Lesnar. How does everyone feel?

I'm no fan, infact I find the whole thing *bleep*ing hilarious but who should the finger be pointed at?

Well, since Wigan knocked out the favourites Manchester City, Arsenal are the favourites now. But of course, with recent memo

http://www.wwe.com/f/styles/photo_large/public/photo/image/2014/03/RAW_1084_Photo_281.jpg http://img.bleacherreport.net/im


http://img.thesun.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01646/JoseMourinho_1646195w.jpg Was Mourinho right? Is Wenger a specialist in f

Since Gareth Bale has left and now with Defoe having played his last game, so Spurs have any stars left? Sure, they're ex

Because let's face it, it's become so dire now. Least Redknapp can bring in Peter Crouch and Nico Kranjar and motivat

When The Shield first came about he was easily the most over guy with the IWC and seemingly WWE management. In the first coup

http://news.bbcimg.co.uk/media/images/73133000/gif/_73133244_euro87654.gif _Euro 2016 qualifying groups_: b]Group A: Ne

We all know that Joe Hart is England's number one. But (touch wood it won't happen) if he got injured who should Engl

Both have been top notch, Arsenal's back two have been impressive and the statistic of them not losing if they both playe